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Wednesday 26 July 2017


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Papakura Local Board




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22        Papakura Local Board Achievements Register 2016-2019 Electoral Term

A.      Papakura Local Board Achievements Register                                                     3    

Papakura Local Board

26 July 2017



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6 July 2017

Drury Community Committee

3 July 2017

Youth Council Meeting

2 July 2017

Papakura Action Expo

30 June 2017

Opening Brylee Reserve Wetlands

30 June 2017

Signing of Relationship Agreement between Ngati Tamaoho, Manurewa, Papakura, Otara-Papatoetoe and Mangere-Otahuhu Local Boards

29 June 2017

Mataawaka Hui – Local Board Plan

28 June 2017 Business Meeting

-     Approved an operational grant of $5,000 to the family of Leona McKenzie as a contribution towards the installation of a memorial seat at Opaheke School road crossing.

-     Approved 24 Papakura Local Board grants.

-     Approved 7 multi board grants

-     Approved an application from Papakura Kootuitui Trust for $5,000.00

-     Approved the relationship agreement template and a process as a basis for discussions with mana whenua

-     Approved the Papakura Local Board 2017/2018 Community Facilities Work Programme.

-     Approved in principle the Papakura Local Board 2017-2020 Community Facilities Physical Work Programme

-     Supported all the provisions of community and workforce measures for  year one (2017/2018) of new maintenance contracts.

-     Approved the renewal of a community ground lease to Counties Manukau Softball Association Incorporated for the land encompassing the clubrooms at 1R Wharf Street, Papakura

-     Provided feedback on the Auckland Plan refresh 2018.

-     Approved a new road name for the residential subdivision by Karaka Brookview Limited at 241 Park Estate Road, Hingaia

28 June 2017

Site Visit State Highway 1 – Papakura to Bombay

27 June 2017

Neighbourhood Support Meeting

25 June 2017

Local Board Engagement Drop-in, Takanini Sikh Temple

24 June 2017

Local Board Plan Engagement – Drury

24 June 2017

Matariki Ki Papakura Event

21 June 2017

Pasifika Fono

19 June 2017

Attended Obligations and Opportunities: Maori, Te Tiriti Treaty and Auckland Council Workshop

19 June 2017

Attended Papakura CrimeWatch Patrol Meeting

14 June 2017

Attended Pips Meeting and TRAG Meeting

13 June 2017

Chair attended LGNZ Zone One Meeting

10 June 2017

Children’s Forest Planting

8 June 2017

Careers Kiosk Opening – Papakura Library

8 June 2017

Civil Defence Workshop

7 June 2017

Business Meeting

-     Approved the allocation of $73,000 for environmental projects to be delivered by the Infrastructure and Environmental Services Directorate in 2017/2018.

-     Approved the Papakura Parks, Sports and Recreation draft Annual Work Programme 2017/2018 financial year with two amendments.

-     Approved the Papakura Local Board Libraries Work Programme for 2017/2018

-     Approved the Local Board Arts, Community and Events (ACE) Work Programme 2017/2018

-     Approved the Papakura 2017/2018 Local Economic Development Work Programme

-     Adopted the Papakura Local Board Agreement 2017/2018 including local fees and charges schedule.

2 June 2017

Local Board Engagement, Papakura Marae including the Careers Coach

1 June 2017

Local Board Plan Engagement – Rosehill College

31 May 2017

Have Your Say Event – Papakura Library

29 May 2017

Local Board Plan  Engagement – Papakura High School

29 May 2017

Careers coach at Papakura High School

25 May 2017

Papakura Citizenship Ceremony

24 May 2017

Business Meeting

-     Approved 17 Quick Response Round Four Grant Applications

-     Requested Auckland Transport to provide a “Rough Order of Costs” for five local projects

-     Requested Auckland Transport to investigate elements of the Papakura greenways – local path plan that could potentially be funded through the Local Board Transport Capital Fund

-     Approved a new road name for the residential subdivision by Packenham Group Ltd at 170 – 190 Walters Road and 543 – 587 Mill Road, Takanini.

17 May 2017

Arts Facilities, including Papakura Museum, site visits

5 May 2017

Concluded the Parks site visits.

5 May 2017

Attended Jobfest which included the YouthFull Official Launch.

3 May 2017

Papakura Local Board Extraordinary Meeting:

-     Approved the Opaheke Concept Plan prepared by Surface Design Inc, dated August 2016.

-     Approved the allocation of the encumbrance funds ($1.75 million) to be paid by Motleon Ltd, towards the development of the southern portion of Opaheke Park.

-     Adopted the final 2017/2018 Locally Driven (LDI budgets by project, within the funding envelopes.

-     Agreed to advocate for grade separation of the Takanini rail crossings with Walters Road and Manuroa Road and also to advocate to Auckland Transport to develop a multi-story park and ride at the Papakura Train Station.

-     Agreed the board’s one key priority for the organisation to work on was to alleviate traffic congestion through building transport infrastructure before intensification.

-     Agreed that a total of $300,000 for mangrove removal of the 2016/2017 Locally Driven Initiatives (LDI) operational expenditure (Opex) be deferred to 2017/2017.


26 April 2017

Papakura Business Meeting:

-     Approved the Papakura Local Board Community Grants Programme 2017/2018

-     Approved a new community ground lease for Papakura City Brass Band Inc for 30 Wairoa Road, Papakura.

-     Approve a new community ground lease for Papakura Contract Bridge Club Inc for 13 Opaheke Road, Papakura.

-     Approved a grant of $4,940.60 for costs incurred on development of a concept plan and a resource consent for Opaheke Park which was required by council final Reserve Management Plan for Opaheke Park.

-     New road names approved for the following:

-     For the residential subdivision by Housing New Zealand across various sites in Papakura.

-     For the New private roads created by various resource consents by Housing new Zealand across various sites in Papakura.

-     Recommended to the Governing Body to strike the targeted rate for the Papakura BID Programme

-     Approved Karaka and Drury Consultants Limited to undertake stream planting and to manage weeds and pests at Hingaia Stream Esplanade and Karaka Reserve as outlined in the landscape planting plan.

-     Approved for the Chair and Deputy Chair to attend the Local Government New Zealand Conference and Annual General Meeting 2017

-     Approved the draft of the Papakura Local Board Plan 2017

-     Endorsed submissions on the Draft Air Quality Bylaw and Statement of Proposal and the Clean Water Package.

25 April 2017

Attended the Papakura and Drury ANZAC Services

22 April 2017

Attended Smiths Avenue Community Cultural Festival

20 April 2017

Attended Maori Communities Engagement Follow-up Expo

11 April 2017

Attended the Launch of Takanini Business Association

2 April 2017

Papakura Fun Run – Bruce Pulman Park

31 March 2017

Hauora at the Pa – Papakura Marae

28 March

Transport Forum - Papakura

25 March 2017

Redhill Funday

25 March 2017

Attended Bruce Pulman Park Indoor Arena Opening

24 March 2017

Attended Police Pay Parade

23 March 2017

Papakura Art Gallery – Exhibition Opening – Tui Tuia with Horomona Horo and Te Kiri o Tane with Nikau Hindin

22 March 2017

Papakura Business Meeting:

-     Approved the Papakura Art Gallery Business Plan 2017-2020 with amendments.

-     Approved 16 Quick Response Round Three 2016/2017 applications.

-     Approved new road names for the residential subdivision by Carhart Investments and Darley Investments Limited at 889 Papakura-Clevedon Road, Ardmore being “Nola Dawn Crescent, Charles Henry Way, Te Aramanu Crescent and Huahua Crescent.

-     Endorsed the draft Manurewa Takanini Papakura Integrated Plan for community engagement commencing 3 April 2017.

-     Provided board feedback on Project 17:  Auckland Council Maintenance Contracts.

-     Delegated to the Chair and Work Stream Lead Member Turner to provide feedback and attend the hearings on the draft Air Quality Bylaw for Indoor Domestic Fires.

-     Allocated up to $15,000 from the board’s Community Response Fund to the Papakura Business Association  to commission a comprehensive safety review of the Papakura town centre and immediate surrounds to help inform future local board decision-making.

-     Allocated $3,500 +GST from the board’s Community Response Fund to the Papakura Business Association to partner with the board to continue the Proud Papakura Proud Initiative for 2017.

-     Agreed to re-constitute the Manukau Harbour Forum joint committee with the Franklin, Mangere-Otahuhu, Manurewa, Otara-Papatoetoe, Maungakiekie-Tamaki, Puketapapa, Whau and Waitakere Ranges Local boards for the 2016-2019 electoral term.

20 March 2017

Attended Pasifika Fono

17 March 2017

Papakura Parks – site visits

16 March 2017

Attended Maori Communities Engagement Hui at Manukau

15 March 2017

Attended Blessing for the site where Papaka Road will be constructed.

10 March 2017

Papakura Local Board “Have Your Say” Event – Papakura Library

25 February 2017

Papakura Town Centre Clean-up

22 February 2017

Papakura Local Board Business Meeting

-     Agreed to fund the cost of $5,063 from the Community Response Locally Driven Initiatives Fund to the Papakura Business Association Incorporated to support the relocation of Closed Circuit Television from the PBA premises to the Papakura Police Station to improve the monitoring by the CrimeWatch volunteers.

-     Agreed that the Chair and Deputy Chair liaise with the Papakura Business Association Inc to assess suitable sites for installation of new cameras.

-     Approved a new community ground lease for Counties Manukau Kindergarten Association Incorporated (Nina Busing Kindergarten) for 13A Clevedon Road, Papakura.

-     Approved a new road name for the residential subdivision by Karaka Brookview Limited at 241 Park Estate Road, Hingaia.

-     Approved new road name for three private ways within the residential subdivision by Addison Development at 250 Porchester Road, Takanini.

-     Reallocated unspent events partnership funding of $22,500 to the three remaining 2016/2017 contestable funding rounds as follows:

i)          $5,625 towards the Quick Response Round Three

ii)          $5,625 towards the Quick Response Round Four

iii)         $11,250 towards the Local Grants Round Two

-     Approved the scope of the Hawkins Theatre Business Planning Project with the following additions:

i)          To include a strong focus on improved promotion of the venue

ii)          To include income and options for increased revenue

iii)         To include community consultation with stakeholders, and user groups.

-     Agree that the Papakura Local Board Chair will initiate engagement with mana whenua groups who have registered interest in the Papakura Local Board area, to inform the Hawkins Theatre Business Plan.

-     Endorsed the Manurewa and Papakura Local Board joint submission on the Point England Development Enabling Bill – January 2017.

-     Adopted the work stream allocations for the Board and appointed Member Auva’a to the Aircraft Noise Community Consultative Group.

-     Received the Auckland Council’s Quarterly Performance Report for the Papakura Local Board:  Quarter Two, 1 October – 31 December 2016.

6 February 2017

Waitangi Day Celebrations

27 January 2017

Art in the Park

25 January 2017

Papakura Business Meeting:

-     Approved various road names for the residential subdivision by Housing New Zealand at 75 Walters Road, Takanini

-     Approved 19 Papakura Local Board Scholarship grants.

24 January 2017

Keri Downs Park  - Out and About Programme

20 January 2017

Blessing of Pahurehure Boardwalk and esplanade

13 January 2017

Papakura Kite Day

16 December 2016

Papakura Local Board Christmas Community Morning Tea

12 December 2016

Drury Mile Post Ceremony

10 December 2016

Papakura Christmas Market

9 December 2016

Papakura Carols in the Park

4 December 2016

Papakura Christmas Parade

27 November 2016

Attended Counties Manukau Sport Excellence Awards

24 November 2016

Papakura Citizenship Ceremony

18 November 2016

Attended Vector Pacific Music Awards

13 November 2016

Attended Armistice Day Service

3 November 2016

Inaugural Meeting

-     Election of Chair, Brent Catchpole

-     Deputy Chair, Felicity Auva’a