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Puketāpapa Local Board

18 November 2021



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Puketāpapa Local Board

18 November 2021



Co-designed sign in Clock Tower Reserve Mount Roskill

File No.: CP2021/16875




Te take mō te pūrongo

Purpose of the report

1.       To seek approval from the Puketāpapa Local Board for a landowner approval application from Roskill Together Trust to install a co-designed sign in place of the existing “Welcome to Mount Roskill” sign within Clock Tower Reserve at 1288C Dominion Road, Mount Roskill. 

Whakarāpopototanga matua

Executive summary

2.       Roskill Together Trust (the trust) is proposing to install a co-designed sign in place of the existing “Welcome to Mount Roskill” sign within Clock Tower Reserve, Mount Roskill. 

3.       The trust proposes to facilitate a series of design workshops with local community groups to create the final content and design of the sign.  

4.       The proposed sign will be the same size as the existing 1.8 m x 0.8 m wooden sign and will be made of 4mm thick Aluminium Composite Material (ACM). 

5.       Council staff and specialists have been consulted and are supportive of the proposal. 

6.       The proposal is consistent with the Puketāpapa Local Board Plan because it is an opportunity to add creativity, cultural character and vibrancy to Clock Tower Reserve. 

7.       Staff recommend that the landowner application be approved by the local board. 


Ngā tūtohunga


That the Puketāpapa Local Board, (as owners of the underlying reserve land):  

a)      approve the application by Roskill Together Trusts proposal to install a new co-designed sign at Clock Tower Reserve. 

b)      Delegate approval of the final design to Parks, Sport and Recreation and Community Facilities once received.




8.       Roskill Together Trust are seeking landowner approval to replace the existing “Welcome to Mount Roskill” sign located within Clock Tower Reserve at 1288C Dominion Road, Mount Roskill with a new co-designed sign to be located on the existing clocktower.  

9.       The trust is a community development organisation that aims to enhance the quality of life for the Mt Roskill/Puketāpapa community. They do this by planning and implementing community-led action. They work with the people of Mt Roskill/Puketāpapa to deliver projects and activities that empower individuals, bring the community together and enhance life for everyone. 

10.     Similar co-design workshops have been held by the trust to create a sign for the community pou which is located at the Puketāpapa Local Board Office at 560 Mount Albert Road, a “Roskill South” sign that is located outside May Road Primary School at 504 Richardson Road, Mount Roskill. In addition, the trust co-ordinated the marine life mural located at 50 Frost Road, Mount Roskill. 

11.     The trust has prepared a consultation plan to outline the co-design process including methods on how they will use this to engage with mana whenua and mataawaka in the design process. This is attached in Appendix 1. 

12.     Council contractors have recently completed tree trimming and tidy up work in close proximity of the Clock Tower structure.  However, further pruning works for the trees are being planned by council contractors once maintenance around structure has been undertaken by Rotary and once Covid restrictions allow. 

13.     The location of the existing Clock Tower within Clock Tower Reserve is shown in Figures 1 and 2. 


Figure 1. Location of the existing Clock Tower  


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Figure 2. Photos showing the location of existing “Welcome to Mount Roskill” sign and proposed location for the new co-designed sign on the Clock Tower.A traffic light showing green

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Tātaritanga me ngā tohutohu

Analysis and advice

Site Details 


14.     The land at 1288C Dominion Road is known as Clock Tower Reserve and is located at the intersection between Dominion and Mount Albert Roads. The land is owned by Council in fee simple title by the Auckland Council under the Local Government Act 2002 and is legal described as Lot 1 DP 43036. 

15.     The land is zoned Open Space – Informal Recreation Zone under the Auckland Unitary Plan. 

16.     The Clock Tower stands within the reserve and is listed (refer Appendix 4, item 5) as a place of significance to Puketāpapa residents in the Three Kings Heritage Survey that was prepared by the Puketāpapa Local Board in 2015. 

17.     The 2013 Puketāpapa Heritage Survey (page 33) states that the Clock Tower was gifted to the citizens of Mt Roskill by the Lions Club of Mt Roskill in March 1974.  

18.     The Clock Tower is not listed as a council asset. However, the applicant requires approval from the board as owner of the underlying land to install the new co-designed sign on the existing structure. Staff are investigating the underlying ownership of the tower and existing sign. The trust will require permission from the owner of the tower and sign before they can install the proposed new sign.  

19.     As the proposed sign will be an information sign and will be replacing an existing sign of the same size, it is considered that the sign will comply with the Auckland Council Signage Bylaw 2015. 

Proposal and Construction Details 

20.     The contractor will access the sign from the carpark and use one carpark space at 371A Mt Albert Road during the works. 

21.     The sign will be installed using a scaffold to allow contractor/s to access the sign safely and is expected that the works will take half a day to complete. 

22.     There will be no ground excavations associated with this proposal because the new sign will be installed on the existing Clock Tower structure. 

23.     It is proposed that conditions to the landowner approval be included to ensure the following: 

·    the park and places specialist and the local board are made aware of the final design before the sign is erected to ensure it is appropriate for the space; and 

·    the new sign is installed once tree pruning work is undertaken to provide sufficient clearance from and visibility of the sign; and 

·    the works are undertaken with care around any of the public trees on site. 


Tauākī whakaaweawe āhuarangi

Climate impact statement

24.     The proposal is anticipated to have a neutral effect in emissions. Only minor trimming of trees will be required to ensure visibility of the proposed sign. 

Ngā whakaaweawe me ngā tirohanga a te rōpū Kaunihera

Council group impacts and views

25.     Staff sought feedback from wider council teams about the proposal. This is detailed in the table below: 



Parks and Places Specialist 

Supports the project provided that they see the final design to make sure it is appropriate for the space. 

Community Facilities, Facilities Manager 

Supports the project. 

Community Facilities, Senior Urban Forest Specialist 

Supports the project and has recommended conditions to ensure all works for the project are to be undertaken with care around any of the public trees on site. 


Strategic Broker 

Supports the project and has given advice to the applicant regarding their Consultation Plan. 

Area Operations Manager 

Is supportive of the proposal. 


Ngā whakaaweawe ā-rohe me ngā tirohanga a te poari ā-rohe

Local impacts and local board views

26.     In October 2021 the Puketāpapa Local Board were consulted by email and requested that the proposal be approved at a board meeting.   

27.     A workshop was held with the board on 7 October 2021. The local board raised a number of queries but in general supported the project. 

Strategic Alignment 

28.     The proposal is consistent with the Puketāpapa Local Board Plan (2020). In particular, Outcome four ‘Well-planned neighbourhoods and vibrant public spaces’ because it is an opportunity to add creativity, cultural character and vibrancy to Clock Tower Reserve. 

29.     As the sign will be co-designed by the local community it will reflect the ‘local character, creativity and heritage’ of the area. 

30.     The trust have developed a consultation plan (refer Appendix 1) that aims to work with mana whenua and mataawaka as part of the design process. This will align with Outcome 1: ‘Inclusive Communities that are healthy, connected and thriving’. In particular, and Key Initiative to ‘work with mana whenua and mataawaka on shared goals such as signage that shares stories and history’. 

Tauākī whakaaweawe Māori

Māori impact statement

31.     1288C Dominion Road, Mount Roskill is not shown as a site and place of significance to mana whenua.  

32.     Paragraph 30 details how the trust is planning to work with mana whenua and mataawaka so the sign reflects the stories and history of the area. 

Ngā ritenga ā-pūtea

Financial implications

33.     1288C Dominion Road, Mount Roskill is not shown as a site and place of significance to mana whenua.  

Ngā raru tūpono me ngā whakamaurutanga

Risks and mitigations

34.     It is recommended that the local board approve the application, as the proposed co-designed sign is an opportunity to add creativity, cultural character and vibrancy to Clock Tower Reserve. 

35.     There is the risk that the sign will not be appropriate for the space. This is unlikely as the trust proposes to keep the local board informed and operations manager, community facilities involved in the design process. The final design will also be viewed by the parks and places specialist prior to installation. 

Ngā koringa ā-muri

Next steps

36.     If approved by the local board, Land Advisory Services will issue a landowner approval letter with appropriate conditions.  

37.     Roskill Together Trust will keep the local board informed of their works timeline and provide details of the final design of the sign to the local board, operations manager community facilities and parks and places specialist as they progress the project (subject to funding). 

38.     If the local board declines the application, the land use advisor will advise the applicant of the decision. 


Ngā tāpirihanga






Consultation Plan



Ngā kaihaina



Gail Lorier-May - Land Use Advisor


Taryn Crewe - General Manager Community Facilities

Nina Siers - Local Area Manager


Puketāpapa Local Board

18 November 2021




Roskill Together will scope the viability of the project


Completed-Use community led practice with the Puketapapa community and stakeholders

Speak with main stake holders on what can be done


- Roskill Together will concentrate on the “Welcome” sign

Land is council land landowner approval application in progress

Rotary Club finalise whether the existing sign is owned/maintained by them.

See whether resource consent and other permission are required (re: tangata whenua etc…)


Checking on Tangata Whenua-which of the 13 iwi to approach or through council Maori Advisors

Apply for funding


In process

Send out invitations of interest to local artists


End of 21 – beginning 22

Socialise project with community groups and Nga Herenga Waka


Send out email to various community groups, schools, kindergarten, older people’s villages and churches about the project and their part in developing a design for the sign.


Organise design workshops throughout Puketapapa

Next year – send out invitations

Organise venues and times via groups


Hopefully interested groups will have their own venues

Organise food for workshop


Source nearer the time

Facilitate upcoming workshops


Program for workshops will be given nearer the time

Gather drawings and stories from workshop participants


Sort through drawings and put into thematic order

Send copies of drawings to artists or meet with artist


The Clock Tower sign project will be organized in the same manner that Roskill Together Community Led projects have previously developed. The Arts projects within the community have had community buy in and support. Please see outline below which shows the methodology.