I hereby give notice that an ordinary meeting of the Manukau Harbour Forum will be held on:



Meeting Room:



Friday, 16 February 2018


Māngere-Otāhuhu Local Board Office
Shop 17
93 Bader Drive
Māngere Town Centre


Manukau Harbour Forum






Saffron Toms

Waitakere Ranges Local Board

Deputy Chairperson

David Holm

Puketapapa Local Board


Alan Cole

Franklin Local Board


Carrol Elliott, JP

Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board


Joseph Allan

Manurewa Local Board


Josephine Bartley

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board


Dawn Trenberth

Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board


Bill McEntee

Papakura Local Board


Tracy Mulholland

Whau Local Board

Alternate Members

Sharlene Druyven

Franklin Local Board


Togiatolu Walter Togiamua

Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board


Angela Cunningham-Marino

Manurewa Local Board


Debbie Burrows

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board


Nerissa Henry

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board


Chris Makoare

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board


Apulu Reece Autagavaia

Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board


Michael Turner

Papakura Local Board


Julie Fairey

Puketapapa Local Board


David Whitley

Whau Local Board


Neil Henderson

Waitakere Ranges Local Board


Steve Tollestrup

Waitakere Ranges Local Board

(Quorum 5 members)



Riya Seth

Democracy Advisor

13 February 2018

Contact Telephone: (09) 826 5193

Email: riya.seth@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Website: www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz



Manukau Harbour Forum

16 February 2018



ITEM   TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                        PAGE

1          Welcome                                                                                                                         5

2          Apologies                                                                                                                        5

3          Declaration of Interest                                                                                                   5

4          Confirmation of Minutes                                                                                               5

5          Leave of Absence                                                                                                          5

6          Acknowledgements                                                                                                       5

7          Petitions                                                                                                                          5

8          Deputations                                                                                                                    5

9          Public Forum                                                                                                                  5

10        Extraordinary Business                                                                                                5

11        Notices of Motion                                                                                                          6

12        Approval of 2018/2019 Manukau Harbour Forum work programme                       7

13        Confirmation of Workshop Records                                                                         11  

14        Consideration of Extraordinary Items 



1          Welcome



2          Apologies


At the close of the agenda no apologies had been received.


3          Declaration of Interest


Members are reminded of the need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision making when a conflict arises between their role as a member and any private or other external interest they might have.


4          Confirmation of Minutes


That the Manukau Harbour Forum:

a)         confirm the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Friday, 15 December 2017, as a true and correct record.


5          Leave of Absence


At the close of the agenda no requests for leave of absence had been received.


6          Acknowledgements


At the close of the agenda no requests for acknowledgements had been received.


7          Petitions


At the close of the agenda no requests to present petitions had been received.


8          Deputations


Standing Order 3.20 provides for deputations. Those applying for deputations are required to give seven working days notice of subject matter and applications are approved by the Chairperson of the Manukau Harbour Forum. This means that details relating to deputations can be included in the published agenda. Total speaking time per deputation is ten minutes or as resolved by the meeting.


At the close of the agenda no requests for deputations had been received.


9          Public Forum


A period of time (approximately 30 minutes) is set aside for members of the public to address the meeting on matters within its delegated authority. A maximum of 3 minutes per item is allowed, following which there may be questions from members.


At the close of the agenda no requests for public forum had been received.


10        Extraordinary Business


Section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (as amended) states:


“An item that is not on the agenda for a meeting may be dealt with at that meeting if-


(a)        The local authority by resolution so decides; and


(b)        The presiding member explains at the meeting, at a time when it is open to the public,-


(i)         The reason why the item is not on the agenda; and


(ii)        The reason why the discussion of the item cannot be delayed until a subsequent meeting.”


Section 46A(7A) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (as amended) states:


“Where an item is not on the agenda for a meeting,-


(a)        That item may be discussed at that meeting if-


(i)         That item is a minor matter relating to the general business of the local authority; and


(ii)        the presiding member explains at the beginning of the meeting, at a time when it is open to the public, that the item will be discussed at the meeting; but


(b)        no resolution, decision or recommendation may be made in respect of that item except to refer that item to a subsequent meeting of the local authority for further discussion.”


11        Notices of Motion


There were no notices of motion.


Manukau Harbour Forum

16 February 2018



Approval of 2018/2019 Manukau Harbour Forum work programme


File No.: CP2018/00335




Te take mō te pūrongo / Purpose of the report

1.       To approve the 2018/2019 Manukau Harbour Forum work programme.

Whakarāpopototanga matua / Executive summary

2.       The Manukau Harbour Forum (the forum) is a joint governance group with representation from each of the nine local boards (Franklin, Papakura, Ōtara-Papatoetoe, Manurewa, Māngere-Ōtāhuhu, Maungakiekie-Tāmaki, Puketāpapa, Whau, and Waitākere Ranges local boards) surrounding the harbour.

3.       The forum terms of reference notes its purpose as ‘strategic, not operational’. However, its focus has largely been operational to date, reflecting that it is primarily supported by an operational directorate of Auckland Council. A new project proposed for 2018/2019 is a formal governance review. This review will consider the forum’s achievements and consider how it can be recognised as a strategic and governance entity. 

4.       The remainder of the 2018/2019 work programme proposes continuing the forum’s work to increase awareness and knowledge of the forum, and the Manukau Harbour, through an education programme and a symposium. There is also a recommendation for a contribution to forum communications.

5.       The proposed work programme will cost $72,000. This means that individual member boards will be required to each contribute $8,000 from their 2018/2019 locally driven initiatives budget.


Ngā tūtohunga / Recommendations

That the Manukau Harbour Forum:

a)      approve the 2018/2019 Manukau Harbour Forum work programme.

b)      note that member local boards will each be requested to allocate $8,000 as part of their 2018/19 local environment work programmes to implement the Manukau Harbour Forum work programme.


Horopaki / Context

6.       The agreed vision and strategy for the forum is that ‘the Manukau Harbour is recognised and valued as a significant cultural, ecological, social and economic treasure/taonga’. The four objectives supporting that vision and strategy are noted below;

·     Raise the profile of the Manukau Harbour as a significant cultural, ecological and economic asset

·     Have a robust knowledge base to support integrated management

·     Champion and advocate for the development and implementation of planning frameworks and projects to support integrated management of the Manukau Harbour

·     Ensure there are sufficient resources, including officer input and budget, to support the Forum to deliver on the vision.

7.       The vision and strategy, and associated objectives, provide the strategic framework for the development of the proposed 2018/2019 work programme as summarised in table one below.



2018/2019 Budget

Champion and advocate for the integrated management of the Manukau Harbour

Forum resourcing supports vision outcomes


Governance review


Profile raising - culture, economic, ecological

Symposium information sharing and networking


Communications support


Robust knowledge

Education programmes





Table one: Proposed 2018/2019 work programme

Tātaritanga me ngā tohutohu / Analysis and advice

Governance review  ($22,000)

8.       The forum terms of reference notes its purpose as “strategic, not operational”. However, it’s work programme has largely been operationally focused, reflecting the operational focus of Infrastructure and Environmental Services.

9.       As the forum is in its third term, it is appropriate to review the forum’s current work programme and how it can move towards being more strategic and governance oriented. All council advisory panels are reviewed at the end of each term providing the incoming panel with guidance for implementing new work programmes.

10.     A governance review was initially proposed as part of the 2017/2018 work programme. However, it was not progressed at that time with advice that it could be considered as part of the wider governance framework review. Consideration of the forum as part of the governance framework review has not eventuated and as such, it is recommended that the forum fund this through its work programme.

11.     The governance review would be led by the local board services department.

Symposium  ($25,000)

12.     The forum has hosted two symposiums since its inception to bring together elected members, mana whenua, and other stakeholders to hear about current impacts on the harbour, and harbour improvement projects. Both symposiums were well-attended, with positive feedback received from attendees.

13.     In approving the forum’s current year work programme, the forum suggested hosting a symposium only every second year. This means that no symposium would be held in the year immediately after local elections enabling the forum to have input to the symposium theme and schedule of speakers.

14.     It is recommended that the forum host a symposium in the second half of the financial year at a cost of $25,000. These costs are to cover venue hire, catering, awards, and marketing. It is anticipated that council’s events team will provide administrative support to this event.

Communications programme  ($5,000)

15.     A small sum of $5,000 is requested to continue regular communication to stakeholders updating them on the forum, and issues impacting on the Manukau Harbour.

Education programme  ($20,000)

16.     The forum work programme includes two education projects to increase awareness amongst business and industry of how they can support the Manukau Harbour Forum, and to support young people to lead environmental action through the Young Leaders Programme. The forum work programme focuses on programmes that cross over local board areas, and have a “whole of harbour” focus.

17.     The Young Leaders Programme offers high school students the opportunity to participate in a workshop style environmental education programme. This programme enables the participants to lead environmental action within their schools and communities. Funding from the forum supports students from within the forum rohe to attend the programme by providing necessary equipment, and transport costs.

18.     It is recommended that the forum reduce support for the Young Leaders Programme to $10,000 in 2018/2019 (a $5,000) reduction.

19.     In 2017/2018, the forum is funding two industry education programmes – a review of the flagship sites programme and a sediment education programme for the building industry. As those projects are yet to conclude, it is not possible to suggest which option best delivers industry education. Therefore, it is recommended that the board allocate $10,000 to an industry education programme in 2018/2019, noting that the details of the programme will be discussed upon receipt of the two reports.

Other options

20.     At present, the administration of the forum is shared between the Local Board Services and Infrastructure and Environmental Services departments, with the former providing governance support and the latter responsible for technical advice and management of the forum work programme. There is an opportunity to provide more efficient resourcing of the forum by combining the two functions into a forum manager role.

21.     The Hauraki Gulf Forum is supported by a manager who provides that forum with both lead officer support and oversees the work programme. The Tāmaki Estuary Environmental Forum is funding a similar role through its work programme.

22.     It is not recommended that the forum use a portion of its operating budget to recruit a project manager at this time. The proposed governance review may recommend options for supporting the forum, which can be discussed before agreeing future work programmes.

Ngā whakaaweawe ā-rohe me ngā tirohanga a te poari ā-rohe /
Local impacts and local board views

23.     The establishment of the forum recognises that improving the Manukau Harbour would benefit from joint advocacy of all nine local boards (Franklin, Papakura, Ōtara-Papatoetoe, Manurewa, Māngere-Ōtāhuhu, Maungakiekie-Tāmaki, Puketāpapa, Whau, and Waitākere Ranges) surrounding the harbour. The nine boards agreed to re-constitute the forum in early 2017. Local board plans continue to highlight the importance of water quality, and the Manukau Harbour, to local communities.

24.     Member boards also fund projects impacting on the harbour through their local environment or parks work programmes. The criteria for some local grant funds includes support for groups and individuals undertaking action to improve water quality and local streams in the Manukau Harbour catchment.

Tauākī whakaaweawe Māori / Māori impact statement

25.     Te Mānukanuka o Hoturoa, the Manukau Harbour is highly significant to mana whenua. Feedback from mana whenua received through previous council consultations is strongly supportive of improving water quality in the harbour and its catchment streams. This feedback also notes the importance of the harbour as a source of kai.

26.     The forum has noted its interest in strengthening its relationship with mana whenua. Previous advice to the forum was that co-opting mana whenua representatives as members of the forum was inappropriate. The proposed governance review can include an objective to investigate other methods of strengthening the relationship between the forum and mana whenua.

27.     Mana whenua have presented at the last two Manukau Harbour symposiums. Mana whenua will also be invited to present at the 2019 symposium.

Ngā ritenga ā-pūtea / Financial implications

28.     Funding for the forum is allocated through the local board work programming process. This proposed work programme requires boards to each contribute $8,000. If boards are unable to contribute the full amount, this proposed work programme will need to be scaled back to reflect the revised budget.

29.     The governance review may propose new projects for the forum to consider for future work programmes. Member boards need to be mindful that while the 2018/2019 contribution is the same as previous years, there may be an increase in future years.

Ngā raru tūpono / Risks

30.     The proposed work programme assumes that organisational support will be provided to help deliver the communications programme, and the symposium. If this support is not forthcoming, there may be additional costs to deliver these projects through external contractors.

31.     As noted in paragraph 22 above, there is a risk that some boards may not have sufficient locally driven initiatives budget to contribute the full $8,000. If member boards allocate less than the requested amount, the work programme will have to be scaled back.

32.     Some minor changes to this proposed work programme may be required upon receipt of the flagship sites review, and the small sites ambassador programme. If necessary, this will be reported to the forum and a reallocation of budget requested. However, it is unlikely to require boards to allocate more money to the forum for 2018/2019.

Ngā koringa ā-muri / Next steps

33.     A line item will be included in the draft Infrastructure and Environmental Services work programmes to be discussed with member boards in March 2017.


Ngā tāpirihanga / Attachments

There are no attachments for this report.     

Ngā kaihaina / Signatories


Emma Joyce - Relationship Advisor

Rhianna Drury – Senior Healthy Waters Specialist


Barry Potter - Director Infrastructure and Environmental Services

Glenn Boyd - Relationship Manager Henderson-Massey, Waitakere Ranges, Whau

 Confirmation of Workshop Records


File No.: CP2018/01077





1.       This report presents record of workshop held by the Manukau Harbour Forum on Friday, 15 December 2017.

Executive Summary

2.       At the workshop held on Friday,15 December 2017 the Manukau Harbour Forum had briefings on:

·     Western Isthmus Water Quality Project

·     Work programme

3.      The workshop record is attached to this report.



That the Manukau Harbour Forum:

a)      receive the workshop record held on 15 December 2017 (attachment A).







MHF Workshop Records - 15 Dec 2017





Riya Seth - Democracy Advisor


Glenn Boyd - Relationship Manager Henderson-Massey, Waitakere Ranges, Whau


Manukau Harbour Forum

16 February 2018