Tira Kāwana / Governing Body






Minutes of an extraordinary meeting of the Governing Body held in the Reception Lounge, Auckland Town Hall, 301-305 Queen Street, Auckland on Wednesday, 9 December 2020 at 3.05pm.





Hon Phil Goff, CNZM, JP


Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor Cr Bill Cashmore



Cr Josephine Bartley

Via electronic link


Cr Dr Cathy Casey



Cr Pippa Coom



Cr Linda Cooper, JP



Cr Angela Dalton



Cr Chris Darby

From 3.08pm, Item 12


Cr Alf Filipaina



Cr Christine Fletcher, QSO



Cr Shane Henderson



Cr Richard Hills



Cr Tracy Mulholland



Cr Daniel Newman, JP



Cr Greg Sayers



Cr Desley Simpson, JP



Cr Sharon Stewart, QSM



Cr Wayne Walker



Cr John Watson



Cr Paul Young






Cr Fa’anana Efeso Collins




Governing Body

09 December 2020




1          Affirmation


His Worship the Mayor will read the affirmation.



2          Apologies


Resolution number GB/2020/134

MOVED by Mayor P Goff, seconded by Cr C Casey:  

That the Governing Body:

a)         accept the apology from Cr E Collins for absence on bereament leave.


Electronic Attendance

Resolution number GB/2020/135

MOVED by Mayor P Goff, seconded by Deputy Mayor BC Cashmore:  

That the Governing Body:

a)         approve electronic attendance under Standing Order 3.3.3 for:

Cr J Bartley





3          Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.




4          Petitions


There was no petitions section.




5          Public Input


There was no public input section.




6          Local Board Input


There was no local board input section.




7          Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.




10-Year Budget 2021-2031 - Adoption of the Draft Tūpuna Maunga o Tāmaki Makaurau Operational Plan 2021/2022 and summary


Resolution number GB/2020/136

MOVED by Mayor P Goff, seconded by Deputy Mayor BC Cashmore:  

That the Governing Body:

a)      adopt the Draft Tūpuna Maunga Operational Plan 2021/2022 and a summary of the draft plan (for inclusion in the consultation material for the 10-year Budget 2021-2031).






10-year Budget 2021-2031: regional topics for consultation - local board input


This item was withdrawn.





10-year Budget 2021-2031 - Mayoral Proposal items for consultation


Resolution number GB/2020/137

MOVED by Mayor P Goff, seconded by Deputy Mayor BC Cashmore:  

That the Governing Body:

a)      agree to key items set out in the Mayoral Proposal as the basis for public consultation on the 10-year Budget 2021-2031 including:

i)          proposed levels of spending and investment that will enable continued delivery of key services and strong investment in new and renewed assets, supported by proposals to:

A)   make permanent savings for Auckland Council of $90 million from the $120 million included in the Emergency Budget.

B)   increase the target for asset recycling to $70 million per annum for the next three years.

C)   increase Auckland Council group’s use of borrowing as represented by the debt to revenue ratio to up to 290 per cent for the next three years, gradually returning to 270 per cent, subject to not impacting negatively on the group’s credit rating. This will be done in a manner that provides financial capacity for future shocks and reflects a strong commitment to long-term financial prudence.

D)   increase average general rates by a one-off 5 per cent for 2021/2022 to help meet the challenges caused by COVID-19, returning to a 3.5 per cent increase per annum from 2022/2023.

ii)      proposed investment in a package of new climate actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the impact of climate change.

iii)      a proposal to adopt a more focused approach to providing infrastructure to support growth, while working with the government and the private sector to find new ways of funding infrastructure to more fully meet substantial demand across all areas in Auckland.




iv)     a proposal to work with local boards and the community to explore how community services can be provided differently through more focused investment in community assets, tailored services targeting areas of greatest needs, alternative service delivery through partnerships, grants, digital and other non-asset approaches, and consolidating Auckland Council’s community asset portfolio to best meet a fit for service network.

v)      a proposal to extend the Water Quality Targeted Rate from 2028 to 2031 to improve water quality in other areas of the city, with an initial focus on the Eastern Isthmus and Manukau harbour catchments.

vi)     a proposal to extend the Natural Environment Targeted Rate from 2028 to 2031 to continue the natural environment protection programmes to lock in the benefits realised from past efforts in pest control and ensure ongoing protection for indigenous biodiversity within the region.

vii)    proposed draft 10-year Budgets based on the attached reports.



Note:   Pursuant to Standing Order 1.8.6, Cr C Fletcher requested that her vote against clause a) i) D), be recorded.




10-year Budget 2021-2031 - Other matters for consultation


Resolution number GB/2020/138

MOVED by Mayor P Goff, seconded by Deputy Mayor BC Cashmore:  

That the Governing Body:

a)      agree that the 10-year Budget 2021-2031 consultation document and supporting information include the following items for consultation:

i)       a proposal for the transfer of ownership and a change in use for Bledisloe House through entering into a development agreement for a long-term ground lease of 125 years.

ii)        a proposal to divest the following heritage scheduled council-owned buildings:

A)     2 The Strand, Takapuna

B)     3 Victoria Road, Devonport  

iii)       a proposal to provide for long-term leases on the following council-owned development sites in the city centre waterfront precinct, on which Panuku plans to partner with private developers to develop these sites: 

A)     North Wharf – site 14 

B)     Jellicoe Street – site 19 

C)     Silo 6 – site 12 

D)     Wynyard Point east to west – Block A

E)      Wynyard Point north to south – Block B

F)      44-56 Hamer Street – SeaLink ferry terminal

G)     101 Pakenham Street West – Lysaght Building

b)      approve for consultation as part of the 10-year Budget 2021-2031 these draft policies attached to this report:

i)       the draft revised CCO Accountability Policy

ii)      the draft revised Auckland Airport Shareholding Policy.

c)      agree to consult on a proposal to revise the Regional Fuel Tax scheme once a draft list of specific projects to be funded by the Regional Fuel Tax has been determined in conjunction with the Regional Land Transport Plan process.





Changes to the Urban Rating Area and Rating of Farm and Lifestyle Properties within the Urban Rating Area


Cr C Darby entered the meeting at 3.08pm.


Resolution number GB/2020/139

MOVED by Mayor P Goff, seconded by Deputy Mayor BC Cashmore:  

That the Governing Body:

a)      agree to consult as part of the draft 10-year Budget 2021-2031 on:

i)    aligning the Urban Rating Area with the Rural Urban Boundary in the unitary plan and charging urban rates for all land within the Rural Urban boundary except land located in Warkworth and land zoned Future Urban, but including the Future Urban zoned Ockleston Landing and Halls Farm developments.

ii)   charging farm and lifestyle properties located in the Urban Rating Area urban residential rates

b)      agree to consult on the amendments to the Revenue and Financing Policy.



Note:   Pursuant to Standing Order 1.8.6 the following councillors requested that their votes against be recorded:

·         Cr C Fletcher

·         Cr T Mulholland

·         Cr S Stewart

·         Cr G Sayers

·         Cr W Walker

·         Cr J Watson




Other Rates and Fees Issues for 10-Year Budget 2021-2031


Resolution number GB/2020/140

MOVED by Mayor P Goff, seconded by Deputy Mayor BC Cashmore:   

That the Governing Body:

a)      agree to consult as part of the draft 10-year Budget 2021/2031 on:

i)          introducing an electricity network resilience targeted rate to be set on Vector’s utility assets of $10.5 million to fund enhanced maintenance of our trees that present a risk to the electricity network





ii)         reinstating the Accommodation Provider Targeted Rate for the 2021/2022 year, and also consulting on options to extend the suspension until December 2021 or June 2022

iii)        extending the duration of and investment programmes for the City Centre Targeted Rate until 2031 to align with the 10-year Budget 2021-2031

iv)        setting the Waitākere Rural Sewerage Targeted Rate at $290 for the 2021/2022 year and adjusting it annually for the council rate of inflation in costs

v)         adjusting for cost inflation the waste management targeted rates, local board swimming pool entry targeted rates, Swimming/Spa Pool Compliance Targeted Rate and the City Centre Targeted Rate

vi)        reinstating interest on loan repayment targeted rates

vii)       amending the Clevedon Water and Wastewater Connection Targeted Rate to a differentiated rate based on the nature of connection and timing of joining to be paid by Clevedon residents who participate in the scheme to connect to Watercare’s reticulated water and/or wastewater system

viii)      changes to the Business Improvement District Targeted Rates proposed by the business associations, including the extension of the boundaries for the Manurewa BID, Glen Innes BID and Dominion Rd BID

ix)        that stormwater services be undertaken in a joint management arrangement with the relevant communities for the Te Arai and Okahukura drainage districts, with the provision of those services to be funded from a targeted rate on the benefiting properties in the Te Arai and Okahukura drainage districts

x)         that the provision of stormwater services be undertaken by a private management arrangement with the community for the Glorit drainage district with funding provided directly by the benefiting landowners.

xi)        changes to fees and charges as set out in this report

xii)       amendments to the Revenue and Financing Policy.

b)      agree to reallocate decision making responsibility for the Te Arai, Okahukura and Glorit drainage districts from the Rodney Local Board to the Governing Body

c)      note that the Upper Harbour Local Board may recommend to the Governing Body for consultation as part of the 10-Year Budget 2021-2031 a transport targeted rate to fund public transport services in the Paremoremo and Albany Heights area

d)      agree to consult as part of the draft 10-year Budget 2021-2031 on increasing investment in water quality improvement funded by increasing the Water Quality Targeted Rate by 5.0 per cent for 2021/2022 and then at 3.5 per cent per year. This adds $3.30 to the rates paid by the average residential property in year one and $2.30 in year two of the 10-year Budget 2021-2031.



Note:   Pursuant to Standing Order 1.8.6, Cr G Sayers requested that his vote against clause a) ix) and clause d), be recorded.

Note:   Pursuant to Standing Order 1.8.6, the following councillors requested that their vote against clause a) ii), be recorded:

·         Cr C Fletcher

·         Cr S Stewart

·         Cr W Walker

·         Cr J Watson




14        Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.   





3.10 pm                                              The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.