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Bill Cashmore



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Cr Hon Christine Fletcher, QSO

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Cr Mike Lee



Cr Daniel Newman, JP



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Sarndra O'Toole

Team Leader – Governance Advisors


26 September 2017


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Governing Body

28 September 2017



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Governing Body

28 September 2017



Budget to conduct by-elections


File No.: CP2017/19734





1.       To approve additional budget for by-elections following the New Zealand general election on 23 September 2017.

Executive summary

2.       The 2017 General Election took place on 23 September 2017. Two Auckland Council elected members stood as electorate or list candidates and were successful: Denise Lee, Councillor for Maungakiekie-Tāmaki and Simeon Brown, Manurewa Local Board Member. If they resign their position on the Auckland Council it will create a vacancy. The Local Electoral Act 2001 requires elections to be held to fill the vacancies. 

3.       This paper requests additional operating budget of $228,000 to cover the costs of these by-elections.



That the Governing Body:

a)      approve an additional operating budget of $228,000 in the 2017/2018 financial year to conduct two by-elections

b)      note that this unbudgeted expenditure will be included in the next budget update report to the Finance and Performance Committee.




4.       Preliminary results for the 2017 general election indicate that the following members have been successfully elected to Parliament: Denise Lee, Councillor for Maungakiekie-Tāmaki and Simeon Brown, Manurewa Local Board Member.

5.       Auckland Council elected members are not required by legislation to resign their position on the council if they are elected to Parliament. However if they do so then this will trigger a by-election and staff need budget approval from the Governing Body now to be able to start planning.

Estimated costs

6.       The estimated costs of the by-elections are set out below. 


By-election area

(Election Services)


Maungakiekie-Tāmaki  Ward
(approx. 49,000)



Manurewa Local Board
(approx. 56,000)










7.       These costs are based on an:

·   estimate provided by the council’s election services provider, Independent Election Services Limited, for managing and processing votes based on the number of electors

·   estimate of costs related to communications, marketing and ballot box management.

8.       Independent Election Services Limited estimates are based on a 30 percent voter turnout. Final costs will depend on actual number of voter returns.


9.       By-elections are unbudgeted. There is no opportunity in the current financial year to absorb costs within existing budgets.  

10.     Staff ask that the Governing Body approve an additional operating budget of $228,000.  


Local board views and implications

11.     The Manurewa Local Board will be affected through the potential vacancy occurring in its area and a new members being elected. 

Māori impact statement

12.     The 2016 local government election arrangements for recognising Māori will apply to this by-election.  These arrangements include provision for using Te Reo Māori in candidate profile statements.


13.     Budgets will be amended in core financial systems and will be used for internal management reporting, regular reporting to council committees and financial control for the 2017/2018 financial year.



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Marguerite Delbet - General Manager Democracy Services


Phil Wilson - Governance Director

Stephen Town - Chief Executive