Manukau Harbour Forum






Minutes of a meeting of the Manukau Harbour Forum held in the Māngere-Otāhuhu Local Board Office, Shop 17, 93 Bader Drive, Māngere Town Centre on Friday, 19 October 2018 at 12.15pm.





Saffron Toms

Waitakere Ranges Local Board

Deputy Chairperson

David Holm

Puketapapa Local Board


Alan Cole

Franklin Local Board


Carrol Elliott, JP

Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board


Joseph Allan

Manurewa Local Board


Chris Makoare

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board


Dawn Trenberth

Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board


Bill McEntee

Papakura Local Board

Alternate Member

David Whitley

Whau Local Board








Tracy Mulholland

Whau Local Board







Manukau Harbour Forum

19 October 2018




1          Welcome


The Chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed everyone present.



2          Apologies


Resolution number MHFJC/2018/28

MOVED by Member A Cole, seconded by Member C Elliott:  

That the Manukau Harbour Forum:

a)         accept the apology from member Tracy Mulholland for absence.



Note:   Apology from Councillor Josephine Bartley for absence was noted.



3          Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.



4          Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution number MHFJC/2018/29

MOVED by Member W McEntee, seconded by Member J Allan:  

That the Manukau Harbour Forum:

a)         confirm the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Friday, 17 August 2018 as a true and correct record.




5          Leave of Absence


There were no leaves of absence.



6          Acknowledgements


There were no acknowledgements.



7          Petitions


There were no petitions.



8          Deputations


There were no deputations.




9          Public Forum


There was no public forum.



10        Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.




Elected Members update


Member Joseph Allan noted that public health warning at Greymouth Beach has recently been lifted by council after being in place for 18 years.

Member Chris Makoare noted a presentation to Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board on plan change to remove outstanding natural feature 46.

Member Carrol Elliott noted that Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board received a land owner approval report to construct stormwater infrastructure within Tararata Creek Reserve asking for upgrade to existing 750mm stormwater outlet structure to a new 1350mm diameter outlet structure.

Member Carrol Elliot tabled a copy of submission on the Maungakiekie-Tamaki draft open space plan October 2018 to Tamaki Estuary Environment Forum. A copy of the submission has been placed on the official minutes and is available on the Auckland Council website as a minutes attachment.

Deputy chair David Holm noted his attendance at Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Seminar on 5 September, which was very informative and well presented. The presentations included challenges facing marine protection, efforts to restore the mussel beds, astro-tourism at Great Barrier Island after getting Dark Sky Sanctuary status, restoration at Rotoroa Island and return of Maui dolphins etc.

Member Dawn Trenberth noted that southern local boards are working on building and strengthening their relationship with mana whenua.

Chairperson Saffron Toms noted that Waitakere Ranges Local Board is working with Infrastructure and Environment Services department to build projects under Big blue Waitākere: coastal and marine report.


Resolution number MHFJC/2018/30

MOVED by D Whitley, seconded by Member D Trenberth:  

That the Manukau Harbour Forum:

a)      receive verbal updates from members Joseph Allan, Chris Makoare, Carrol Elliott, David Holm, Dawn Trenberth, and SaffronToms.




a     10 October 2018 - Manukau Harbour Forum - Item 11 - Copy of submission on the Maungakiekie-Tamaki draft open space plan October 2018 from Tamaki Estuary Environment Forum





Small Sites Ambassador report


Resolution number MHFJC/2018/31

MOVED by Member A Cole, seconded by Member D Trenberth:  

That the Manukau Harbour Forum:

a)       receive the Small Sites Ambassador report prepared by Ridley Dunphy Environmental Limited.

b)       request that the report be forwarded to the Environmental and Community Committee, and Regulatory Committee for their information.

c)       request that the forum present to these committees.





Confirmation of workshop records


Resolution number MHFJC/2018/32

MOVED by Member W McEntee, seconded by Member D Trenberth:  

That the Manukau Harbour Forum:

a)      receive the workshop records for workshop held on 17 August 2018, as presented in Attachment A to this report.




14        Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.   




12.53pm                                             The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.