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8 October 2019


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Waiheke Local Board

10 October 2019



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Waiheke Local Board

10 October 2019



Proposed Changes to Mātiatia  Summer Trial

File No.: CP2019/18547




Te take mō te pūrongo

Purpose of the report

1.       To make amendments to the Mātiatia summer trial to address concerns expressed with the current proposal.

Whakarāpopototanga matua

Executive summary

2.       At its 26 September 2019 business meeting the Waiheke Local Board resolved as follows (inter alia):

Resolution number WHK/2019/184

MOVED by Member B Upchurch, seconded by Chairperson C Handley:

That the Waiheke Local Board:

a) receive the Auckland Transport Report September 2019.

b) endorse the tabled document material detailing a trial of an alternative traffic operation plan for Mātiatia over the coming summer.

c) recommend that the Mātiatia trial finishes on 13 April 2020 unless public consultation during the latter part of the trial supports its continuation.

d) delegate authority to the current Chair of the Waiheke Local Board (and recommends that any future Chair be authorised) to give feedback on any minor design changes on behalf of the local board on the final design of the Mātiatia trial.

e) note that the new drop off area will have temporary and not a permanent surface.

f) note that there will be not any reduction in the number of public parking spaces.

g) allocate up to $50,000 from the Local Board Transport Capital Fund as a contribution, in addition to Auckland Transport committed funds, towards the cost of implementing the Mātiatia trial.

h) request confirmation that the Auckland Transport have consulted the Mātiatia trial with mana whenua.

i) request that Auckland Transport actively monitor and report back to the local board on all aspects of the Mātiatia trial.

3.       The purpose of the trial was to address historical congestion issues experienced over summer, to support the additional space needs of Waiheke buses under the new Metro bus network, and to help test transport options to be introduced as part of the proposed Mātiatia Plan.

4.       The proposed changes were discussed in detail with the Waiheke Transport Forum and publicised through social media and the Gulf News, but not formally consulted on with the public.

5.       Strong feedback from the public and a petition since that time expressing concern that visitors are being prioritised over local residents has resulted in the Waiheke Local Board agreeing to reconsider some elements of the trial.

6.       At a workshop on 7 October, the local board proposed to retain the existing pick-up and drop-off area in the outer keyhole and to move the taxi and shuttle area to the front carpark.

7.       These proposed changes require consequential changes to the layout of the front carpark to make way for taxis and shuttles and retain the existing number of mobility and P30 carparks.

8.       The local board also proposed to investigate establishing an area for mobility and freight vehicle parking at the far end of the keyhole and to improve the existing mobility park at the front of the outer keyhole.

9.       To help determine the effectiveness of the trial, it was proposed that functionality would be measured and monitored and mechanisms to do that will be reported back to the board in due course.

10.     With the trail set to commence in early December 2019 and the new Waiheke bus network commencing on 13 October, Auckland Transport has confirmed a bus layover area will be established in front of the Harbourmaster’s building during that time. It may or may not need to continue once the trial starts.

11.     Parking displaced by the above changes will be replaced behind the Harbourmaster’s building now that the existing rental car lease has expired. This will ensure there is no overall reduction in parking.

12.     The local board also agreed to hold an extraordinary meeting on 10 October to consider the proposed changes.

13.     A plan showing these changes will be circulated prior to that meeting and tabled at the meeting.


Ngā tūtohunga


That the Waiheke Local Board:

a)         approves the following changes to the Mātiatia summer trial approved at its 26             September 2019 meeting:

            i.          change the proposed pick-up and drop-off area on the landward side of the             proposed new footpath in the front carpark to taxi and shuttle parking only.

            ii.         investigate additional mobility and freight vehicle parking at the far end of             the keyhole.

            iii.         consequential changes in the front carpark to ensure no loss of mobility and               P30 parking spaces.

b)         leaves all other components of the Mātiatia summer trial unchanged and in             particular retains the following elements:

            i.          the existing P2 pick-up and drop-off area in the outer keyhole.

            ii.         the proposed pick-up and drop-off area on the seaward side of the             proposed footpath in the front carpark.

c)         notes that the summer trial will be monitored and measured to help inform its             effectiveness and to provide data for wider proposed changes under the proposed             Mātiatia Plan.

d)         reaffirms that there will be no net reduction in public parking by the establishment of             additional carparks at the rear of the Harbourmaster’s building concurrent with the             establishment of the bus layover areas in front of the Harbourmaster’s building.

e)         request confirmation that the Auckland Transport have consulted the Mātiatia trial             with mana whenua.





Ngā tāpirihanga


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Ngā kaihaina



John Nash - Programme Manager,Waiheke & Gulf Islands

Jonathan Anyon - Manager Elected Member Relationship Unit - Auckland Transport


Louise Mason – General Manager - Local Board Services

Helgard Wagener - Relationship Manager - Great Barrier and Waiheke Local Boards