Te Rōpū Kaitohutohu Take Hunga Hauā /

Disability Advisory Panel






Minutes of a meeting of the Disability Advisory Panel held in the Ground Floor Council Chamber, Auckland Town Hall, 301-305 Queen Street, Auckland on Thursday, 4 October 2018 at 12:33pm.





Mary Schnackenberg, CNZM


Deputy Chairperson

Dan Buckingham



Colleen Brown, MNZM, JP

Until 3.00pm, Item 9


Jade Farrar



Rachel Peterson



Ursula Thynne





Liaison Councillor

Cr Josephine Bartley

Until 1.25pm, Item 8








Gemma Stewart





Chief Liaison Councillor

Cr Dr Cathy Casey

Leave of absence




Disability Advisory Panel

04 October 2018




1          Apologies


There were no apologies.



2          Declaration of Interest


Rachel Peterson is employed by YES, which is assisting the panel with arranging their forthcoming community forum.



3          Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution number DIS/2018/6

MOVED by Member M Schnackenberg, seconded by Member C Brown:  

The Disability Advisory Panel:

a)         confirmed the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Thursday, 5 July 2018, as a true and correct record.




4          Additional Items   


There were no additional items.




Liaison councillor's update



·         The next Our Auckland will have an article about Cr Bartley and the Disability Advisory Panel.

·         Cr Bartley discussed re-instating disability advisors at council with Auckland Council’s chief executive.

·         The panel offered to provide a list of forthcoming events happening within the disability community.



The Disability Advisory Panel:

a)      noted the update from the liaison councillor.




Panel members' update



·         Panel members provided updates on their recent activities at work, and in their communities, including:

·         Establishment of disability advisory groups at District Health Boards.

·         Opportunities for groups to apply for funding from Manawanui.

·         YES has a Kids’ Day Out in the North Shore.

·         Universal Design Conference highlights, including learnings from the New York City, where there have been improvements in accessibility of taxis to wheelchair users.


The Disability Advisory Panel:

a)      noted the panel members’ updates.




Disability Advisory Panel 2019 meeting dates



·         The date chosen was the third Monday of each month, from 10.00am – 1.00pm.

·         Open to the public meetings will be held in March, June and September 2019.


The Disability Advisory Panel:

a)      approved the dates for their 2019 meetings.




Community forum update



·         Rachel Peterson updated the panel on the forthcoming community forum on 13 October. Promotion for the event is ongoing.

·         A brief discussion of ideas that work for promoting events was held with members of the public who were present.

·         More community events will be held after the October event.


Cr J Bartley left the meeting at 1.25pm




The Disability Advisory Panel:

a)      noted the update on the community forum.



Note:   With the agreement of the meeting Item 10 - Te Ao Tangata Universal Design Conference update – was taken at this point.




Te Ao Tangata Universal Design Conference update


Resolution number DIS/2018/7

MOVED by Member M Schnackenberg, seconded by Member C Brown:  

The Disability Advisory Panel:

a)      noted the presentation from the Auckland Design Office.

b)      recommended that Auckland Council add Universal Design Standards for housing to the Unitary Plan, recognising that the Unitary Plan is open for review after two years of operation.

c)      recommended that council include universal access provisions in the Auckland Housing Programme, and acknowledged the considerable evidence of a serious shortage of accessible rental properties, and accessible, affordable housing in Auckland.

d)      recommended that council advocate to Government for universal access provisions to be incorporated into the KiwiBuild programme, and acknowledged that the need for accessible housing will grow as the population of senior citizens increases.




The meeting adjourned at 2.19pm and reconvened at 2.25pm.

Member R Peterson was not present.




Auckland Transport update: customer service and Total Mobility


Member R Peterson joined the meeting at 2.33pm.

Member C Brown left the meeting at 3.00pm.


Chris Atkinson – Performance and Improvement Manager at Auckland Transport, and Angela Drake – Total Mobility and Accessibility Masnager, provided an update on recent improvements in customer service and the Total Mobility programme.

A PowerPoint presentation was provided. A copy has been attached to the official minutes and is available on the Auckland Council website as a minutes attachment.


Note: the presenters discussed the following items.

·         Recent improvements in staff wellbeing and empowerment. For example, staff sharing ideas among themselves, which can lead to better customer service.

·         Total Mobility (TM) is a nationwide scheme running in reciprocation with other local councils. The scheme has been going through a recent review. For example, assessing whether TM cards need to be periodically renewed.

·         Transport operators’ (for example drivers’) training and qualifications.

Questions and answers from panel members, and members of the public, included the following:

·         TM subsidization of taxi fares

·         making cycleways accessible for disabled users

·         the type, frequency and consistency of training for train and bus drivers and staff who collect fares to understand the range in types of assistance dogs who travel with people

·         minimum standards required to meet the TM scheme

·         exploring different or new transport operators

·         camera footage on trains and platforms

·         Current review of the Public Transport Accessibility Group (PTAG) 

·         Thank You Driver programme – staff may present to the panel in the future

·         The AT culture and the importance of customer experience at senior management.


The Disability Advisory Panel:

a)      received the update from Auckland Transport.




a     20101004 - Disability Advisory Panel - Auckland Transport - presentation




Note:   Item 10 - Te Ao Tangata Universal Design Conference update as taken prior to Item 9 - Auckland Transport update: customer service and Total Mobility





3.28 pm                                              The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.