Draft Local Board Plan Hearings - Whau Local Board






Minutes of a meeting of the Draft Local Board Plan Hearings - Whau Local Board held in the Whau Local Board Office, 31 Totara Avenue, New Lynn on Wednesday, 2 August 2017 at 10.00am.





Tracy Mulholland




Deputy Chairperson

Susan Zhu





Derek Battersby, QSM, JP





Catherine Farmer

(from 10.04am, item 4)




Duncan Macdonald, JP





Te'eva Matafai





David Whitley






Draft Local Board Plan Hearings - Whau Local Board

02 August 2017




1          Welcome


            Chairperson Mulholland opened the meeting and welcomed everyone present.


2          Apologies


There were no apologies.


3          Declaration of Interest

Members are reminded of the need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision making when a conflict arises between their role as a member and any private or other external interest they might have.

Specifically members are asked to identify any new interests they have not previously disclosed, an interest that might be considered as a conflict of interest with a matter on the agenda.

The following are declared interests of the Whau Local Board.


Board Member

Organisation / Position

Tracy Mulholland

·                New Lynn Business Association – Business Associate/Contractor

·                New Lynn RSA - Member

Susan Zhu

·            Chinese Oral History Foundation – Committee member

·            The Chinese Garden Steering Committee of Auckland – Board Member

Derek Battersby

·               Whau Coastal Walkway Environmental Trust –Trustee

·               New Lynn Tennis Club – Patron

·               West Lynn Gardens – Patron

·               Tag Out Trust – Chairman

·               New Lynn Bowling Club - Patron

·               Avondale RSA - Member

Catherine Farmer

·            Avondale-Waterview Historical Society – Member

·            Blockhouse Bay Historical Society – Member

·            Portage Licensing Trust – Trustee

·            Blockhouse Bay Bowls – Patron

·                Forest and Bird organisation - Member

Duncan Macdonald

·            Avondale Business Association – Chairman

·            Avondale Community Society – Chairman

·            Avondale RSA – Committee Member

·            Avondale-Waterview Historical Society - Member

·            Avondale Jockey Club – Member

Te’eva Matafai

·                Pacific Events and Entertainment Trust - Co-Founder

·                Miss Samoa NZ - Director

·             Miss World Samoa - Director

·             Malu Measina Samoan Dance Group - Director/Founder

·             Pasifika Festival ATEED - Samoa Village Coordinator

·                Aspire Events - Director

David Whitley

·               Rosebank Business Association - Member

·               Pathways to the future  - Past trustee

·               REINZ - Member

·               Don Oliver Youth Sports Foundation  - Past trustee

·               Chamber of Trade - Mentor

·               Lopdell House - Trustee

·               West Auckland Enterprise, Skills & Training (WEST) - Manager


          The register was updated for chairperson Tracy Mulholland with the addition of membership for New Lynn RSA.




Member Catherine Farmer joined the meeting at 10.04am.



Draft Whau Local Board Plan 2017 Hearing


Resolution number WH/2017/86

MOVED by Member T Matafai, seconded by Member D Macdonald:  

That the Local Board Plan Hearings - Whau Local Board:

a)         receive submissions and feedback on the draft Whau Local Board Plan 2017.

b)        hear the following submitters wanting to speak in support of their submission to the draft Whau Local Board Plan 2017 and thank them for their verbal presentation to the draft Whau Local Board Plan 2017.

            1.     Gary Holmes, Blockhouse Bay Business Association (2450)

            2.     Moana Cook, Sanjay, Green Bay Community House (3246)

            3.     Moana Cook (3243)

            4.     Nina Patel (4850)

            5.     Tam Alexander and Carla Gee , EcoMatters Environment Trust (4595)

            6.     John Limna, Northern Football Federation (2054)

            7.     Lynette Adams, Kerry Allan and Jewelz Petley, Sport Waitakere (5608)

            8.     Alex Watson, New Lynn Business Association (5261)

            9.     Nathan Cowie, Alcohol Healthwatch (5996)

            10.   Rochana Sheward, Auckland Regional Migrant Services (2935)

                    11.            Graham Edwards (5059)

            12.   Mike Gibson, Rosebank Business Association (5611)

            13.   Jane Gilmour, Literacy Waitakere (5185)

c)                     consider through workshops any potential amendments to the draft Whau Local Board Plan 2017.



Secretarial note:         A copy of the tabled documents have been placed on the file copy of the minutes and can be viewed at the Auckland Council website.



a     4850 - Nina Patel - Presentation

b     5608 - Sport Waitakere - Additional information

c    5996 - Alcohol Healthwatch - Presentation




12.16pm                                             The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.