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13 April 2017


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Puketāpapa Local Board

20 April 2017



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27        Approval of the draft Puketāpapa Local Board Plan 2017                                        5

28        Local board feedback on Government’s Urban Development Authorities Discussion Document                                                                                                                     49   



Puketāpapa Local Board

20 April 2017



Approval of the draft Puketāpapa Local Board Plan 2017


File No.: CP2017/04556





1.         To approve:

the draft Puketāpapa Local Board Plan 2017 and the Puketāpapa Local Board Plan summary for public consultation

key engagement events to be held as part of the consultation.

Executive summary

2.        The Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009 requires that each local board complete a local board plan for adoption by 31 October 2017.

3.        The draft plan and summary are attached to this report for the local board to approve for public consultation.

4.        Consultation using the Special Consultative Procedure (SCP) is taking place from 22 May to 30 June 2017.

5.        The formal engagement events the board will conduct are detailed as follows:

·      Interactive Have Your Say event at Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall, Monday 12 June, 6-7.30pm

·      Drop-in Have Your Say at Lynfield Youth and Leisure Centre, Wednesday 7 June, 6pm-8pm

·      Partnerships with the following groups will deliver engagement on behalf of the local board (details are yet to be confirmed):

o   Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Nga Maungarongo

o   Migrant Action Trust/ Auckland Resettled Community Coalition

o   Roskill South Oasis

o   Roskill Together

·      Pop-up (temporary) information stalls at:

o   Wesley market 

o   Lynfield Countdown

o   Three Kings Countdown

o   Kite  Day at Winstone Park, Mt Roskill, 11 June

·      Local board presentation to Roskill community network

·      Static displays:

o   Mt Roskill Library

o   Wesley Community Centre

o   Lynfield Youth & Leisure Centre

o   Roskill community network






That the Puketāpapa Local Board:

a)      Approves the draft Puketāpapa  Local Board Plan 2017 for public consultation using the Special Consultative Procedure.

b)      Approves the Puketāpapa  Local Board Plan summary.

c)      in the event that minor edits are required to the draft local board plan or summary the board delegates to the Chair or other delegate to work with staff as a matter of urgency.

d)      Approves the formal engagement events, as detailed in this report.




6.      Local board plans are strategic plans for the following three years and beyond. The plans reflect the priorities and preferences of the community. They guide how the local board:

·     makes decisions on local activities and projects

·     provides input into regional strategies and policies

7.      The plans inform the development of council’s 10-year budget. They also form the basis for development of the annual local board agreement for the following three financial years and subsequent work programmes.

8.      The local board is required to use the SCP to consult on the draft local board plan. The period for the SCP is from 22 May to 30 June 2017.

9.      As part of meeting these SCP requirements, a full draft of the local board plan and summary will be made available on the Shape Auckland website, at local libraries, council service centres and the local board office. The summary will also be delivered to all households in the local board area, and engagement events will be scheduled during the SCP period of 22 May to 30 June 2017. These will be advertised on the Shape Auckland website, through local and regional publications, online and through social media.


10.    The draft plan has been developed by considering the feedback that the local board has heard from the community, both formally and informally. In developing the plan, the board sought feedback from mana whenua at a sub-regional hui.

11.    The content of the draft also responds to advice from Council staff and experts from external agencies. Information was provided in a series of workshops and in status reports that were provided by a number of departments. This current information built on the strategic frameworks outlined in numerous strategic documents.

Local board views and implications

12.    The local board’s views have driven the development of the draft plan attached to this report.

Māori impact statement

13.     In preparing the draft plan the board considered pre-existing feedback from mana whenua. As part of pre-engagement on the draft plan, the board engaged with mana whenua at a sub-regional governance level hui, held on 17 March. The Community Empowerment Unit has also initiated discussions with Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Ngā  Maungarongo to build that relationship and work with the kura on ways to engage with mataa waka who live in the area.

14.     During the development of the final plan, and throughout the rest of the term, the board also intend to:

·    send a copy of the draft plan to Mana Whenua and Mataawaka for formal submission during the SCP

·    continue to develop relationships with Mana Whenua

·    establish and built relationships with  Mataa Waka, initially by visiting the kura to  build that relationship and using that hui as a starting point for ongoing engagement with the kura community and beyond.


Formal consultation for the draft local board plan will take place from 22 May to 30 June 2017.

·     Amendments will be made to the final plan during August and September.

·     The local board will adopt the final plan in September.








Draft Puketāpapa Local Board Plan 2017



Draft Puketapapa Local Board Summary for Public Consultation





Mary Hay - Local Board Advisor - Puketapapa


Victoria Villaraza - Relationship Manager


Puketāpapa Local Board

20 April 2017


































Puketāpapa Local Board

20 April 2017










Puketāpapa Local Board

20 April 2017



Local board feedback on Government’s Urban Development Authorities Discussion Document


File No.: CP2017/06319




1.       To provide an opportunity for local boards to formally provide feedback on the government’s Urban Development Authorities Discussion Document.

Executive summary

2.       The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Urban Development Authorities Discussion Document, released in February 2017, proposes new legislation for urban development authorities.

3.       The potential legislation is the government’s direct response to recommendations made by the Productivity Commission during the Using Land for Housing inquiry (2015). The government signaled the proposal in August 2016.

4.       The discussion document notes that the urban development authority proposal is one of a number of initiatives to improve the urban development system overall, others being the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill and the Productivity Commission inquiry into Better Urban Planning.

5.       The proposed legislation is intended to complement the government’s recent introduction of a National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity and the Housing Infrastructure Fund.

6.       The purpose of the proposed legislation is to enable better urban development at scale, where projects are complex or strategically important.

7.       The legislation would enable local and central government:

·     to empower nationally or locally significant urban development projects to access more enabling development powers and land use rules; and

·     to establish new urban development authorities to support those projects where required.

8.       The intention is to overcome barriers to large scale urban development identified by the Productivity Commission’s Using Land for Housing inquiry.

9.       The proposed legislation would enable publicly-controlled urban development authorities to plan and oversee the necessary development. Urban development authorities would be granted access powers to overcome these barriers, where applicable and strategically appropriate. This may include:

·     powers to acquire parcels of land,

·     powers to plan and fund infrastructure

·     powers to buy, sell or lease land and buildings and fund infrastructure, and

·     override existing and proposed district plans.

10.     Developments could include housing, commercial premises, associated infrastructure, and amenities including parks, community spaces or shopping centres. Projects could also be greenfield and part of city expansion. Projects would not be limited to solely housing related projects. Development powers will not be available for stand-alone infrastructure projects.

11.     The planning and consenting system as a whole; and any ability for urban development authorities to access powers under the Building Act 2004 and the Building Code will not be considered in this discussion document or during the further development of the urban development authority proposal.

12.     In its submission to the Productivity Commission Using Land for Housing draft report in June 2015, the council raised the following points regarding urban development authorities. These are that the council:

·     agrees that there can be high value in urban development agency models

·     does not support the establishment of a government urban development agency in Auckland

·     supports and believes there is scope for government to undertake complementary development activities and work alongside Development Auckland (now Panuku)

·     does not support the removal of planning powers from local government to an urban development agency as local government is better placed to undertake local planning.

·     recommends government undertakes an evaluation of existing development initiatives it has been involved in in Auckland, e.g. Tamaki Redevelopment Company Limited, and Hobsonville Point Company Limited.



That the Puketāpapa Local Board:

a)      endorse the attached feedback on the Urban Development Authorities discussion document.



Local board views and implications

13.     Local board chairpersons were invited to make an Expression of Interest to be a member of the Political Reference Group providing direction to staff on the submission.

14.     The purpose of this report is to seek local board feedback which will be attached to the Auckland Council submission at the Planning Committee.

15.     A committee report with the draft Political Reference group submission points will be reported to the 2 May meeting of the Planning Committee, with delegated sign off for the final submission for the 19 May deadline. The submission closing date is very tight and local board feedback will be tabled at the 2 May Planning Committee meeting. We would be grateful for any specific comments you wish to be considered for council submission to be:

·     in a word document, regarding the overall proposal to enact new legislation as well as the specific proposals which are included within the overall proposal (see Appendix 1), provided by 28 April 2017. Any feedback received after 28 April and before 15 May 2017 will be attached to the final submission.

·     sent to Christina Kaiser christina.kaiser@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

If you have any questions please contact Christina Kaiser.

Māori impact statement

16.     The proposals in the discussion document will have an impact Māori. The discussion document proposes a process to identify potential Urban Development Authorities and develop related plans that may impact on agreed to planning decisions which were made with Māori engagement and input.

17.     The Independent Māori Statutory Board (IMSB) are providing input into the submission. The Political Reference Group set up to work with staff on Auckland Council’s submission includes a member of the IMSB Secretariat.


18.     There are no implementation issues as a result of this report.







Urban Development Authorities Discussion Document February 2017



Appendix 1 Questions for Consideration



Appendix 2 Summary diagram of the processes being proposed under the new legislation





Christina Kaiser - Principal Strategic Advisor


Karen Lyons – Manager Local Board Services

Victoria Villaraza - Relationship Manager


Puketāpapa Local Board

20 April 2017
































































































































Puketāpapa Local Board

20 April 2017



Puketāpapa Local Board

20 April 2017