I hereby give notice that an ordinary meeting of the Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee will be held on:




Meeting Room:



Wednesday, 25 September 2019


Papakura Local Board Chambers
Level 1
Papakura Service Centre
35 Coles Crescent


Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee










Karen Wilson

Te Akitai Waiohua

Deputy Chairperson

Brent Catchpole

Papakura Local Board


Member Gavin Anderson

Ngati Whanaunga


Member Felicity Auva'a

Papakura Local Board


Member Hon. George Hawkins, QSO

Papakura Local Board


Member Gabriel Kirkwood

Ngai Tai ki Tamaki Trust


Member Bill McEntee

Papakura Local Board


Member Ted Ngataki

Ngati Tamaoho


Member Martin Te Moni

Ngāti Whanaunga


Member Edith Tuhimata

Ngati Te Ata Waiohua


Member Michael Turner

Papakura Local Board


Member Katrina Winn

Papakura Local Board


(Quorum 6 members)




Paula Brooke

Democracy Advisor


23 September 2019


Contact Telephone: (09) 295 1331

Email: Paula.Brooke@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Website: www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz



 Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee


Terms of Reference




Papakura Local Board:                Brent Catchpole (Chairperson)

                                                            Felicity Auva’a (Deputy Chairperson)

                                                            Bill McEntee

                                                            Hon. George Hawkins

                                                            Michael Turner

                                                            Katrina Winn


Iwi Representatives:        

Te Akitai Waiohua                               Karen Wilson                          

Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki                              Gabriel Kirkwood

Ngāti Tamaoho                                   Ted Ngataki

Ngāti Te Ata                                        Edith Tuhimata

Ngāti Whanaunga                               Gavin Anderson


Alternate members:

Ngāti Tamaoho                                  

Ngāti Te Ata                                        Willy Brown

Te Akitai Waiohua                               David Wilson

Ngāti Whanaunga                               Martin Te Moni                                   

Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki                             


Where an iwi representative cannot attend a meeting, the alternate member for that iwi representative may attend the meeting on behalf of that iwi representative.



The Pukekiwiriki Paa Reserve Joint Management Plan (“the Plan”) was prepared by the former Papakura District Council and Te Roopu Kaitiaki o Papakura and contains long-term objectives and detailed implementation actions for the effective management of Pukekiwiriki Paa.

The Plan was adopted by Papakura District Council on 11 May 2010 following a public process which began in June 2008.  The Plan was approved pursuant to the provisions of section 41(1) of the Reserves Act 1977 and to a delegation from the Minister of Conservation.

One of the Plan’s objectives is to ensure that mana whenua and council work together in partnership to manage the reserve.  To give effect to this objective and implement the Plan, Papakura Local Board has established the Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee, comprising representatives of the local board and mana whenua.  The local board has delegated its Reserves Act powers and responsibilities for the Pukekiwiriki Paa reserve management to the joint management committee.


To implement the visions, principles, goals and objectives outlined in the Plan whilst recognising the integrity and policies of each party, and working together in the spirit of partnership. To exercise delegated powers under the Reserves Act 1977.


To co-manage the Pukekiwiriki Paa Reserve according to the vision, principles and objectives of the Plan, in accordance with the Reserves Act 1977.



Chairperson and deputy chairperson:


The committee will appoint the chairperson and the deputy chairperson at the first meeting. The term of the chairperson and deputy chairperson will be up to one year, or until a new chairperson and the deputy chairperson is appointed (whichever is longer).



Decision making:


The committee will aspire to make all decisions by consensus.





Three iwi representatives (or alternates) and three local board representatives.



Meeting Frequency:


Meetings of the committee will be held twice a year unless otherwise resolved by the committee.

The committee will agree upon a meeting schedule at its first meeting.





Auckland Council will be responsible for funding the implementation of the Reserve Management Plan and resourcing the committee to give effect to its decisions.  Papakura Local Board will make annual provision for ongoing implementation, maintenance and management of the reserve within the capital and operating budgets allocated to local parks services.





The Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee has responsibility for the administration and management of the Pukekiwiriki Paa Historic Reserve, as outlined in the Pukekiwiriki Paa Reserve Management Plan/Ta Mahere Whakahaere o Pukekiwiriki.


The Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee is responsible for the iimplementation and monitoring of the Pukekiwiriki Paa Reserve Management Plan at a governance level.  The Committee has the decision making authority regarding allocation of the Papakura Local Board budget for implementation of the Reserve Management Plan.


Powers may include, but are not limited to:






Note: relevant legislation includes but is not limited to:

Local Government Act 2002

Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009

Reserves Act 1977



Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee

25 September 2019


ITEM   TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                         PAGE

1          Apologies                                                                                                                        7

2          Declaration of Interest                                                                                                   7

3          Confirmation of Minutes                                                                                               7

4          Petitions                                                                                                                          7  

5          Public Input                                                                                                                    7

6          Local Board Input                                                                                                          7

7          Extraordinary Business                                                                                                7

8          Pukekiwiriki Paa Track Re-Development Procurement Process Approval and Draft Pukekiwiriki Paa Entrance Concept Plan                                                                    9

9          Ecological restoration programme for Pukekiwiriki Pā                                          21  

10        Consideration of Extraordinary Items 






























1          Apologies


At the close of the agenda no apologies had been received.


2          Declaration of Interest


Members are reminded of the need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision making when a conflict arises between their role as a member and any private or other external interest they might have.


3          Confirmation of Minutes


That the Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee:

a)         confirm the ordinary minutes of its meeting held on Wednesday, 27 March 2019, as true and correct.



4          Petitions


At the close of the agenda no requests to present petitions had been received.


5          Public Input


Standing Order 7.7 provides for Public Input.  Applications to speak must be made to the Governance Advisor, in writing, no later than one (1) clear working day prior to the meeting and must include the subject matter.  The meeting Chairperson has the discretion to decline any application that does not meet the requirements of Standing Orders.  A maximum of thirty (30) minutes is allocated to the period for public input with five (5) minutes speaking time for each speaker.


At the close of the agenda no requests for public input had been received.


6          Local Board Input


Standing Order 6.2 provides for Local Board Input.  The Chairperson (or nominee of that Chairperson) is entitled to speak for up to five (5) minutes during this time.  The Chairperson of the Local Board (or nominee of that Chairperson) shall wherever practical, give one (1) day’s notice of their wish to speak.  The meeting Chairperson has the discretion to decline any application that does not meet the requirements of Standing Orders.


This right is in addition to the right under Standing Order 6.1 to speak to matters on the agenda.


At the close of the agenda no requests for local board input had been received.


7          Extraordinary Business


Section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (as amended) states:


“An item that is not on the agenda for a meeting may be dealt with at that meeting if-


(a)        The local  authority by resolution so decides; and


(b)        The presiding member explains at the meeting, at a time when it is open to the public,-


(i)         The reason why the item is not on the agenda; and


(ii)        The reason why the discussion of the item cannot be delayed until a subsequent meeting.”


Section 46A(7A) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (as amended) states:


“Where an item is not on the agenda for a meeting,-


(a)        That item may be discussed at that meeting if-


(i)         That item is a minor matter relating to the general business of the local authority; and


(ii)        the presiding member explains at the beginning of the meeting, at a time when it is open to the public, that the item will be discussed at the meeting; but


(b)        no resolution, decision or recommendation may be made in respect of that item except to refer that item to a subsequent meeting of the local authority for further discussion.”

Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee

25 September 2019


Pukekiwiriki Paa Track Re-Development Procurement Process Approval and Draft Pukekiwiriki Paa Entrance Concept Plan 

File No.: CP2019/17191




Te take mō te pūrongo

Purpose of the report

1.       To approve the concept design for the Pukekiwiriki Paa entrance and the tendering methodology for the Pukekiwiriki Paa walkway upgrade.

Whakarāpopototanga matua

Executive summary

2.       The preliminary design including the assessment of environmental effects (AEE) for the walkway upgrade project (stage one) was approved by the Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee on 27 March 2019 (PUK/2019/4).

3.       Following this approval and review of the design by nominated iwi representatives a resource consent, Heritage NZ Authority and building consent were lodged in August 2019.

4.       Once consent approvals are obtained, the project will be tendered based on an agreed tendering methodology. The recommendation is that a direct appointment is made both for the walkway and entrance upgrades. The track upgrade development plan is provided as an attachment to this report (Attachment A to this report)  

5.       Mana whenua - lead artist, Reuben Kirkwood has been appointed to provide the concept design for an upgraded entranceway including the stair balustrade (stage two).

6.       The preliminary concept Te Arawhata design for the stairs balustrade discussed 27 March 2019 is provided as an attachment to this report (Attachment B to this report).

7.       The mana whenua lead artist will submit his final designs to the Joint Management Committee 25 September 2019 meeting.



Ngā tūtohunga


That the Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee:

a)      approve the tendering methodology for Pukekiwiriki Paa walkway and entrance upgrades.

b)      approve the entranceway concept design detail for Pukekiwiriki Paa entrance upgrade stage two, outlined by the mana whenua lead artist Reuben Kirkwood.

c)      delegate to either one or two members of the committee to sign off on the detailed design for stage two entrance works.




8.       At the 27 March 2019 meeting of the Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee, the assessment for environmental effects report (AEE), stage one of the walkway upgrade project and the Te Arawhata design concept for the stair balustrade from Red Hill Road to the Paa site, with conditions linked to the construction process, were approved.

9.       The resolutions read as follows:

a)   approve the assessment of environmental effects for the Pukekiwiriki Paa walkway upgrade, subject to incorporating changes from mana whenua, and delegate to the Chair and Member Edith Tuhimata to confirm these changes.

b)   approve Te Arawhata in principle, being the walkway balustrade concept, noting that this needs to be integrated into the entrance design works.

c)   request staff to directly appoint a mana whenua lead artist for an upgraded entranceway to Pukekiwiriki Paa.

10.     In discussion with the Chair, Edith Tuhimata was delegated the authority to approve any further amendments of the detailed design, construction methodology and the AEE. Some minor changes to the AEE were amended with the approval of Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee member Edith Tuhimata.

11.     A site visit was undertaken 30 May 2019 that included Alastair Jamieson (Biodiversity Team Manager - Regional) and Edith Tuhimata who reviewed the effects on the Outstanding Natural Feature Overlay and construction methodology prior to lodgement of the AEE.

12.     The sentry pou in the original walkway concept design was removed from Stage 1 of the walkway upgrade work to minimise impact of the site following discussion with Edith Tuhimata, 25 June 2019. Reuben Kirkwood will now incorporate the pou in stage 2 of the project which is the entranceway work.

13.     The stage one resource consent and building consent were lodged on 29 July 2019 and 21 August 2019 respectively.

14.     A pre-application meeting was held with Heritage NZ on 7 August 2019 with Edith Tuhimata, Joseph Milan (project manager) and the project archaeologists (CFG) in attendance.

15.     The Heritage NZ responses were documented and the application for Heritage NZ Authority was lodged on 21 Aug 2019. The outcome of these consent applications is anticipated by the end of October 2019. In the intervening period the project manager will develop the procurement strategy.

Tātaritanga me ngā tohutohu

Analysis and advice

Walkway upgrade (stage one works) procurement

16.     The construction costs for the walkway upgrade are anticipated to be within the $110,000.00 approved budget. 

17.     The agreed procurement practice for a project with the value up to $300,000.00 is that the work is directly awarded to the P-17 Full Facilities Maintenance Contractor (FFM).

18.     In the case of this project, given the site is of high significance to Māori, the project delivery team is working hard to identify options for Māori economic outcomes/Māori employment as well as to ensure the best protection and respect for the cultural features.

19.     Procurement for this value of work is normally delegated but, in this case, we are seeking committee direction to provide oversight of decisions that will potentially deliver enhances outcomes for Māori.  

20.     Two procurement options are outlined below that align with council’s procurement policy; these require contractors to be health and safety pre-qualified and they must be subcontracted to the (FFM) Panel.

21.     Option one for procurement is direct appointment of a contractor who has experience working in areas of cultural significance.  RAM Contracting Ltd are the preferred contractor for this project. They have been used by council through Southern Initiative social procurement projects and have proven experience working with Māori specifically within sites of significant heritage value.

22.     Option two for procurement is a closed tender with weighted attributes. Contractors are invited to tender through this process with a key requirement being experience working in culturally significant areas. There are two recommended contractors who have track upgrade work experience working in culturally significant areas. Both contractors are prequalified with the council; RAM Contracting Ltd and Walkway Solution and Outdoor Construction Ltd.

23.     The preferred procurement option approved by the Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee will require final authorisation by council’s procurement team.

Waharoa entrance concept development

24.     At the 27 March 2019 meeting the Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee provided direction to the project manager on key points to consider with this project:

-    the cultural message to be reflected in the design

-    scale and feel of the feature (scope)

-    an appropriate design for this culturally important entranceway.

25.     Reuben Kirkwood, mana whenua lead artist has been commissioned to develop the concept plan for stage two of the walkway upgrade, the entrance to Pukekoiwiriki Paa.

26.     The design guidelines provided were:

-        The entrance will reflect the significance of the site but also be cognisant of the remote nature and smaller scale of the publicly accessible pā area.

-        The entrance should not give the impression of a destination which has significant capacity.

-    Draft concept design will reflect the approved cultural value assessment.

-        Seating can be explored to provide respite for those who require a place to sit following the climb to the paa site.

-        Explore options that allows for integration of a pou.

27.     The draft entranceway concept design will be presented for discussion and approval, subject to any requested changes.

28.     Following concept design approval, the entrance project will progress to engineering and consenting work, following a similar process as in Stage one of the walkway upgrade.

29.     It is recommended that the committee nominate an iwi representative to work with the project manager during the detailed design and consenting stage for the entrance. 


Waharoa entrance (stage two works) procurement

30.     Procurement options available for physical works are:

Option one – Direct appointment

-        Obtain a price from RAM Contracting Ltd who are approved by the FFM panel. RAM Contracting Ltd have key attributes which are desirable for this project, specifically working with Māori/Pasifika and experience working within sites of culturally significance.

-        Mana whenua and council would collaborate with RAM Contracting Ltd on their construction methodology and cultural monitoring aspects.

Option two – Closed tender with weighted attributes

-        Tender evaluation will be based on a two-envelope weighted attributes process covering price attributes and non-price attributes. Non-price attributes are expected to be evaluated using the following criteria with allocated weighting:

·      Health and Safety – pass/fail

·      Price attribute weighting – 40%

·        Non-Price attributes – 60%; (methodology 30%, track record/relevant experience 20% and management/resources 10%).

-        Vision statement for Pukekiwiriki Paa Management along with a context focussed in understanding the importance of cultural sites of significance will be incorporated into the attribute sheet. Tender specifications will include the requirement for mana whenua to undertake cultural monitoring during the construction period.

-        It is intended to develop the draft attribute sheet with mana whenua before commencing the tendering process.

-        Evaluation panel; two mana whenua representatives will be invited to participate in the evaluation panel process to review specifically the non-price attributes.

-        Mana whenua’s input into this evaluation process will ensure that the evaluation panel, when considering the non-price attributes, fully assess cultural elements of the design and works methodology. 

31.     Community Facilities consider direct appointment as the preferred option for procurement. If this was supported by the committee it is recommended that RAM Contracting Ltd be asked to price the proposed work on the basis that they are an experienced contractor who is part FFM panel. This appointment will enable council and mana whenua to work directly with a single qualified contractor to ensure suitable construction methodology with a focus on the key cultural outcomes.  This option will also provide time savings linked to the procurement process.

Ngā whakaaweawe me ngā tirohanga a te rōpū Kaunihera

Council group impacts and views

32.     The track and entranceway project upgrades are being managed by Community Facilities with input from the Parks, Sports and Recreation, Infrastructure and Environmental Services and Heritage departments. All groups are comfortable with the proposed designs, which are considered to be fit for purpose and appropriate for this site of cultural and amenity significance. 

Ngā whakaaweawe ā-rohe me ngā tirohanga a te poari ā-rohe

Local impacts and local board views

33.     The Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee has been established to address site development and maintenance issues in a co-governance partnership between the local board and mana whenua.

34.     The proposed works will provide improved access for all visitors to the site plus improved interpretation and amenity that reflect the site’s heritage and cultural significance. These site improvements will make the visitor experience more rewarding, fulfilling and enjoyable.

Tauākī whakaaweawe Māori

Māori impact statement

35.     The Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee is a co-governance entity with five mana whenua actively participating in the governance of the site. Through this committee these five mana whenua representatives guide Council to protect the rich Māori values of this culturally significant landscape and uphold the mana of iwi that have association with the paa.

36.     Given the unique nature of the management committee and the high values of the paa site Council staff have been careful to ensure that the committee is directly involved, through workshops, site visits and reports, in all aspects of this project and have been able to carefully consider detailed options about any proposed changes to the management of the development site. The project is therefore led by mana whenua in partnership with council to ensure the aspirations of mana whenua are upheld.  

Ngā ritenga ā-pūtea

Financial implications

37.     It is anticipated that the pricing for the delivery of stage one works (walkway upgrade) will reflect the available approved funding of $110,000.

38.     The stage two development which includes the design and construction of the entranceway into Pukekiwiriki Paa Reserve is estimated to cost $135,000.00 including a contingency.

Ngā raru tūpono me ngā whakamaurutanga

Risks and mitigations

39.     The overarching risks identified in this report are associated with ensuring design, procurement and construction are aligned with mana whenua values.  The joint management structure is set up to ensure that mana whenua values and concerns are reflected in the design and construction methodology and the delivery of maintenance works at the site. 

Ngā koringa ā-muri

Next steps

40.     Following approval of the procurement process and obtaining necessary consent approvals tendering can commence on the walkway upgrade.  Updates will be provided to the committee before works commence on the track and cultural monitoring will be agreed at that time.

41.     Following the approval by the committee for the final mana whenua lead artist concept plan for stage two the consenting and procurement process for the development of the Pukekiwiriki Paa entranceway will be initiated.


Ngā tāpirihanga






Track development plan - stage 1



Te Arawhata balustrade design- stage 2



Ngā kaihaina



Greg Lowe - Parks and Places Specialist (Parks Services)


Mace Ward - General Manager Parks, Sports and Recreation

Jane Aickin - Kaiwhakahaere Te Waka Tai-ranga-whenua


Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee

25 September 2019


Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee

25 September 2019


Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee

25 September 2019




Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee

25 September 2019


Ecological restoration programme for Pukekiwiriki Pā

File No.: CP2019/17999




Te take mō te pūrongo

Purpose of the report

1.       To agree on the next steps for the future ecological restoration programme for Pukekiwiriki Pā.

Whakarāpopototanga matua

Executive summary

2.       The Pukekiwiriki Pā Joint Management Committee (committee) have previously received a full Ecological Restoration Plan dated August 2013 by Treeline consultants.

3.       On 1 December 2014 the committee resolved to:

a) approve the Pukekiwiriki Paa Ecological Restoration Plan as outlined in this report with the amendments as follows: 

i)  eco sourced plants be used.

ii) removal of the southern macrocarpa subject to an agreed methodology of removal.

iii) all natural materials to remain on site and where ever possible utilised in the ongoing preservation of the site.

iv) contractor to undertake two-year maintenance period on all ecological works.

4.       Following that meeting, investigation into the methodology for these works resulted in two critical changes to the work programme. The first was to agree, in August 2016, to retain the macrocarpa without significant trimming “noting the importance of the tree to the stability of the site and significance to mana whenua”.  The second was to remove all ecological works from the resource consent application and assessment of environmental effects and progress with works on the upper pā site that did not require a resource consent and did not utilise foliar spray. 

5.       Since that time Wildlands, an Auckland Council ecological restoration specialist who have been inducted onto site, have hand removed woody weeds from the upper pā site including defensive the trench.  They have stump painted weeds with herbicide where these weeds are liable to re-grow.  They have hand removed all weed material from site and have carried out follow up visits.

6.       Wildlands have reviewed the Treeline consultants ecological plan.  They have mapped the ecological areas described in this plan – see attached aerial.  They have also put forward a work programme for each of these management units.  The work programme is to be discussed at a workshop on 25 September 2019.  Following the workshop direction will be sought from the committee.


Ngā tūtohunga


That the Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee:

a)      provide direction on the future ecological restoration work programme.



Ngā tāpirihanga






Ecological management units



Ngā kaihaina



Greg Lowe - Parks and Places Specialist (Parks Services


Jane Aickin - Kaiwhakahaere Te Waka Tai-ranga-whenua


Pukekiwiriki Paa Joint Management Committee

25 September 2019