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Waiheke Local Board

02 February 2017



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Waiheke Local Board

02 February 2017



Waiheke FY17 Community Facilities Work Programme Addition


File No.: CP2017/00463




1.       To seek approval from the Waiheke Local Board for the addition of the attached project (Attachment A) to the 2016/2017 Community Facilities Renewals Work Programme

Executive summary

2.       The Waiheke Local Board approved the 2016/2017 Community Facilities Renewals Work Programme on 28 July 2016 (WHK/2016/159).

3.       The work programme will be updated with the inclusion of the following project: Artworks – renew HVAC systems, $97,739.

4.       Once approved by the Waiheke Local Board, work will commence this month, to align with the previously approved project to replace the Artworks roof. Regular updates on the projects will be provided by the Community Facilities Stakeholder Advisors.



That the Waiheke Local Board:

a)      approve the Artworks – renew HVAC systems ($97,739) project to be included in the 2016/17 Community Facilities Renewals Work Programme:

b)      note that budgets outlined are indicative costs to deliver the additional projects and any budget variances (within scope) will be managed within the total region-wide renewals funding envelope.


5.       Investment in this renewals programme will ensure that council facilities in Waiheke Local Board remain valuable, well-maintained community assets that continue to meet the agreed levels of service. Not undertaking timely renewals will have an undesirable impact on the customer experience and put asset performance at risk, and ultimately increase the cost to maintain the facility.

6.       The updates to the renewals programme ensure that the new proposed renewals works (see Attachment A) will maintain the level of service expected at a community facility.

Description of the new project to be included in the 2016/17 work programme

7.       Artworks – renew HVAC systems, $97,739.

Local board funding policy

8.       As funding becomes available (through savings or attrition), projects with the highest priority that were not previously scheduled in the work programme will be presented to the relevant local board for approval. This report identifies additional projects that Project Delivery now has the capacity to deliver within the 2016/17 financial year. They are now subject for local board approval.

9.       This process excludes work that needs to be actioned immediately for health and safety reasons. These works will be reported to the relevant local board, for their attention, as soon practicable through the monthly updates to the local board. Projects, like those identified here, have been identified as priority renewals. Project Delivery now has the capacity and resource to deliver additional projects this year and so we are seeking local board approval. There will be a half-year and full-year realignment of budgets to cover any additional costs.

10.     Community facilities are an important part of realising the vision of Auckland to become the world’s most liveable city. They contribute to building strong, healthy, and vibrant communities by providing spaces where Aucklanders can connect, socialise, learn, and participate in a wide range of social, cultural, art, and recreational activities. These activities foster improved lifestyles and a sense of belonging and pride among residents.

Community Facilities Department

11.     Community Facilities brings together some of the responsibilities that used to sit in various teams: Property; Parks, Sports & Recreation; Arts and Community Events; and Libraries and Information.

12.     The purpose of Community Facilities department is to build, renew, and maintain community assets including buildings, furniture and fit-out, structures, land, trees, and green space. Community Facilities is responsible for local and sports parks, regional and specialist parks, cemeteries, pools and leisure centres, libraries, community centres, venues for hire, arts facilities, public toilets, holiday parks and community lease assets.


Local board views and implications

13.     The Waiheke Local Board approved the 2016/17 Community Facilities Renewals Work Programme on 28 July 2016 (WHK/2016/159). The local board is now being presented with the updated work programme for approval.

Māori impact statement

14.     The Waiheke Local Board Community Facility renewals work programme 2016/17 ensures that all facilities continue to be well-maintained community assets benefiting the local community, including Māori. All community facilities contribute significantly to Māori well-being, values, culture and traditions. Where any aspects of the proposed work programme are anticipated to have a significant impact on sites of importance to Tangata Whenua then appropriate consultation will follow.


15.     This work programme will be implemented as part of Community Facilities’ usual business practice.

16.     Work programme implementation will be reported quarterly to the local board.







Waiheke FY17 Community Facilities Renewals Work Programme Update





Hannah Alleyne - Senior Programme Planner


Rod Sheridan - General Manager Community Facilities

John Nash - Relationship Manager Great Barrier & Waiheke


Waiheke Local Board

02 February 2017