I hereby give notice that an ordinary meeting of the Finance and Performance Committee will be held on:




Meeting Room:



Thursday, 30 November 2017


Reception Lounge
Auckland Town Hall
301-305 Queen Street


Finance and Performance Committee









Cr Ross Clow


Deputy Chairperson

Cr Desley Simpson, JP



Cr Dr Cathy Casey

Cr Daniel Newman, JP


Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore

Cr Dick Quax


Cr Fa’anana Efeso Collins

Cr Greg Sayers


Cr Linda Cooper, JP

Cr Sharon Stewart, QSM


Cr Chris Darby

IMSB Chair David Taipari


Cr Alf Filipaina

Cr Sir John Walker, KNZM, CBE


Cr Hon Christine Fletcher, QSO

Cr Wayne Walker


Mayor Hon Phil Goff, CNZM, JP

Cr John Watson


Cr Richard Hills



IMSB Member Terrence Hohneck



Cr Penny Hulse



Cr Mike Lee



(Quorum 11 members)




Sandra Gordon

Senior Governance Advisor


29 November 2017


Contact Telephone: (09) 890 8150

Email: sandra.gordon@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Website: www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz




Finance and Performance Committee

30 November 2017



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9          Ten-year Budget 2018-2028 - Mayoral Proposal                                                        5 



Finance and Performance Committee

30 November 2017



Ten-year Budget 2018-2028 - Mayoral Proposal


File No.: CP2017/25217




1.       To present the Mayoral Proposal for the Ten-year Budget 2018-2028 (Long-term Plan) including proposed items for consultation.

Executive summary

2.       The Mayoral Proposal for the Ten-year Budget 2018-2028 sets out the Mayor’s priorities and policy direction for Auckland Council for the next ten years.

3.       The key elements of the Mayoral Proposal are:

a)      introduction of a regional fuel tax to fund transport investment activities

b)      general rates rises at 2.5% for the first two years and 3.5% for each year after that, balancing the need to increase infrastructure spending with the need to keep rate increases low and reasonable

c)      a strong commitment to continue to find greater value for money and efficiency in Council spending

d)      accelerating investment in water quality improvement through the introduction of a water quality targeted rate

e)      increasing investment in protection of our natural environment through the introduction of an environmental levy

f)       changes to the rating of the online accommodation sector

g)      disestablishing the CCO Auckland Council Investments Limited with the investments in Auckland International Airport Limited and Ports of Auckland Limited to be transferred to Council parent.

4.       Many of these elements will require public consultation and will be the focus of the discussion and decision-making of the Finance and Performance Committee on 11 December 2017.

5.       The officers’ report for the 11 December 2017 committee meeting will include supporting material for the items above and other items arising from Auckland Council’s plans, policies and rating matters that are required to be included in the Ten-year Budget 2018-2028 public consultation document.



That the Finance and Performance Committee:

a)      receive the Mayoral Proposal for the Ten-year Budget 2018-2028.







Mayoral Proposal for the Ten-year Budget 2018-2028





Mayor of Auckland, Hon Phil Goff


Finance and Performance Committee

30 November 2017