Rodney Local Board





Minutes of a meeting of the Rodney Local Board held in the Council Chamber, Orewa Service Centre, 50 Centreway Road, Orewa on Thursday 18 July 2019 at 2.00pm.





Beth Houlbrooke


Deputy Chairperson

Phelan Pirrie



Brent Bailey



Cameron Brewer



Louise Johnston



Allison Roe, MBE



Brenda Steele






Tessa Berger




Colin Smith








Rodney Local Board

18 July 2019




1          Welcome


            The Chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed those in attendance.


2          Apologies


Resolution number RD/2019/81

MOVED by Member B Bailey, seconded by Member B Steele:  

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)         accept the apologies from Member T Berger and Member C Smith for absence.




3          Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


4          Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution number RD/2019/82

MOVED by Member B Steele, seconded by Member B Bailey:  

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)         confirm the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Thursday 20 June 2019, including the confidential section, as a true and correct record.



5          Leave of Absence


There were no leaves of absence.


6          Acknowledgements


There were no acknowledgements.


7          Petitions


There were no petitions.


8          Deputations



Additional bus stops in Coatesville


Mary Logan was in attendance for this item.


Documents were tabled in support of the item. Copies have been placed on the official minutes and are available on the Auckland Council website.


Resolution number RD/2019/83

MOVED by Member B Steele, seconded by Member L Johnston:  

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)      thank Ms Logan for her presentation.




a     18 July 2019 - Rodney Local Board, Item 8.1 - Coatesville bus petition


9          Public Forum



Ngati Manuhiri introductions


Mr Conan Christmas and Mr Piet Tuinder from Ngati Manuhiri were in attendance to introduce themselves as the new CEO and  Kaitiaki Manager respectively.


Resolution number RD/2019/84

MOVED by Member B Steele, seconded by Member B Bailey:  

That the Rodney Local Board:


a)         thank Mr Christmas and Mr Tuinder for their attendance.



10        Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.




Pathways to Preparedness: A Planning Framework for Recovery


Mr Wayne Brown – Principal Advisor Recovery was in attendance via Skype for this item.


Resolution number RD/2019/85

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson P Pirrie, seconded by Member B Bailey:   

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)      provide the following feedback on the draft Pathways to Preparedness: A Planning Framework for Recovery:


i)            express concern about the scope and suitability of the Pathways to Preparedness: A Planning Framework for Recovery (“Pathways document”) for dealing with a natural disaster in a rural setting

ii)           consider that, given the size and breadth of the rural area and its general lack of infrastructure, the Pathways document will not be fit for purpose for rural communities who can be cut off from help and recovery for days or weeks following a disaster

iii)          request that the Pathways document be redrafted, and the scope expanded to include disaster response alongside disaster recovery, as you cannot achieve a good disaster recovery if you have failed to adequately address disaster response

iv)          recommend that the Auckland Civil Defence Emergency Management Group review the disaster planning completed by the former Rodney District Council which was extensive and focussed on Rodney’s rural nature, noting that many of the findings in that plan seem to have been lost in preparing the Pathways document

v)           express concern that, at present, there is no capacity within council to cope with a natural disaster on the ground in a rural setting, and no progress has been made in preparing for a disaster in the 10 year history of Auckland Council

vi)          note that the storms of April 2018 highlighted the shortcoming in council’s existing centralised emergency response approach, as rural areas in the north-west were left to respond and recover from the disaster themselves over several weeks before any assistance from Council was forthcoming

vii)         request that, as a first step, council address the shortcomings in disaster response by reinstating local civil emergency groups and ensure that these are adequately trained and resourced, noting that, in the rural setting, these groups may likely be the only groups on the ground to get access into effected areas for several days

viii)        recommend that council urgently reassess its approach to civil defence reporting centres and reinstate these in rural areas, noting that the local board is currently investing its limited renewal budgets where possible into upgrading rural halls so that these can work as temporary community shelters in an emergency in order to try and fill the gap left by Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management

ix)          request that council pay particular attention to the fact that when rural communities lose power they also lose water and sewerage and this needs to be factored into Council’s emergency planning as it makes rural needs more urgent than urban areas which keep these essential services in a power outage

x)           request that council work with utility providers to encourage the use of long-life battery backups and resilient network infrastructure in our rural areas as these areas can be completely cut off and without power (and therefore telecommunications services) for weeks at a time in an emergency

xi)          recommend that Council review how its contact centres are trained to deal with an emergency, noting that urban based contact centres were completely out of touch and provided erroneous advice to rural communities during the April 2018 storms, with promises of assistance that never eventuated

xii)         note that the detailed work programme to deliver the Pathways document is to be developed, and request that the local board be consulted on the development of that work programme so it can provide input

Values and Priorities

xiii)        support the values and priorities and the community centric approach

xiv)        agree with the community values in the Pathways document, in particular the focus on “resilience and self reliance”, “local knowledge”, and “partnership and voice”

xv)         request that the priorities include “vulnerable communities” in recognition that rural areas will feel more cut off and abandoned in an emergency, with little other infrastrucutre to fall back on should they lose a key facility or road etc, and they will therefore require additional, prioritised support


xvi)        support the general intent of vision, particuarly the need for clear, well understood processes, but note that these processes need to be fit for purpose in all contexts and cannot be a one size fits all model, and this is not clear enough in the Pathways document

xvii)       agree that, while responsible and cost-effective rehabilitation of a community does not guarantee a community will be restored to its original state, council must ensure it puts sufficient weight on the desires of a community if they feel particularly strongly about returning to an original state and should give effect to this desire where it is practical and feasible to do so

xviii)      request that the Pathways document include that a disaster should not be used as an argument to downsize or refuse to replace lost assets on the basis of cutting cost or to “sweat assets” in other locations

How we work

xix)           support the proposed partnership approach to recovery, noting that communities know what is best for them and what their recovery should look like, and add that a similar partnership approach should be adopted for disaster response as well

xx)            request that council ensure there is sufficient resource available to provide the support that communities require, noting that a slow response time, difficult processes, and an inability to provide the resources needed, will make an already difficult situation worse for communities that need help recovering from a disaster

xxi)           request that partnering with iwi be included clearly in the Pathways document, which includes helping iwi prepare their Marae for a disaster and using those Marae in a disaster, as this is currently lacking in the document


Work we do

xxii)            support the five areas for effective recovery, but note that this will only be successful if council ensure the process is effective and fit for purpose for specific communities and not a one size fits all approach

xxiii)           support the “actions to build momentum” particularly those centred on communications and collaboration, noting that a failure to communicate and reassure communities will exascerbate the effects of any disaster.






Rodney Local Board Chairperson's report


Resolution number RD/2019/86

MOVED by Chairperson B Houlbrooke, seconded by Member B Bailey:  

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)      note the chairperson’s report for July 2019.





Deputations and public forum update


Resolution number RD/2019/87

MOVED by Member B Steele, seconded by Member B Bailey:  

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)      note the deputation and public forum update for 20 June 2019.





Governance forward work calendar


Resolution number RD/2019/88

MOVED by Member B Steele, seconded by Deputy Chairperson P Pirrie:  

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)      note the governance forward work calendar as at July 2019.






Rodney Local Board workshop records


Resolution number RD/2019/89

MOVED by Member B Bailey, seconded by Chairperson B Houlbrooke:  

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)      note the workshop records for 4 July 2019.






Rodney Ward Councillor update


No update received.




17        Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.  





Local Board feedback on the Productivity Commission inquiry into local government funding and financing


Resolution number RD/2019/90

MOVED by Member B Steele, seconded by Member A Roe:  

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)         delegate to the Chairperson the authority to confirm the local board feedback on the Productivity Commission inquiry into local government funding and financing by 29 July 2019.










2.50pm                                               The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.