Upper Harbour Local Board Community Forum






Minutes of a meeting of the Upper Harbour Local Board Community Forum held in the Upper Harbour Local Board Office, 30 Kell Drive, Albany on Thursday, 6 May 2021 at 6.33pm





Lisa Whyte



Deputy Chairperson

Margaret Miles, QSM, JP




Anna Atkinson




Uzra Casuri Balouch, JP




Nicholas Mayne

via electronic attendance

Until 8.10pm [Item 12]





Brian Neeson, JP





Wayne Walker

From 6.40pm [Item 8.2]

Until 7.16pm [Item 8.3]











Upper Harbour Local Board Community Forum

06 May 2021




1          Welcome


The Chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed those present.


2          Apologies


There were no apologies.


3          Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


4          Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution number UHCF/2021/6

MOVED by Chairperson L Whyte, seconded by Deputy Chairperson M Miles:  

That the Upper Harbour Local Board:

a)         confirm the ordinary minutes of its meeting held on Thursday, 8 April 2021, as true and correct.



5          Leave of Absence


There were no leaves of absence.


6          Acknowledgements


There were no acknowledgements.


7          Petitions


There were no petitions.


8          Deputations



The Public Water Project - drinking fountains in parks


Resolution number UHCF/2021/7

MOVED by Member U Casuri Balouch, seconded by Member N Mayne:  

That the Upper Harbour Local Board:

a)      receive the deputation from Lilah McDonald and Kate O’Leary and thank them for their attendance and presentation.





Whenuapai / Herald Island Ratepayers and Residents Association


Resolution number UHCF/2021/8

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson M Miles, seconded by Member A Atkinson:  

That the Upper Harbour Local Board:

a)      receive the deputation from Dave Allen and Mark le Fevre and thank them for their attendance and presentation.





Upper Harbour Ecology Network


A presentation was provided. A copy has been placed on the official minutes and is available on the Auckland Council website as a minutes attachment.


Resolution number UHCF/2021/9

MOVED by Member U Casuri Balouch, seconded by Member A Atkinson:  

That the Upper Harbour Local Board:

a)      receive the deputation from Carole Tilman, Manager of the Upper Harbour Ecology Network, and thank her for her attendance and presentation.




a     6 May 2021 Upper Harbour Local Board Community Forum: Item 8.3 - Upper Harbour Ecology Network presentation


9          Public Forum


There was no public forum.


10        Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.



Paremoremo Public Transport Targeted Rate


The Senior Local Board Advisor was in attendance to discuss the item, supported by, via electronic attendance, the Manager and the Principal Advisor from Financial Policy, and the Senior Service Network Planner from Auckland Transport.

Deputy Chairperson M Miles left the meeting at 7.36pm

Deputy Chairperson M Miles returned to the meeting at 7.39pm


Resolution number UHCF/2021/10

MOVED by Chairperson L Whyte, seconded by Deputy Chairperson M Miles:  

That the Upper Harbour Local Board:

a)            agree to recommend that the Finance and Performance Committee recommend to the Governing Body that they:

i)     agree not to include the Paremoremo Public Transport Targeted Rate as part of the Recovery Budget 2021-2031 to fund a new bus service from Paremoremo to Albany on the basis that out of a total of 461 submissions from those affected by the proposal, 248 submissions (a majority at 54 per cent) did not support either option, 105 submissions (or 23 per cent) supported option 2, 55 submissions (or 12 per cent) supported option 1, and 53 submissions (or 11 per cent) selected ‘don’t know’.

b)           note the consultation feedback received included a number of submissions that did not oppose the provision of a bus service, however they did not feel the proposals were sufficiently developed to allow them to support it.

c)           request Auckland Transport and Auckland Council staff undertake informal engagement with the community regarding catchment, route, schedule and bus stop locations, and report back no later than October 2021 on options for a targeted rate to fund a bus service between Paremoremo and Albany.

d)           delegate authority to Deputy Chairperson M Miles and Member A Atkinson (Topic Area Lead for Transport) to work with staff to develop and agree materials for engagement with the community and provide direction as necessary.





Local board consultation feedback and input into the 10-year Budget 2021-2031


The Senior Finance and Performance Advisor was in attendance to support the item.


Resolution number UHCF/2021/11

MOVED by Chairperson L Whyte, seconded by Deputy Chairperson M Miles:  

That the Upper Harbour Local Board:

a)      receive consultation feedback on the proposed Upper Harbour Local Board priorities and activities for 2021/2022 and key advocacy initiatives for 2021-2031.

b)      receive consultation feedback on regional topics in the 10-year Budget 2021-2031 from people and organisations based in the Upper Harbour Local Board area.

c)      approve the following Upper Harbour Local Board key advocacy initiatives for inclusion in its 2021/2022 Local Board Agreement:

i)          prioritisation of investment for open space development in areas where there is a known need and gap in the network, such as:

A)     Scott Point Sustainable Sports Park

B)     a sub-regional indoor court facility in the Upper Harbour Local Board area

ii)         a long-term solution for a library, including continuous provision within the Upper Harbour Local Board area

iii)       acquisition of Bomb Point, Hobsonville

iv)       adequate levels of renewals funding to ensure assets are well maintained.

d)      provide the following input on regional topics in the proposed 10-year Budget 2021-2031 to the Governing Body on the basis of balancing the views received in local submissions through consultation:

Proposed investment package

i)          support the proposed $31 billion package of spending and investment over the next 10 years to enable continued delivery of key services and strong investment and renewed assets, supported by:

A)     $90 million of ongoing savings

B)     $70 million asset recycling target for the next three years

C)     increased council borrowing in the short term – up to 290 per cent debt-to-revenue in first three years, then 270 per cent thereafter

D)     a one-off 5 per cent increase in average general rates, 3.5 per cent thereafter

Asset recycling

ii)         restate clause k) of the Upper Harbour Local Board resolution number UH/2020/66, through which the local board:

A)    do not support the sale of the Wasp Hangar building and land located within the Hobsonville Point precinct, as both the land and the facility have been identified by both the local board and council staff as fulfilling a service need (development of an indoor court facility)

iii)       support the concept of asset recycling and the sale of council assets / holdings as a means of increasing revenue to fund council initiatives, but only if those assets proposed for recycling or divestment have been identified as not serving any current or future service requirement

iv)       do not support the divestment or sale of park/reserve land, marinas or other open space that currently fulfils a service requirement, or any other land that has been identified as needed to respond to future growth / demand

v)         support local board views and preferences being sought formally as part of any future decisions made regarding the recycling or sale of assets in the local board area, which will ensure community views are considered as part of the process

Responding to climate change

vi)       support the proposed $150 million of additional investment to respond to climate change challenges, which includes enabling a quicker transition from diesel to cleaner electric and hydrogen buses, diverting more waste from landfill and enabling significant planting initiatives

Water quality

vii)      support the proposal to extend the Water Quality Targeted Rate for another three years, from 2028 until 2031, providing an additional $150 million to fund projects to improve water quality in Auckland’s harbours, beaches and streams

viii)     do not support increasing the targeted rate annually in line with proposed average increases in general rates of 5 per cent in 2021/2022 and 3.5 per cent each year thereafter

Community investment

ix)       support the proposal to adopt a new focused investment approach for community services, working within the $31 billion proposed 10-year investment programme to enable reduction of building and asset maintenance related expenditure, noting the proposal involves:

A)     consolidation of community facilities and services

B)    increased leasing or shared facility arrangements

C)    increased focus on providing multi-use facilities and online services in the future

Rating policy

x)         provide the following input on the rating changes proposed in the 10-year Budget 2021-2031:

Rating policy proposal

Upper Harbour Local Board Input 10-year Budget Rating Policy topics

Extending the Natural Environment Targeted Rate until June 2031 to invest further in measures such as addressing the spread of kauri dieback, and predator and weed control


Extending the Urban Rating Area so land that has an operative urban zoning, or which has resource consent to be developed for urban use now (except for Warkworth), pays the same urban rates as nearby properties that have access to a similar level of service

Do not support

Charging farm and lifestyle properties in the Urban Rating Area residential rates so they pay the same urban rates as nearby properties that have access to a similar level of service

Do not support

Responding to growth

xi)       support a more focused approach to providing infrastructure in areas of greatest growth in the North-West, working within the $31 billion proposed 10-year investment programme, with the prioritisation of projects such as the Scott Point Sustainable Sports Park.





Input into Auckland Council submission to central government: Inquiry into congestion pricing in Auckland


Resolution number UHCF/2021/12

MOVED by Member A Atkinson, seconded by Member U Casuri Balouch:  

That the Upper Harbour Local Board:

That the Upper Harbour Local Board:

a)            receive the report and its attachments as follows:

i)         Attachment A - memo provided to Auckland Council Planning Committee and local board members dated 1 April 2021

ii)        Attachment B - findings report produced by ‘The Congestion Question’ project dated July 2020.

b)           note feedback received from local boards by 10 May 2021 will be considered for incorporation into Auckland Council’s main submission.

c)            provide the following input into Auckland Council’s submission to the Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee inquiry into congestion pricing in Auckland:

i)         congestion charging should only be for the Central Business District (CBD) and for people who live within a reasonable walking distance of a bus stop or train station (with regular services)

ii)        congestion charging in the CBD should be offramp-based, i.e., the charge is incurred as cars exit the motorway into the CBD, e.g., Fanshawe Street

iii)       the congestion charge should not extend into suburbs beyond the city centre and the timing of implementation of such charge within the CBD should be linked to the City Rail Link opening

iv)       implementation as planned would be detrimental to a large number of businesses and households in the Upper Harbour area and would not necessarily result in more people taking public transport

v)        many communities in the Upper Harbour Local Board area (Albany Heights, Paremoremo, Scott Point and Herald Island) have no public transport and as parking at the park and ride stations is full by 7am, people have no alternative other than driving

vi)       there are many more communities who live over 800m to the nearest bus stop which does not provide a proper alternative to driving and congestion charging for people who live and work in different locations but have no options of public transport is wrong

vii)     support the exemption to people with community services cards travelling to the CBD but believe this should extend to those with no or little public transport

viii)    local business areas have a number of quantifiable benefits, including the benefit to local economies, generally people commute less distance so there are less CO2 emissions, commute times are quicker so work/life balance is better and local businesses create vibrant communities; the proposal to include Albany would run counter to trying to encourage these and many people working locally in these businesses have no option but to drive

ix)       congestion charging has large potential effects on people’s income and it will hurt not just those on community services cards but many people who have very limited disposable incomes; it seems this proposal does not take this into account and is a very blunt tool.





Decision-making responsibilities policy


Resolution number UHCF/2021/13

MOVED by Chairperson L Whyte, seconded by Deputy Chairperson M Miles:  

That the Upper Harbour Local Board:

a)      endorse the draft Decision-making Responsibilities of Auckland Council’s Governing Body and Local Boards Policy.



15        Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.




8.21pm                                               The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.