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Great Barrier Local Board

20 March 2018



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19        Claris cemetery development – stage two design and consent                              5 



Great Barrier Local Board

20 March 2018



Claris cemetery development – stage two design and consent


File No.: CP2018/03491



Te take mō te pūrongo / Purpose of the report

1.       To seek approval from the Great Barrier Local Board for the additional funding required to complete stage two design and consent for the proposed Claris cemetery.

Whakarāpopototanga matua / Executive summary

2.       In February 2018, the local board, Ngāti Rehua - Ngātiwai ki Aotea and key stakeholders reviewed the revised proposed design for the Claris cemetery.

3.       The proposed Claris cemetery design has now been approved by the local board to proceed through to the completion of the design and resource consent stage.

4.       Additional funding is required to complete stage two design and obtain the required Resource Consent as noted in attachment A; this report outlines the capital funding requirements.


Ngā tūtohunga / Recommendation

That the Great Barrier Local Board:

a)      approve up to $30,000 of FY2017/2018 Local Improvement Projects capital funding to progress the proposed Claris Cemetery development through to completion of the detailed design and obtain resource consent. This estimate is inclusive of contingency and allowance for council staff administration support.



Horopaki / Context

5.       Council staff undertook a feasibility study of three proposed sites for a new cemetery development, as requested by the Great Barrier Local Board. The three sites were Crossroads Reserve, Claris Crossroads Reserve and Okiwi Park.

6.       The local board have identified Crossroads Reserve as the favoured site for a new cemetery.

7.       Further detailed investigation at Crossroads Reserve was then directed to be undertaken. This included for determining water tables / flood plains, laying out the best option for the access road, pegging out burial plots locations and digging a test grave to determine the soil types elasticity.

8.       On 31 October 2017, the local board attended a site meeting with Ngāti Rehua - Ngātiwai ki Aotea and council staff. The meeting was held to review the GBI Cemetery Feasibility Study (dated 3 November 2016) and detailed site investigation findings.

Tātaritanga me ngā tohutohu / Analysis and advice

9.       Further direction was given to staff to revise the draft site layout plan and re-submit for local board approval based on the direction given by the stakeholders in attendance at the meeting.

10.     The revised draft Claris cemetery site layout plan has been approved by the local board.

11.     Council staff are now seeking the required additional funding to complete the detailed design and lodge for the required resource consent within the FY2017/2018 financial year.

Ngā whakaaweawe ā-rohe me ngā tirohanga a te poari ā-rohe /
Local impacts and local board views

12.     The Great Barrier Local Board has confirmed their support in writing for the stage two detailed design and resource consent lodgment to be completed.

Tauākī whakaaweawe Māori / Māori impact statement

13.     All community assets contribute significantly to Māori well-being, values, culture and traditions.

14.     On 31 October 2017 consultation was undertaken with Ngāti Rehua - Ngātiwai ki Aotea.

15.     On 30 January 2018, Ngāti Rehua - Ngātiwai ki Aotea confirmed they hold no objection to the proposed Claris cemetery development and are satisfied that the perspectives and views of iwi are understood, accepted and reflected in the minutes held between affected parties.

Ngā ritenga ā-pūtea / Financial implications

16.     The cost estimate for the completion of the detailed design and resource consent stage as advised to the local board and outlined in attachment A.

17.     Any savings will be returned to the Local Improvement Projects capital budget.

Ngā raru tūpono / Risks

18.     A delay in decision making will result in the consultant being unable to undertake the design works continuation in March, delaying until April. This may impact upon the ability for the stage two approved works to be completed by June 2018.

Ngā koringa ā-muri / Next steps

19.     Delivery to complete the stage two design and consent for the proposed Claris cemetery will commence immediately.


Ngā tāpirihanga / Attachment





Claris cemetery stage two design and resource consent estimate



Ngā kaihaina / Signatories


Katrina Morgan - Manager Community Led & LDI Projects


Rod Sheridan - General Manager Community Facilities

Helgard Wagener - Relationship Manager Great Barrier and Waiheke Local Boards


Great Barrier Local Board

20 March 2018