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Thursday, 16 December 2021


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Hon Phil Goff, CNZM, JP


Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor Cr Bill Cashmore



Cr Josephine Bartley

Cr Richard Hills


Cr Dr Cathy Casey

Cr Tracy Mulholland


Cr Fa’anana Efeso Collins

Cr Daniel Newman, JP


Cr Pippa Coom

Cr Greg Sayers


Cr Linda Cooper, JP

Cr Desley Simpson, JP


Cr Angela Dalton

Cr Sharon Stewart, QSM


Cr Chris Darby

Cr Wayne Walker


Cr Alf Filipaina

Cr John Watson


Cr Christine Fletcher, QSO

Cr Paul Young


Cr Shane Henderson



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Sarndra O'Toole

Kaiarataki Kapa Tohutohu Mana Whakahaere / Team Leader Governance Advisors


15 December 2021


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Governing Body

16 December 2021





14        Auckland Light Rail                                              5


Governing Body

16 December 2021



Auckland Light Rail

File No.: CP2021/19208




Te take mō te pūrongo

Purpose of the report

1.       To consider Auckland Council’s involvement in any next steps on the Auckland Light Rail project.

Whakarāpopototanga matua

Executive summary

2.       The Planning Committee has previously considered the Auckland Light Rail project at its 2 September 2021 meeting.  At that time the committee considered the work of the Establishment Unit thus far.  This paper is being considered by Governing Body instead of Planning Committee due to the expected timing of Cabinet decisions and announcements.

3.       The Planning Committee made a number of resolutions which at the date of this report are still held in confidence (PLA/2021/110) until Cabinet has publicly released its decision on the Indicative Business Case for the Light Rail project, including route, mode and delivery entity. 

4.       Since the meeting on 2 September 2021 the Independent Chair of the Establishment Unit has provided the sponsors of the Project (Ministers of Transport and Finance, Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Auckland) with his report dated 2 October 2021.  That report is attached as Attachment A.  The report summarises the key findings and insights from the Establishment Phase of City Centre to Māngere rapid transit project (the Project).

5.       The report identifies three options:

·    Light metro (tunnelled light rail)

·    Light rail (surface/road-running light rail)

·    Tunnelled light rail (a hybrid of the other two options being partially tunnelled and partially surface/road-running light rail)

6.       The tunnelled light rail was the preferred option of the Establishment Unit.

7.       Council staff understand that Cabinet has considered the recommendations for the route and mode for Auckland Light Rail based on advice from officials at the Ministry of Transport, Treasury, and informed by the report from the Independent Chair of the Establishment Unit. 

8.       The Auckland Light Rail project, whatever the option chosen, will be the largest and most complex infrastructure project undertaken in New Zealand. It will be a significant part of Auckland’s rapid transit network and will be the catalyst for similar lines to the north-west and the north (including the Additional Waitemata Harbour Crossing).  All three shortlisted options can be future-proofed to integrate with this wider future network. 

9.       This investment in Auckland’s rapid transit network is part of the quality, compact city approach enabled through the Auckland Unitary Plan – focussing intensification and investment around centres and transport nodes to achieve efficient use of infrastructure, economies of scale and thriving communities with access to homes, jobs, businesses and recreation.

10.     Importantly, this is more than a transport project, it will transform the urban environment along its path through the provision of housing, employment, business and recreation.  There will need to be specific interventions from the Government and council to achieve the kind of intensification and urban transformation needed to support the light rail investment.

11.     To that end, staff from council, Ministry of Transport and Treasury have been in discussions about furthering a partnering approach for the delivery of the project where council and the Crown are sponsors, to be continued once the Cabinet announcements have been made. 

12.     The Government has indicated that they will be the primary funder of the project, though the Establishment Unit has noted that other funding tools may be required. Council has not made any provision to fund light rail infrastructure, and is not in a position to do so. It can however support housing development around the light rail stations and the route and provide other assistance.

13.     Given the expected announcement of Cabinet’s decision on Auckland Light Rail, sometime in early 2022, this report recommends that the Mayor and Deputy Mayor be authorised to respond to welcome and support a decision to proceed with investment in light rail and that the committee commit to partnering with Government in the future phases of this project.


Ngā tūtohunga


That the Governing Body:

a)      authorise the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to welcome a Cabinet decision to invest in Auckland Light Rail and support its investment in Auckland’s infrastructure

b)      commit to partnering with government on the Auckland Light Rail Project, acknowledging the government’s commitment to do so

c)       note the importance of City Centre to Mangere Light Rail project as part of a Rapid Transit Network for Auckland, including connections with future lines to the North Shore and North West and integration with the Airport to Botany busway project.




Ngā tāpirihanga






Establishment Unit Chair's report October 2021



Ngā kaihaina



Vanessa Blakelock - Executive Officer - Chief Planning Office


Megan Tyler - Chief of Strategy

Jim Stabback - Chief Executive


Governing Body

16 December 2021



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