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2 August 2017


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Franklin Local Board

08 August 2017



ITEM   TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                        PAGE

1          Welcome                                                                                                                         5

2          Apologies                                                                                                                        5

3          Declaration of Interest                                                                                                   5

4          Draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 Hearings                                                         7



1          Welcome


The Chair will open the meeting and welcome everyone present.


2          Apologies


That the Franklin Local Board accepts the apology from Member S Druyvenfor absence.


3          Declaration of Interest


Members are reminded of the need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision making when a conflict arises between their role as a member and any private or other external interest they might have.







Franklin Local Board

08 August 2017



Draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 Hearings


File No.: CP2017/15181





1.       To provide a high level overview of data gathered through public consultation held on the draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017, along with all submissions and feedback received.

Executive summary

2.       The Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009 requires local boards to produce and adopt a local board plan by 31 October 2017. Under Section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002 local boards must use the special consultative procedure in adopting their local board plan.

3.       The consultation period for the draft local board plans ran from 22 May to 30 June 2017. Submissions were made through the following channels and coded together:

·           Online form available on the Shape Auckland website

·           Hard copy forms included in the household summary documents

·           Via email or post.

4.       A total of 7,824 submissions, in the form of online feedback, hardcopy feedback form, email or letter, were received across all local board plans.

5.       In Franklin, a total of 181 submissions were received on the draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017. There were 297 submissions received providing region-wide feedback without addressing any issues specific to each local board plan. In addition, 421 people provided feedback at eight engagement events and there were 14 pieces of feedback gathered through Facebook.

6.       The following questions were asked in the online form and hard copy form and responses given via those channels, email and post.

·           Question 1: Are we on the right track? 64 percent of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed, 23 per cent neither agreed nor disagreed, and 13 per cent either disagreed or strongly disagreed.

·           Question 2: What do you like the most about the plan? all the draft outcomes received a high level of support: a well-cared for natural environment (96% of Q2 respondents supported), a thriving local economy (95% of Q2 respondents supported) and communities feel ownership and connection to their area (95% supported).  Transport and growth outcomes both received 88% support.

·           Question 3: Investigate the introduction of a local targeted rate to pay for new initiatives or improvements not currently proposed44% of respondents agreed it was a good idea, 37% of respondents disagreed and 19% of respondents were not sure.

·           Question 4: If you support a targeted rate for your area, what would you like to see it spent on? – most respondents (59) wanted revenue from a targeted rate spent on initiatives relating to parks, sport and recreation, followed by transport (38), then community services and planning (both with 11 respondents).

7.       Submitters to the draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 were given the opportunity to speak at a hearing. Thirty eight submitters requested a hearing.

8.       All submissions and feedback received on the draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 are attached to this report.



That the Franklin Local Board:

a)      receives submissions and feedback on the draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 (Attachments C, D, E, F, G and H of the report entitled ‘Draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 Hearings’).

b)      hears submitters wanting to speak in support of their submission to the draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017.

c)      thanks submitters for their verbal presentation to the draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017.

d)      considers any potential amendments to the draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017.



9.       The Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009 requires local boards to produce and adopt a local board plan by 31 October 2017.

10.     Under Section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002 local boards are required to use the special consultative procedure in adopting their local board plan. This includes ensuring the opportunity for a ‘spoken interaction’.

11.     A total of 7,824 submissions, in the form of online feedback, hardcopy feedback form, email or letter, were received across all local board plans.

12.     In Franklin, a total of 181 submissions were received on the draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017. 152 submissions received were from individuals, 28 from organisations and one from iwi.

13.     There were 297 submissions received providing region-wide feedback without addressing any issues specific to each local board plan.

14.     In addition, 421 people provided feedback at drop-in engagement events and there were 14 pieces of feedback gathered through Facebook.

Feedback received on the draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017

Written responses and submissions

15.     Results gathered from the five questions asked in the online and hardcopy forms, and submissions made via email and post, are displayed below.

16.     Question 1: Are we on the right track? – the purpose of the first question was to gauge respondent’s general support for the overall draft plan. The responses showed that most people thought the board is on the right track, as shown in the table below.

17.     Question 2: What do you like the most about the plan? – most respondents to question 2 supported the draft outcomes, with the outcome on the environment receiving slightly more support, followed by the local economy and communities, both equally supported.

18.     Question 3: Investigate the introduction of a local targeted rate to pay for new initiatives or improvements not currently proposed – the split between respondents that agreed and disagreed with the introduction of a local targeted rate was fairly even, and some respondents were not sure, requesting further information on an amount and what the rate would be spent on before they could agree or disagree.


19.     Question 4: If you support a targeted rate for your area, what would you like to see it spent on? – the most popular way to spend revenue from a targeted rate would be on parks, sport and recreation initiatives (59 respondents), followed by transport (38), then community services and planning (both with 11 respondents).

Feedback on the suggested types of initiatives to be funded by a targeted rate was as follows:

Parks, sport and recreation

·           A new heated indoor swimming pool in Waiuku (4 responses)

·           A swimming pool at Te Puru (3 responses)

·           A swimming pool in Beachlands (3 responses)

·           Recreation paths to connect green spaces (2 responses)

·           More recreational paths and reserves (e.g. Rotorua) with trails, parks and waterways, including signage and advertising

·           Walkways that are creative and become an attraction e.g. coastal tracks

·           A hiking trail on the Awhitu Peninsula

·           Off road cycle track linking Pukekohe and Waiuku through farmland

·           Pathways in Waiuku (2 responses)

·           Park walking tracks for parents with prams

·           Clevedon trails management and maintenance (2 responses)

·           Parks and sports fields for rugby, cricket and outdoor games

·           A park and sports ground in Ararimu

·           Upgrading Drury sports fields (in conjunction with Papakura Local Board)

·           A multi-sport facility in Clevedon

·           Development of Karaka Sports Park (18 responses)

·           A kids bike track and pump track for all to use in Pukekohe

·           Bike park in Beachlands

·           Better and more playgrounds for all ages to use, including adults

·           Splash pad for younger children

·           Upgrades to playgrounds in Waiuku

·           More covered areas for shared public spaces e.g. Sandspit Reserve

·           Address coastal erosion in Beachlands (from Spinnaker Bay to Te Puru)

·           Maintain public boat ramps/public water access

·           Facilities for freedom camping


·           Better transport infrastructure (5 responses)

·           Parking near the railway

·           Electrification from Papakura to Pukekohe

·           New station at Paerata

·           More walking and cycling paths (5 responses)

·           Lighting/path improvements

·           Mobility scooter access for footpaths

·           Additional pedestrian crossings

·           Seal extensions on main roads around Bombay and Ararimu, so people can safety walk and ride bikes on them

·           Cycle paths on the roads between Clevedon and Maraetai and from Papakura to Clevedon

·           Coastal walkways/cycleways around Waiuku

·           Third entry/exit for Pukekohe town centre

·           Secure car park at Papakura railway station

·           Footpath from Green Lane to Willis Avenue, Pukekohe, as road is unsafe for walkers and used by tractors and trucks

·           Join northern and southern end of Jutland Road, Pukekohe, to take pressure off Helvetia/Princes Street intersection when school is built and from new housing development

·           Improve Glenbrook Beach Road

·           Footpaths around schools and shops in rural communities

·           Park and ride to connect rural areas for people to use public transport

·           Upgrade rural roads around Clevedon

·           Clevedon main street upgrade, including service lane

·           Outer ring road or new eastern entrance road for Pukekohe

·           Puni road roundabout

·           Repair of washed out roads (Kingseat and Patumahoe Road)

·           Safer parking on Blackbridge Road for users of Karaka Sports Park

Community facilities

·           Library in Beachlands

·           CCTV cameras

·           Community vegetable garden

·           Purpose built community centre in Beachlands, shared space for performance, entertainment, conferences and interaction with the environment


Community services

·           Keep parks and playgrounds tidy

·           Maintenance of what already exists

·           More activities for special needs adults especially in libraries

·           Shared space projects for people to come together for events, working bees

·           Community run waste management service


·           Wairoa River Restoration (2 comments)

·           A climate fund to help local business and commercial organisations become more sustainable

Economic development

·        Clevedon town centre upgrade (4 comments)

·        Clevedon Village Green

·        Support ways to develop tourism

20.     Question 5: Do you have any other comments? – most comments received were regarding transport issues, followed closely by parks, sport and recreation. The environment and planning also featured in additional comments.



Common themes from submissions

See Attachment G for more detailed information on themes raised.

21.     Themes across all feedback received were raised as follows:


Improvements to public transport, including electrification of the train track to Pukekohe and additional train stations at Drury and Paerata often featured in feedback. Roading improvements to support growth, particularly in the Beachlands/Maraetai area, were requested. Walkways/cycleways and trails were also requested by many people. The pedestrianisation of Pukekohe and Clevedon town centres, more footpaths in Pukekohe and upgrades to cark parks were also supported.

Community Facilities

The development of Karaka Sports Park into a multi-purpose community facility received 21 supportive comments, with many suggesting it should be funded by a targeted rate. More bike facilities also featured, with a pump track, mountain bike track and places for children to learn to ride receiving support. Improvements to Drury sports fields and upgrades to other fields, including at Beachlands, were also requested. Better and more playgrounds were needed, together with an investigation into indoor sports requirements in Franklin. A request was made for concession cards to access all facilities across the region.


Upgrades to water and wastewater were supported, and reticulated water is needed in Beachlands, together with a purpose built community centre. Shared space facilities enabling members of the community to come together in Franklin are also needed. Developers should be levied on the sale of land to provide infrastructure, and a third entry/exit is needed in Pukekohe. Development should be stopped until more infrastructure is in place, and better infrastructure is needed in Patumahoe to support growth.


Better maintenance of council land, including improved weed control and mowing, was requested, along with ending the use of chemicals in streets and parks for weed control. Many submitters were against the development of McNicol Road Quarry in Clevedon due to local roading issues.  There was support for the Wairoa River management plan being funded through a targeted rate, and a request for support for environmental initiatives by local growers. Protecting the coastline, a subsidy for ratepayers with a compost bin or worm farm, planting fruit trees on roadsides, signs to identify scheduled trees, concerns around an open drain in Ward Street, Pukekohe, and reducing flooding and the protection of springs and creeks was also requested.


Consideration of diversity should be incorporated in the plan, including the disabled and elderly people.  A section on Maori is needed, the development of a relationship with Tainui was also requested.  Community wardens should be used as a deterrent. Waiuku town centre should have more of a village feel and better communication is needed on the progress of local initiatives.  Local tertiary education is needed, more library activities and local heritage should be protected, including a cultural heritage database. Council buildings and public spaces should be smokefree and alcohol free areas. An arts and culture outcomes should be included in the plan.


Economic Development

The Pukekohe Business Association requested collaboration with the board to produce more data for Pukekohe, including pedestrian counts, traffic movements, parking and local tourism information. There were ten requests to promote freedom camping and provide infrastructure to support it, such as dump stations. Support for social enterprise and farmers’ markets was requested, together with support for the development of local tourism and paid holiday/caravan parks. Recognition of the rural sector’s contribution to the economy was requested, and apprenticeships for young people in rural industries were seen as a need.

Protecting Versatile Soils

Managing urban sprawl and avoiding reverse sensitivity issues were seen as a priority, together with protecting rural production from growth and reducing imports.

Medical Facilities

A new medical hub or superclinic with accident and emergency facilities was requested, along with x-ray facilities at Franklin Hospital.

Telecommunications and broadband connections

Better broadband and mobile phone connectivity is needed, and two hours free wifi on Pukekohe trains was also requested. All residents should have access to broadband before ultra-fast broadband is requested and better broadband connectivity is needed to attract more businesses.

Facebook feedback

22.     Fourteen pieces of feedback were received via Facebook. The main theme of this feedback was around better broadband and cellphone coverage as follows:

·           On the Awhitu Peninsula, the broadband is too slow. The Rural Broadband Initiative needs site of a transmission tower to be accessed, which is not always possible.

·           In part of Karaka, Waiau Pa and Clarks Beach there is also poor coverage, with poor cellphone coverage and no broadband just out of Waiuku.

·           In parts of Pukekohe and at Te Hihi there is poor cellphone coverage, with no broadband at Te Hihi.

·           There was also a request for better playgrounds and parks, and a recycling drop-off facility in Pukekohe.

Statistics on the Facebook media campaign were as follows:

·           During the consultation period, there were 933 “likes” for the Franklin Local Board Facebook page

·           The top funded post, outlining the proposal to investigate a targeted rate, reached 18,000 people

·           82 people either liked, shared or commented on the targeted rate post

·           There were 21 posts throughout the consultation period on the board’s Facebook page

·           Franklin feature in the top ten of local boards for feedback received via social media

·           First was Manurewa Local Board with 52 pieces of feedback on Facebook, followed by Papakura Local Board with 43.


Event feedback

23.     Four hundred and twenty one people gave feedback at eight events where feedback on the draft plan was recorded.  Details of the events and a summary of the event feedback is included as Attachment H.

When asked to vote on the introduction of a targeted rate, 147 people voting at the events agreed, 59 disagreed and 25 were not sure.

Generic submissions made to all local boards

24.     Some proforma submissions were made to all local boards by an organisation called “Spray Free Streets” who created a campaign entitled “Draft Local Board Plan Feedback: Stop spraying chemical herbicides in our streets and parks”. A copy of this proforma can be found in Attachment I.

Information on submitters

25.     Thirty eight submitters requested to be heard in support of their submission.

26.     The tables and graphs below indicate what demographic categories people identified with. This information only relates to those submitters who provided demographic information.

27.     Of the 133 people who provided demographic information, 73 were female and 60 were male. Seventy three people of the 128 providing information were between the ages of 35 to 64. One hundred and twenty three identified as European followed by Maori (five), Asian (four), Pacific (two) and other (five).










Gender diverse













< 15






15 – 24






25 – 34






35 – 44






45 – 54






55 – 64






65 – 74






75 +














Local board views and implications

28.     The Franklin Local Board will consider all submissions and feedback to the draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 prior to adopting the final local board plan in September 2017.

Māori impact statement

29.     Maori outcomes have been considered in the development of the draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017.

30.     Franklin Local Board continues its approach of holding chief to chief meetings with mana whenua.  This is part of an ongoing dialogue aimed at understanding and sharing mutual opportunities and issues.

31.     Mana whenua, Māori groups and organisations were informed of the draft local board plan and invited to give feedback.

32.     Submission received from Tainui inviting further relationship development with the board.


33.     The Franklin Local Board will consider all submissions and feedback to the draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 prior to adopting the final Local Board Plan in September.







Draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 summary of feedback from written/online submissions



Draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 feedback from eight drop-in consultation events



Draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 submissions and feedback: volume 1 (13 - 1551) (Under Separate Cover)



Draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 submissions and feedback: volume 2 (1553 - 3778) (Under Separate Cover)



Draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 submissions and feedback: volume 3 (3804 - 5134) (Under Separate Cover)



Draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 submissions and feedback: volume 4 (5136 - 6287) (Under Separate Cover)



Draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 submissions and feedback: volume 5 (6288 - 6685) (Under Separate Cover)



Draft Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 submissions and feedback: volume 6 (6707 - 7756) (Under Separate Cover)



Copy of Chemical Spraying Proforma and submitters (Under Separate Cover)





Dean McIntosh - Governance Analyst - Governance Project Team

Jane Cain - Local Board Advisor


Karen Gadomski - Senior Local Board Advisor -  Franklin Local Board


Franklin Local Board

08 August 2017



Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 – summary of feedback from written/online submissions




Public Transport

·     Better public transport and trails needed for better health

·     Bus needed from Papakura to Clevedon

·     Need buses to supermarkets

·     Park and ride needed in rural areas so people can use public transport

·     Poor public transport, trains cancelled at last minute

·     Use smaller buses between Waiuku and Pukekohe


·     Rail improvements needed – electrification to Pukekohe, extend to Tuakau/Mercer.

·     Protect Pukekohe Rail Station for its heritage value

·     Park and ride needed at Drury

·     Station needed at Drury and Paerata

·     Better car parking at Papakura Station as many people from Franklin use it, more secure and better lighting

·     Electrification to Drury and diesel trains to Hamilton


·     Better road needed to Beachlands

·     Improve traffic flow in and out of Pukekohe

·     Seal extensions needed on Bombay roads, public transport from Bombay to Pukekohe

·     No heavy vehicles on Maraetai coast road

·     Slip road needed at Beachlands roundabout from Maraetai side

·     Increase safety on rural roads, reduce speed and truck movements

·     Improve Alfriston/Ardmore Road intersection.  Create trail along road as part of Te Araroa

·     Join northern and southern ends of Jutland Road, Pukekohe, otherwise pressure on Helvetia Road from growth

·     Tarseal Munro Road, Clevedon, fix the water erosion in the ditch

·     Manukau Road is congested

·     No roundabouts at crucial points e.g. Puni/Patumahoe intersection

·     New outer ring road or new eastern entrance road to Pukekohe

·     Better road signage needed in Patumahoe, roundabout at Puni Road intersection, road repairs


·     Better road safety for horse riders, cyclists and pedestrians via paths, use road reserves

·     Cycling paths needed from Clevedon to Maraetai and Maraetai to Whitford

·     More cycling lanes needed, especially in Beachlands

·     Create a walkway through Robinson’s Bush that, when joined with Rifle Range/Adams Road, can be used by schoolchildren to access school to be built in Jutland Road.

·     Create a walkway from Bombay Service Station to dip in Mill Road by waterfall

·     Create a walkway to the Pukekohe East crater

·     Cycle track linking Pukekohe and Waiuku through farmland in some areas, e.g. Aka Aka.  Will bring in tourism like in Thames, Paeroa and Te Aroha

·     Hiking trail on Awhitu Peninsula of 8-16 hours length, would attract tourists


·     Weymouth bridge investigation is needed

·     Third crossing of the Manukau needed

Town centres

·     Investigate an alternative route around Clevedon so it becomes a pedestrian friendly centre

·     Better cleaning needed in Clevedon town centre, repair kerbs

·     Pedestrianise Pukekohe main street and provide more car parking


·     More footpaths needed in Pukekohe, particularly in lower Manukau Road and a footpath to the station

·     More footpaths needed in rural areas around schools and shops


·     Fix dangerous parking at Karaka Sports Park

·     Allocate funding for car parking on Clevedon Showgrounds at Gate 7 for trails users

·     Extra car parking needed at John Street, Patumahoe, could use some of bowling club land

Transport infrastructure to support growth

·     Upgrades to roading needed, should be part of consent process for new subdivisions, quarry upgrades and landfills

·     New transport infrastructure needed now, Paraeta train station and car park, express bus from Waiuku to Papakura or Pukekohe

·     Plan now for the effects of growth in Beachlands/Maraetai, already traffic hold ups on Whitford-Maraetai Road

·     Need a catch up on roading infrastructure, i.e. kerb and channel in Beachlands/Maraetai

·     Better transport links to support growth, including a ferry to Onehunga


Community and Sports Facilities



Multi-purpose sports facilities

·     Support for multi-purpose facilities that include tennis

·     Development of Karaka Sports Park supported (21 comments)

·     Multi-use facility should be developed at Clarks Beach Golf Course to support growth at Clarks Beach/Waiau Pa

Bike facilities

·     More mountain bike facilities needed

·     Pump track for bikes added to Pukekohe Skate Park development

·     Better facilities for children to learn to ride bikes, Ray Fausett Reserve would be a good location, or the southern end of Bledisloe Park.  A pump track would also be good

·     Children’s bike track and pump track in Pukekohe town centre or at Ray Fausett Reserve

Sports fields

·     Improve Drury sports fields to support growth, especially from nearby SHA and Drury South.  Work with Papakura Local Board on developing the fields

·     Park and sports fields needed in Ararimu

·     Clubhouse needed on Beachlands Domain for soccer club with hot water and storage facilities

·     Upgrade playing surface at Beachlands Domain

·     Look at tiger turfing netball courts at Te Puru to allow other codes to use in wet weather

·     Extend grass area in front of Te Puru by removing road to allow more playing fields

·     Look at putting floodlights at Whitford Domain, as within three years Beachlands Domain will be at full capacity


·     Better and more playgrounds, splash pad, bike track for learners, natural play areas

·     Fence off at least one playground in the area

·     Fence off playgrounds next to main road in Pukekohe for safety

·    More covered areas in shared public spaces

Swimming pools

·     New heated swimming pool needed for Waiuku

·     Swimming pool in Beachlands

·     Build an indoor pool at Te Puru

·     Temperature at Franklin Recreation Centre swimming pool is too low

Indoor sports

·     Investigation needed into indoor sports facilities required for Franklin

Concession card

·     All council facilities should support the use of a concession card – one card accesses any facility

Facilities – general

·     Need another accessible toilet at Franklin Recreation Centre, with a panic alarm in the toilet/shower

·     Find a site in Auckland for a curling rink

Active lifestyles

·     Continue to create opportunities for communities to lead active, healthy lifestyles, with a commitment to sport and recreation, especially important with growth in urban areas putting pressure on existing facilities





Water and wastewater

·     Upgrade water and wastewater to support growth

·   Reticulated water needed in Beachlands area

Community facilities

·    Purpose built community centre is needed for Beachlands

·    Shared space facilities needed to enable members of the community to come together in Franklin

Development levy

·     Levy developers for infrastructure on sale of land


·    Lack of roading infrastructure to support growth

·    Third entry/exit to Pukekohe needed

·    Address safety on rural roads with increased traffic


·    Stop housing development until more infrastructure is in place

·    Particularly for transport, including public transport


·     Better infrastructure needed in Patumahoe to support growth

·     Make the environment as important as business and development needs when planning for growth





Maintenance of council land

·    Better maintenance of council-owned land required, including better weed control and mowing on verges

·    Control weeds on roadsides and along train tracks

·   Stop spraying chemicals in streets and parks.

McNicol Road quarry

·      McNicol Road quarry – against development of the quarry.

Wairoa River Management Plan

·      Support Wairoa River Action Plan through a targeted rate.

Environmental initiatives

·      Support local growers’ environmental initiatives.

Community gardens

·      Use public space for urban community gardens.

Solid waste

·      Offer a subsidy to ratepayers who invest in a work farm or compost bin

·      Community run waste management service is needed

·      Better inorganic rubbish disposal facilities are needed.

Coastal erosion

·      Protect the coastline

·      Address coastal erosion at Glenbrook Beach.


·      Plant fruit trees on roadsides

·      Improve understanding and appreciation of trees in urban areas

·      Physically identify all scheduled trees with an information sign.


·    North side of Ward Street in Pukekohe is an open drain which is a health hazard.


·      Reduce the flooding of Papakura Stream in heavy rain events

·      Loss of springs and creeks in Patumahoe and surrounds as farmers and market gardeners destroy creek banks

·      Should be a five metre no-go zone around waterways






·      Include consideration of the disabled in the plan, both physical and intellectual

·      Support for evening classes for new skills

·      More activities for special needs adults

·      Consider recommendations of Age Concern when planning/implementing housing, transport, health, employment, civic, social and cultural initiatives

Maori outcomes

·      Section on Maori needed in the plan – huge disparity

·      There should be no preferential concessions treatment of Maori

·      Work in partnership with Tainui on outcomes for environment, planning, resilient communities and relationships

Community wardens

·      Use community wardens as a deterrent.


·      More of a village feel for Waiuku town centre needed

·      Need information on what’s happening locally e.g. Tamakae Wharf upgrades and sports park development

·      Maintain and upgrade physical and built environment, consider activities that enhance health, ensure physical activity and active transport options are available and access to public transport improved

Community initiatives

·      Support for a community fridge in all local board areas


·      Tertiary education opportunities needed locally

·      Need a new middle school at Belmont


·      More library activities, coffee mornings, book clubs, more audio books

·      Fit for future has left libraries without experienced staff – restore funding and staffing


·      Protect local heritage with heritage inventory

·      Improved outcomes for heritage in planning

·      Create a cultural heritage database.


·      Include smoke free in local board plan,

·      All events funded or partially funded should be smoke free

·      Include smoke free in community leases.

Alcohol/drug harm reduction

·      Implement alcohol and drug free recreation spaces and community facilities

·      Implement smokefree areas on council land, outdoor dining areas, urban centres, public beaches, common areas of council housing

Arts and culture

·      Consider an arts and culture related outcome in this plan to reflect the importance of the arts for communities



Economic Development




·      Undertake investigations in Pukekohe into pedestrian counts, traffic movements, parking, infometrics, local tourism, events in town square, motorhome friendly town in collaboration with Pukekohe Business Association

Freedom camping

·      Promote freedom camping on reserves and provide infrastructure e.g. dump stations

·      Establish self-contained camping sites, this will boost the local economy (ten pieces of feedback)

Social enterprise

·      Support social enterprise and farmers’ markets


·      Develop local tourism, more options for paid holiday/caravan parks

Support for rural economy

·      Recognise the rural sector’s contribution to the economy


·      Apprenticeships for young people in rural industry needed


Protecting Versatile Soils



Manage urban sprawl

·      Manage urban sprawl and avoid reverse sensitivity through better planning practices

Protect fertile soil

·      Don’t build on the food source

·      Stop market gardens disappearing under houses

Reduce imports

·      Protect growing land and reduce imports


Medical Facilities



New medical facilities

·      New medical hub with accident and emergency facilities needed

·      Franklin Hospital needs and x-ray department

·      A superclinic is needed in Franklin/Pukekohe


Telecommunications and broadband connections




·      Support for better mobile and broadband connectivity in various areas of Franklin

·      Offer two hours free Wi-Fi on train from Pukekohe

·      Advocate for all residents to have broadband access before asking for ultra-fast broadband

·      Need better broadband to attract businesses


Franklin Local Board

08 August 2017



Franklin Local Board Plan 2017 - feedback from eight drop-in consultation events

Consultation event

Targeted rate

Not sure

Key issues



Pukekohe Library
25 May 2017


Attendees: 20




Comments on use of targeted rates:

· Go-cart track

· Skate park

· Youth drop-in centre

· Basketball courts

Other comments:

· A K-Mart or any new complex for work opportunities

· Funding for soup kitchen

· Youth events, including for intellectually disabled

· More job opportunities

Franklin Market
27 May 2017


Attendees: 50





· Rubbish bin days on Pukekohe Hill

· Frequency of buses

· Buckland Road roadworks

· Weekend trains

· Trails

· Childrens’ playgrounds

· Cycleways

· Transport

· Timing of trains – late night service

· Bypass needed around Pukekohe town centre

· Concern around future of market

Outside New World,
1 June 2017


Attendees: 90




Comments on use of targeted rates:

· Indoor pool and gymnasium for gymnastics for basketball and indoor netball

Other comments:

· More bus services from Waiuku to Papakura

· Ability to top up HOP card in Waiuku

· Racecourse Reserve privet issue

· Picnic tables and seats needed on Awhitu Peninsula and at lighthouse

· Shrubs need trimming outside Mitre 10 on roundabout

Outside Countdown,
3 June 2017


Attendees: 102




Comments on targeted rates:

· OK to be spent on none essentials, not rubbish and roads

· Unsure on impact

· Council should be paying

· General rates fund developments in other parts of Auckland

· All ratepayers should pay

· Council should pay for shared things like swimming pools, library

· OK to fund a swimming pool in Beachlands

Other comments focused around:

· Roading – reduce quarry trucks, speed limits, white lines, roundabout at Beachlands Rd/Whitford –Maraetai Rd needs improvements, alternative to coast road needed, roundabout needed at Jack Lachlan Drive intersection

· St Johns Ambulance base needed

· Improved ferry service, weekend ferry service

· Address coastal erosion

· Connect trails to Mangamangaroa walkway

· Intermediate and high school needed

· No freedom camping

· Stormwater issues at Orere

Waiuku Library
10 June 2017


Attendees: 36




Comments on targeted rates:

· Not keen on paying for a facility I wouldn’t use, prefer user pays

· Pensioners on limited income cannot pay more, should be user pays

· Use it to fund a solar powered heated pool with roof

Other comments:

· Investigate bringing trains to Waiuku

· Make the town smoke free

· Rural roads unsafe for volume of traffic

· SHA at Glenbrook Beach – infrastructure under pressure

· More frequent bus service

· Increase police presence in town

· Begging in main street and around ATM

· Library opening later

· Limited roading infrastructure into Awhitu

· Support parking and rail station upgrade in Pukekohe

Clevedon Farmers’ Market
11 June 2017


Attendees: 97




Comments on targeted rates:

· Everyone should have free access to libraries and pools paid for by council

· Too much growth and cost

· Targeted rate is not effective

Other comments:

· SHA Glenbrook – dead end road with no amenities, roads not good, 12km to school

· Riparian planting of Wairoa River

· Beachlands drainage and roading

· Safety measures needed on Monument Rd/Tourist Rd intersection

· Need a bus service and sewerage in Clevedon

· Cycleway, especially to Duders and Whitford

· Keep clear bus lanes for at least an hour a day

· Better connectivity of local transport, ferry and train services connected to buses

· Railway extensions and car park and train or bus to CBD

· Park and ride is great, look at models in UK.  Smaller buses for central city

· Another hospital for Papakura, Drury or Alfriston to support Middlemore

· Proper pedestrian crossings in Clevedon, at school and near petrol station

Waiuku Community Clinic drop-in
16 June 2017


Attendees: 10




No comments provided.

Wairoa Community Clinic drop-in
16 June 2017


Attendees: 16




Comments on targeted rates:

· Targeted rate should not become the norm

· Need to know where money is going

· Should be for a limited time

· Would support a targeted rate if my general rate is reduced

· When does the rate level out?  Do we have an average that we stop at?  Are there other options?

· Look at growth plans before deciding to strike a development charge for a localised proposal

· The development contributions policy should be changed, used locally

· Why can’t we get a percentage of development contributions from new builds?

· Development contributions should be spent where they’re collected

· Should be user-pays

· The property valuation does not always reflect the amenity of the area, resent paying a rate based on valuation

· Rating should not be based on GV

· Use targeted rate for trails development, management and maintenance

· Use targeted rate for main street upgrade in Clevedon

· Use targeted rate for village green

· Use targeted rate for trails parking areas

· Use targeted rate for Wairoa River restoration

Other comments:

· No improvements to roads in this area prior to new subdivisions – concerned about this

· Combine upgrading of roads with putting infrastructure in the ground e.g. pipes for later growth

· Concern that growth is impacting on the environment i.e. wastewater issues and new growth, especially where there is single and multiple use of a property

· Concerned about budgeting over a 10 year timeframe – accuracy

· Is the capital spending justified?

· Very concerned about lack of investment, specifically in Beachlands/Maraetai

· Want to see efficiencies reflected in budgets

· Very few options for public transport in Beachlands/Maraetai

· Getting out of Beachlands is difficult – link road Sunkist to Pine Harbour needed

· Roading is a priority in this area