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17 May 2021


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Audit and Risk Committee

18 May 2021



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Audit and Risk Committee

18 May 2021



Auckland Council Hauora / Wellbeing Review

File No.: CP2021/05274




Te take mō te pūrongo

Purpose of the report

1.       To inform the members of the Audit and Risk Committee of the Auckland Council Hauora / Wellbeing Review key findings.

Whakarāpopototanga matua

Executive summary

2.       The Hauora / Wellbeing Review report details the findings and recommendations from the hauora / wellbeing review conducted within Auckland Council in early 2021.

3.       The review is part of an ongoing process within Auckland Council to reconsider and strengthen how it provides hauora support for employees. It was instigated in response to events in 2020, and in furtherance of the Chief Executive’s aspiration for Auckland Council to be an exemplar among New Zealand employers, in terms of how it supports staff hauora.

4.       The review team gathered feedback from staff and other stakeholders and analysed the council’s wellbeing and engagement surveys. It also sought external guidance on what an exemplary programme of hauora support might look like for the council.  

5.       In general, the review team concluded that for most employees the experience of working at Auckland Council is a positive one. This reflects the results of engagement surveys undertaken over the past 12 months. Unfortunately, for several reasons detailed in the report, this is not the case for some employees. These reasons are many and varied but the ones that most profoundly affect employee hauora are: workload, employees having to deal with unacceptable behaviour, ongoing structural change, and the capacity and, in some cases, the capability of people leaders to deal with hauora issues within their team.

6.       The report’s recommendations are intended to assist Auckland Council’s approach to employee hauora to go from acceptable to exemplary. The review team recognise that this is a journey that will take time, organisational commitment, and resources but that these investments are necessary and worthwhile if working for Auckland Council is to be a positive and empowering experience for all its employees.

7.       The recommendations in the report relate to Auckland Council’s organisational culture, leadership, resources, and organisational structure. They aim to improve hauora support provision at the council by:

·    developing an organisational culture that actively supports hauora

·    establishing a hauora challenger group to ensure employees are involved and heard in the hauora work programme

·    establishing a hauora governance group to ensure organisational ownership of the hauora programme

·    managing the impact that work and the workplace have on employees’ hauora

·    managing employees’ exposure to antisocial and aggressive conduct, whether from the public or within the council

·    supporting employees in challenging and stressful roles, including those affected by organisational change

·    building awareness of the council’s existing support hauora provision and how to access it

·    reviewing existing hauora support resources to ensure they remain appropriate

·    reviewing the options available to employees for raising issues and concerns

·    building leaders’ ability to support employees who are experiencing challenges to their hauora

·    shifting responsibility for hauora to People and Culture. 

8.       The review team recognises that over the past decade there has already been significant and ongoing change within the council, including in response to COVID-19, and that for some staff this is itself a challenge to their hauora.

9.       However, it stresses that for Auckland Council to achieve the aspiration of being an exemplar, there must be further changes to the organisation’s culture, and to the form and delivery of its hauora support. It concludes that it is vital that the council’s leadership acts on the recommendations in the report, including by ensuring there are adequate resources available to implement them.

Ngā tūtohunga


That the Audit and Risk Committee:

a)   note the Auckland Council Hauora / Wellbeing Review key findings. 

Ngā tāpirihanga


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Ngā kaihaina



Andre Lubbe - Head of Employment Relations

Ian Maxwell – General Manager Health, Safety and Wellbeing (Acting)

Sara Harris – Project Lead Employment Relations and Health, Safety & Wellbeing


Patricia Reade – Deputy Chief Executive

Jim Stabback - Chief Executive

Phil Wilson – Director, Governance and CCO Partnerships