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Thursday 27 April 2017


Waiheke Local Board Office
10 Belgium Street


Waiheke Local Board






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9.1       Essentially Waiheke / UNESCO Biosphere Reserve - Colin Beardon

A.      9.1 UNESCO Biosphere Reserve - Colin Beardon                                               3

9.3       Moth Plant on Ranighoua Hill – the Ticking Time Bomb - Julian Watts

A.      9.3 PowerPoint Moth Plant on Rangihoua Hill - Julian Watts                                5

9.4       The Home Grown Waiheke Trust - Lynda Jeffs

A.      9.4 PowerPoint The Waiheke Home Grown Trust - Lynda Jeffs                        10

9.5       Stormwater Forum - Denis Powell

A.      9.5 Stormwater forum submission - Denis Powell                                               16

9.6       Waiheke Community Pool - Ann Brown

A.      9.6 Waiheke Community Pool Society Letter - Ann Brown                                 17

15        Approval of the draft Waiheke Local Board Plan 2017

A.      Waiheke Draft Local Board Plan business meeting 27 April 2017                      19

B.      LBP Household Summary Waiheke business meeting 27 April 2017                 48

Waiheke Local Board

27 April 2017



Waiheke Local Board       Public Forum                                              27 April 2017



A feasibility study on Waiheke Island becoming a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve





Waiheke Forever (2009)

Legal Opinion: On the Case for designating Waiheke Island as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (2013)

Essentially Waiheke Refresh 2016



a) Identify and consult key stakeholders on Waiheke

*    Mana whenua

*    Environmental projects (Pest control programme; Waste Resources Trust; Forest & Bird)

*    Local sustainable tourism

b) Identify and consult key external support

                Biosphere Reserves (Noosa, Mornington Peninsula …)

                BR Expertise

                Auckland support

c)  Identify the process to be followed and key decisions to be taken

                Geographical area

                Steering Group / Management Group

                Approvals sought

                Funding implications

d)  Summarise potential benefits and challenges in a formal report


The Proposal

*             A small experienced Steering Group will oversee the project

*             80% of the work done by volunteers, 20% funded by the Local Board

*             Paid independent consultants to facilitate key meetings and produce the final report

*             Estimated time scale : 6 months

*             Request formal support for the project from the Local Board and funding of  $25,000 - $50,000

Waiheke Local Board

27 April 2017



Waiheke Local Board

27 April 2017



Waiheke Local Board

27 April 2017