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9.1       Public Forum - Russell Glenister - Shared cycleways

A.      19 March 2020, Ōrākei Local Board: Item 8.1 - Public Forum - Russell Glenister - Shared cycleways, correspondence                                                                      3

9.2       Public Forum – Donna Tamaariki and Scott Fickling - The Okahu Landing Stakeholders Association

A.      19 March 2020, Ōrākei Local Board: Item 8.2 - Public Forum - Donna Tamaariki and Scott Fickling - The Okahu Landing Stakeholders Association, tabled document 5

16        Local Board feedback to the Independent Council-Controlled Organisations Review

A.      19 March 2020, Ōrākei Local Board: Item 16 - Local Board feedback to the Independent Council-Controlled Organisations Review, Ōrākei Local Board feedback                                                                                                                 9

19        Chairman and Board Member March 2020 report

A.      19 March 2020, Ōrākei Local Board: Item 19 - Chairman and Board Member March 2020 report, Ōrākei Local Board feedback                                                          11

Ōrākei Local Board

19 March 2020



Ōrākei Local Board

19 March 2020






Ōrākei Local Board

19 March 2020








1.    The Ōrākei Local Board has only one of the 14 Maunga under the administration of the Tupuna Maunga Authority viz Ōhinerau-Mount Hobson. Another Maunga, Maungarei-Mount Wellington is on the boundary between the Tāmaki-Maungakiekie and the Ōrākei Local Boards and the Stonefields suburb.

2.    The summary background information about the Tūpuna Maunga Authority is very interesting and informative.

3.    However, the Board notes that the summary does not refer to the Tūpuna Taonga o Tāmaki Makaurau Trust. We understand that the Trust is the entity that holds the title of and is therefore the legal owner of the Maunga. 

4.    The Board is aware that the Trust has retained specific ownership and control of a few buildings on Maunga. One such property is at 11 Mt Hobson Lane, adjacent to Ōhinerau – Mount Hobson. In the particular context of Ōhinerau – Mount Hobson and the Operational Plan and Auckland Council funding, reference to the Trust is considered very important.

5.    No. 11 Mt Hobson Lane is at the end of a cul-de-sac, adjacent to one of the entrances to the Maunga. While retention of the building may not be considered by some to fall within the seven Tupuna Maunga values expressed in the summary document, the villa, built ca1900-1915, was recorded by the Auckland Council’s Specialist Built Heritage – Policy, Heritage Unit, Plans and Places Department, Chief Planning Office, as having heritage characteristics important to the area’s history, and while it might not be eligible for statutory scheduling in the Unitary Plan, it nonetheless should be retained and its history further investigated. The Board considers restoration is consistent with and could be considered as supporting one of the seven Tūpuna Maunga Values listed in the Plan – Mana Aoturoa/Cultural and Heritage values, one of which is to “recognise European and other histories and interaction with the Maunga”. 

6.    It is understood that Auckland Council’s CCO, Panuku, had been managing this property at the time the asset was transferred and was rented as a residential tenancy. Unfortunately, the house is no longer tenanted, and it is not known why the empty house has been allowed to deteriorate to a very poor state of repair which detracts from the amenity of the street of well-kept buildings and grounds. The Board is concerned that if the building is allowed to remain empty it will attract the homeless, be vandalised (graffiti is visible on interior walls) and could be a target for arson.

7.    While the legislation provides for funding and staff resourcing through the Auckland Council for the maintenance of the Maunga, it is understood the Trust, as owner of the Maunga and specific properties associated with the Maunga, such as 11 Mt Hobson Lane, is not so funded. The Board would like to offer to assist the Trust in its role of kaitiaki for the property at 11 Mt Hobson Lane which might then enable Council’s funding to be used to renovate the building to a habitable condition for tenancy, for use by the Trust and/or the Authority, or made available for community groups and meetings. This is also reinforced under the Development section of priority programme and projects – “commercial activities to develop alternative revenue streams to invest in the protection and enhancement of the values of the Tupuna Maunga”. The outcome could be beneficial for iwi and the wider community.

8.    The draft Operational Plan is light on detail on specific projects to be delivered or commenced in the coming financial year and subsequent years. While the Board supports in principle projects such as protection and restoration of the tihi, pest eradication, making quality access and pathways, and protection of historic sites, it is difficult for the Board to be more specific in its feedback as there is very little information provided to assist the Board to comment on projects which might be carried out on Ōhinerau – Mount Hobson.

9.    Of concern, is the statement under “Development” – removal of redundant infrastructure. Although some examples are given, the Board is concerned that this outcome is subjective and would prefer in the case of Ōhinerau – Mount Hobson for a positive statement that the war memorial seat and daffodil plantings will not be removed as part of this programme (this would satisfy the concerns of residents of the area) and on a wider note that the trig stations on various Maunga will not be removed.  

10.  Under “Healing”, mention is made of “removing inappropriate exotic trees and weeds”.  The Annual Vegetation Maintenance programme for Ohinerau – Mount Hobson includes control of Dutch Elm and mature vegetation along Remuera Road, with a budget of $25,000 for each of the next three years.  The Board and residents of the area would be concerned if this programme meant removal of the long-established oak trees along the Remuera Road side of, in particular, and other significant healthy exotic specimens.  The Board strongly recommends their retention.  By retaining these trees there is recognition of European histories and interaction with this Maunga, as expressed in the Mana Aoturoa/Cultural and Heritage values of the document.

Ōrākei Local Board

19 March, 2020.