Aotea / Great Barrier Local Board






Minutes of an extraordinary meeting of the Aotea / Great Barrier Local Board held in the Aotea / Great Barrier Local Board office – 81 Hector Sanderson Road, Claris, Aotea / Great Barrier Island on Tuesday, 4 May 2021 at 1.02pm.





Izzy Fordham


Susan Daly


Patrick O’Shea




Deputy Chairperson

Luke Coles


Valmaine Toki




Jacqui Fyers

Senior Local Board Advisor, Aotea / Great Barrier Local Board

Jestine Joseph

Lead Financial Advisor


Aotea / Great Barrier Local Board

04 May 2021




1          Welcome


Chairperson I Fordham opened the meeting.



2          Apologies


Resolution number GBI/2021/43

MOVED by Chairperson I Fordham, seconded by Member S Daly:  

That the Aotea / Great Barrier Local Board:

a)          accept the apology from Deputy Chairperson L Coles and Member V Toki for absence.





3          Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.




Local board consultation feedback and input into the 10-year Budget 2021-2031


Note: changes to the original recommendation with deletion of clause c), d), e), and g) and inclusion of a new clause e) were made with the agreement of the meeting.


Resolution number GBI/2021/44

MOVED by Chairperson I Fordham, seconded by Member P O'Shea:  

That the Aotea / Great Barrier Local Board:

a)      receive consultation feedback on the proposed Aotea / Great Barrier Local Board priorities and activities for 2021/2022 and key advocacy initiatives for 2021-2031.

b)      receive consultation feedback on regional topics in the 10-year Budget 2021-2031 from people and organisations based in the Aotea / Great Barrier local board area.

c)      approve the following advocacy initiatives for inclusion (as an appendix) to its 2021/2022 Local Board Agreement:

i.           Expanding the renewable energy micro-grid of our council facilities to include Claris airport and also provide public electric vehicle charging facilities.

ii.          Championing the implementation of Sea Change – Tai Timu Tai Pari to protect our Hauraki Gulf.

iii.        Seeking a policy change to prohibit all marine dumping.

iv.        Seeking better council procurement systems to enable local employment and business development.

v.          Establishing an emergency water supply and water plan for our island.

vi.        Ensuring the protection of our International Dark Sky Sanctuary status by requesting Auckland Transport and Council use low-level night lighting in the region.

vii.       Advocating for more priority to be given to the increasing issue of dust on unsealed roads which is due to a lack of renewals investment and exacerbated by climate change and record levels of drought.

viii.     Investigating a potential visitor levy to respond to the impacts of tourism.

d)      provide the following input on regional topics in the proposed 10-year Budget 2021-2031 to the Governing Body:

i.           Support the proposed investment package including a one-off 5 per cent average general rates increase for the 2021/2022 financial year before returning to 3.5 per cent increases over the remaining years.

ii.          Support continued advocacy with Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) for having funding equivalent to the GST the government receives on local rates returned to local government.

iii.        It’s imperative that we achieve our goals set in Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland’s Climate Plan and we are supportive of the proposed additional investment to accelerate our climate change action, with particular priority for:

1.   food security

2.   electric vehicle infrastructure

3.   sea-level rise and coastal erosion impacts on roading and infrastructure

4.   coastal landfills

5.   regenerative planting including riparian restoration.

iv.        Support the increase and extension to the Water Quality Targeted Rate to assist in improving water quality across the regional and an emergency potable water supply for our island.

v.          Aotea / Great Barrier Island has no reticulated water supply and we request water tanks are made a requirement for new builds to assist water security.

vi.        Support a tailored and flexible approach to community investment which is fit for purpose for each local area.

vii.       Note that we provide annual capital grants funding to marae and community groups to support maintenance of community-owned facilities with an emphasis on sustainability.

viii.     Request that a social equity lens is used whenever asset portfolios are reviewed so the needs of the community are being kept at highest priority and that council staff are adequately resourced to provide quality advice on the optimisation of local assets.

ix.        Support an extension to the Natural Environment Targeted Rate (NETR) to continue the biodiversity and biosecurity gains enabled by the NETR investment to date through community-led environmental programmes and regional work programmes.

x.          Support continued local environment and marine procurement for our local businesses and community groups for resilience, COVID-19 recovery and meeting our environmental targets.

xi.        Continued support for council’s efforts in minimising agrichemical use in weed and pest control programmes.

xii.       Request more resource for Waterways Protection especially in the rural areas and suggest prioritisation of riparian fencing and planting programmes to assist community transition with new government legislation.

xiii.     Our Hauraki Gulf is under threat and we encourage Governing Body to continue to prioritise the Hauraki Gulf Forum, Sea Change - Tai Timu Tai Pari, the Top of the North Marine Biosecurity Partnership Inter-regional Pest Pathways Management Plan and recommendations within the Environmental Defence Society ‘Protecting the Hauraki Gulf Islands’ report.

xiv.     Support the reinstatement of the Local Board Transport Capital Fund at pre-COVID-19 levels.

xv.       Request a discrete fund available to Auckland Transport to deliver environmental solutions in the road corridor independently of other transport focused projects, such as the modification of road culverts to enable fish passage migration.

xvi.     Noting support for the Unsealed Road Framework Programme which promotes options including regular renewal of unsealed roads, and environmental seals.

xvii.    Noting housing affordability, lack of social, pensioner and rental availability is a real concern for our island, restricting our island’s economic growth as workers are unable to live on-island nor commute.

xviii.  Local procurement is core to our COVID-19 recovery and advocate for retaining and increasing local on-island contracts.

xix.     Advocate for more support for mana whenua for capacity building and participation in the planning and development stages of all initiatives.

xx.       Note that we are an International Dark Sky Sanctuary and in order to retain this status it’s important that regional lighting standards for developments, especially in the Rodney area, are kept within international Dark Sky environmental lighting standards.

xxi.     Request that the Glenfern Sanctuary Regional Park operational model and the Deed of License with Glenfern Sanctuary Trust be revisited and revised including a recommendation that the daily operations of the Park be fully funded with a Regional Park on-site ranger.

xxii.    Request the Governing Body include $2.54 million in year 1 of the LTP to progress a Plan Change to review Schedule 10 of the Auckland Unitary Plan to increase tree protection across Auckland, support the Ngahere Strategy and tree cover across the region.

xxiii.  Acknowledge and thank mana whenua, mataawaka and the Aotea community for their submissions.

e)      Thank Jacqui Fyers, Glenn Boyd and Jestine Joseph for their assistance in putting together this submission.





1.05 pm                                              The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.