Franklin Local Board






Minutes of a meeting of the Franklin Local Board held in the Papakura Council Chambers, 35 Coles Crescent, Papakura and via Microsoft Teams videoconference on Tuesday, 24 May 2022 at 9.30am.





Andrew Baker


Deputy Chairperson

Angela Fulljames



Malcolm Bell



Alan Cole



Sharlene Druyven



Amanda Kinzett



Matthew Murphy



Logan Soole



Franklin Local Board

24 May 2022




1          Welcome


The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed everyone present.



2          Apologies


There were no apologies.



3          Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.



4          Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution number FR/2022/63

MOVED by Member M Murphy, seconded by Member M Bell:  

That the Franklin Local Board:

a)         confirm the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Tuesday, 10 May 2022 as true and correct.




5          Leave of Absence


There were no leaves of absence.



6          Acknowledgements



Acknowledgement - Barry Wood, Kawakawa Bay


Resolution number FR/2022/64

MOVED by Member M Bell, seconded by Deputy Chairperson A Fulljames:  

That the Franklin Local Board:

a)        acknowledge Barry Wood who passed away 3 May 2022. A long-time resident of Kawakawa Bay, Barry chaired the Residents’ Group, was an active member of the Volunteer Fire Service serving 23 years, a successful businessman, a motor-racing fan, President of the General Motors and Enthusiasts Car Club for 20 years, and a community stalwart.







Acknowledgement -  Peter Chamberlin


Resolution number FR/2022/65

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson A Fulljames, seconded by Member M Bell:  

That the Franklin Local Board:

a)           acknowledge Peter Chamberlin of Ponui Island who passed away on 29 April 2022. Ponui, also known as ‘Chamberlin’s Island’ has been in continuous ownership and farmed by Peter’s family since 1853. Peter had a passion for Christian camping on Ponui Island and supported Scripture Union camps throughout his life.  The summer camps have been running on Ponui Island since 1932 and were started by his father Fred Chamberlin. Peter and his late wife Pat had significant involvement in the Clevedon community, through Clevedon Presbyterian church, the local Lions Club and the farming community. Peter and his family also have made, and continue to make, a significant contribution to the conservation of the Brown Kiwi, enabling the population on Ponui Island to thrive. The board wish to acknowledge this service to local environmental conservation.




7          Petitions


There were no petitions.



8          Deputations



Deputation - Andrew Fisher, Ecogas


Resolution number FR/2022/67

MOVED by Member M Bell, seconded by Member A Kinzett:  

That the Franklin Local Board:

a)      thank Andrew Fisher from Ecogas for his attendance and presentation on the sustainable energy business of Ecogas, which directs food waste away from landfill.



Note: Item 8.2 was taken after Item 8.3



Deputation - Counties Manukau Sport


Resolution number FR/2022/68

MOVED by Chairperson A Baker, seconded by Member A Cole:  

That the Franklin Local Board:

a)      thank Russell Preston from Counties Manukau Sport for his attendance and presentation on the quantified value of Counties Manukau Sport free community programmes.  






Deputation - NZ Golf


Resolution number FR/2022/69

MOVED by Chairperson A Baker, seconded by Member L Soole:  

That the Franklin Local Board:

a)      thank Thiem Nguyen, General Manager of Golf and Community Development from Golf New Zealand, for his attendance and presentation on the Draft Auckland Golf Investment Plan.




9          Public Forum


There was no public forum.



10        Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.



NOTE:   The Chair determined that the meeting take Item 12, Quarter 3 Report, before Item 11, the Franklin Quick Response Round Two and Multiboard Grants 2021/2022 allocation report.



Franklin Quick Response Round Two and Multiboard Grants 2021/2022 grant allocations


Pierre Fourie, Grants and Incentives Manager and Coral Timmins, Strategic Broker, were in attendance for this item


Resolution number FR/2022/70

MOVED by Member M Murphy, seconded by Member L Soole:  

That the Franklin Local Board:

a)         note that the total budget available to allocate in this funding round has been updated since this report was submitted to the agenda. Additional budget available for allocation now includes:

             i)     $18,788.00 additional funds were reallocated to this work programme line in April 2022 (FR/2022/44)

            ii)     $19,480.84 unallocated funds were reallocated from ID 3161 Legacy Rates Grants line to this work programme line at this business meeting (FR/2022/71)

           iii)     $28,000 unspent funds were reallocated from ID 142 Community Partnership Funds (FR/2022/72).

b)        agree to fund, part-fund, or decline each application as listed in Table One Franklin Quick Response Round Two 2021/2022  and Table Two Multiboard Grant Round Two 2021/2022:




Table One: Franklin Quick Response Round Two  2021/2022

Application ID


Requesting funding for

Amount requested

Amount allocated



Well Women Franklin

Towards room hire for peer support groups



For council facility use


Āwhitu Peninsula Landcare Inc

Towards the technical improvement to clean up and categorise the spatial objects in the GIS database





Carers New Zealand Trust

Towards salaries, brochures and leasing costs at 3 Vinegar Lane, Ponsonby from 1 June 2022 to 31 May 2023



Low priority


Joan Loader Knitting Grannies Incorporated

Towards the purchase of good quality baby wool suitable for garments for premature and/or very ill babies





Pukekohe Christmas Parade Committee

Pukekohe Business Association

Towards St John ambulance costs, traffic management and advertising costs for the Pukekohe Christmas Parade 2022



To a Xmas event, traffic manage-ment and St Johns


Waiuku Golf & Squash Club

Towards the purchase of wetland plants to improve the drainage of the golf course





Howick Tourism Inc known as East Auckland Tourism

Contribution towards website maintenance, SEO and social media cost from July to Dec 2022



Request a plan detailing East Franklin activities


Road Safety Education Limited

Towards the venue hire, and the facilitators' costs to deliver the “Road Safety” programme for the students from the Waiuku College.





Lions Club of Pukekohe Charitable Trust

Towards the venue hire for the Christmas Grotto fundraising event at Pukekohe Town Hall from 20 to 26 November 2022





Auckland Paraplegic and Physically Disabled Association Inc

Towards officer wages, coaching and venue hire for the swimming programme 2022/2023 (June 2022 - September 2022) at the Franklin Pool and Leisure centre



Towards venue hire


Ngaa Hau E Whaa Marae O Pukekohe

Towards printing, images, displays, presentation, also the creation of a booklet/panui and catering for the opening of the Marae planned for December 2022.



Towards costs to print, publish, display, booklet


Kokako Lodge Trust

Towards smart TV, heavy duty fixed wall bracket, sound bar and delivery at Kokako Lodge from 7 June 2021 to 30 June 2021





Youthline Auckland Charitable Trust

Towards clinical supervision and training services between 1st July 2022 and 31st March 2023





Franklin United Football Club Inc.

Towards venue hire, lighting and maintenance at the Counties Navigation Stadium in Pukekohe



Towards venue hire


Bloom Pukekohe

Towards the purchase of shelves to store craft material and tools and potting mix for Bloom Pukekohe, a supervised learning programme for people with disabilities.





Graeme Dingle Foundation Auckland

Towards salaries of two trained Kiwi Can Leaders in Pukekohe North School from 1 June 2022 to 8 July 2022





New Zealand Council of Victim Support Groups - Pukekohe

Contribution towards Victim Support’s volunteer programme in the Franklin Local Board area from July 2022 to 30 June 2023





The Original Young Stagers Franklin

Future Te Aroha

Towards venue costs, promotion, lighting, costume, mic hire, director, choreographer and musical director fees



Towards venue hire


Nadja Scherff

Towards venue hire, advertising and stationery for the Mommy Mapping project from June to July 2022












Table Two: Multi-Board Grant Round Two 2021/2022 :

Application ID


Requesting funding for

Amount requested

Amount allocated


Re-Creators Charitable Trust

Towards free or subsidised classes of Community Upcycling DIY Workshops in various locations in Auckland (June 2022 - March 2023)




The Auckland Association Incorporated

Towards ongoing operating expenses for facilitating softball leagues and tournaments in the Auckland Region from July 2022 to December 2022.




Tagged to Franklin Local Board area events


Young Workers Resource Centre

Towards education coordinator wages and mileage from June 2022 - March 2023




Bellyful New Zealand Trust

Towards meal production, volunteer support, and delivery costs in Auckland (June 2022 - December 2023)




The StarJam Charitable Trust

Towards the workshops costs of tutor fees, venue hire, tutor and volunteer training, regional programme coordinator`s salary and equipment between 1st June 2022 to 31st December 2022.




Big Buddy Mentoring Trust

Towards operational costs (such as wages, rent, transport, equipment) to recruit volunteer mentors for young boys with no father in their lives in Auckland (September 2022 - September 2023)




Pet Refuge New Zealand Charitable Trust

Towards administration costs for the Pet Refuge shelter in Rosedale Auckland (June 2022 - December 2022)




The Operating Theatre Trust t/a Tim Bray Theatre Company

Towards Gift a Seat funding for 2,700 children to attend The Whale Rider in their local area for free (September 2022 - December 2022)




Anxiety New Zealand Trust

Towards the marketing material costs and wages of co-ordinators and facilitators of the Community Education Webinars.




KidsCan Charitable Trust

Towards items to deliver the KidsCan programme in schools and early childhood centres in Auckland (June 2022 - December 2022)




Communities Against Alcohol Harm

Towards community navigator project in Auckland communities and online from June 2022 to June 2023.




Habitat for Humanity Northern Region Limited

Towards healthy homes interventions and winter warmer essentials from June 2022 to August 2022.














Auckland Council's Quarterly Performance Report: Franklin Local Board for Quarter Three 2021/2022


Orrin Kapua, Advisor, was in attendance to speak to this report


Resolution number FR/2022/73

MOVED by Member A Kinzett, seconded by Member M Bell:  

That the Franklin Local Board:

a)     receive the performance report for Quarter Three ending 31 March 2022.

b)     note the advice provided at the business meeting, that the remaining underspend from ID 3161 Legacy Rates Grants – Franklin of $19,480.84 be reallocated to ID 143 Community Grants Franklin

c)     note the advice provided at the business meeting, that the Community Partnership Funds of $28,000 (ID 142) that were unused in 2021/2022 due to the impact of COVID 19 be reallocated to Community grants Franklin (ID 143). Funds were returned from:

A)          Pukekohe A&P Show $20,000 as this event was cancelled in 2021-2022             and

B)          Franklin Aging Expo $8,000 as this event was cancelled in 2021-2022.

d)        note with concern a lack of accuracy in some of the programme reporting. For example, the reported participation by the local board Chair in the online citizenship ceremony ID 138 is incorrect as the Chair could not attend due to technical issues. The board notes that inaccuracy casts doubt on the accuracy of other updates, and asks that greater care is taken in future at a departmental level.





Variation to 2021 - 2024 Customer and Community Services work programme


Moushmi Sharan, Work Programme Lead, was in attendance to speak to this item


Resolution number FR/2022/74

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson A Fulljames, seconded by Member M Bell:  

That the Franklin Local Board:

a)      approve the following variations including budget and timeline changes to its adopted 2021–2024 Customer and Community Services work programme as per attachment A, specifically:

i)       additional budget allocation of $90,000 for project ID 29066 ‘Clevedon Showgrounds Reserve - install connector footpaths’ from Locally Driven Initiatives (LDI): capital expenditure (Capex) budget over financial year 2021/2022.  

ii)      reduce budget allocation by $90,000 for project ID 25893 ‘Sunkist Bay Reserve-renew park assets’ utilising $106,085 of Locally Driven Initiatives (LDI): capital expenditure (Capex) budget over financial year 2021/2022.





Auckland Transport-Franklin Local Board Transport Capital Fund


Bruce Thomas, Relationship Manager Auckland Transport, was in attendance for this item.


Resolution number FR/2022/75

MOVED by Chairperson A Baker, seconded by Member A Kinzett:  

That the Franklin Local Board:

a)      allocate and approve Franklin Local Board Transport Capital funding totaling up to $2,234,358  to the following projects:

i)       new Jutland Road bridge                                  $2,040,141

ii)      Pukekohe Path Plan delivery support             $194,217

b)        note that the board has prioritised the design and delivery of a new Jutland Road bridge because the development approach in this area has created a dangerous pedestrian environment in a fast-growing family suburb that the board feels forced to rectify.

c)         note the board’s concern that an engineer be assigned to progress this project without delay to address both the risk to pedestrians and to cost increases in the current climate.

d)        note that Beachland kerb and channel improvements are needed in response to localised growth and to deliver pedestrian safety benefits. The board request that AT staff investigate opportunities for this project to be completed from AT’s regional programme budgets if possible given the design is complete and it is ‘shovel-ready’.

e)         request that AT work with the community facilities Pukekohe Paths project lead to determine best use of Pukekohe Paths delivery support funding, noting that this project is currently in the detailed scoping phase.

f)          request that the Waiau Pa to Clarks Beach path is considered by AT as part of its climate response package to assist locals to make a modal shift, noting that this would create an option for children of the rapidly growing Clark’s Beach special housing area to safely access their school by foot and by bike.



Members A Fulljames and M Bell voted against the resolution

(recorded pursuant to Standing Order 1.9.7)





Franklin Sport and Active Recreation Facilities Plan – Project Grants 2021/2022


Kieran Nevey, Sport & Recreation Lead, was in attendance to speak to this item.


Resolution number FR/2022/76

MOVED by Member A Cole, seconded by Member M Murphy:  

That the Franklin Local Board

a)    approve the following grants as part of item 6 of the 2021/2022 local board work programme:

i)   $30,000 to Counties Tennis Association Incorporated towards consents for the five-court enclosed and covered structure project at Rosa Birch Park, Pukekohe

ii)  $89,000 to Waiuku Association Football Club Incorporated for clubroom and changing room renovations, in partnership with Waiuku District Cricket Club Incorporated.





Local board feedback on Auckland Transport's proposed speed limit changes


Bruce Thomas, Relationship Manager and Xinghao Chen, Senior Transportation Engineer, Auckland Transport, were in attendance for this item


Resolution number FR/2022/77

MOVED by Chairperson A Baker, seconded by Member M Bell:  

That the Franklin Local Board:

a)         provide feedback on speed limit changes proposed as part of Phase Three of Auckland Transport’s Safe Speeds Programme as follows:

i)     that the proposal to use four different speed limits on the Āwhitu Peninsula creates inconsistency and confusion for road users.

ii)    that an approach previously suggested by Auckland Transport staff when considering “hot list” roads in Tranche 2 be adopted where practical, namely:

A)    through-road speed limits should be the same as the roads from which they feed

B)    where “engineering up” solutions such as centre-lines could be installed, this should be preferred ahead of more costly solutions, such as speed limit signs

C)    roads with low traffic volumes and servicing only a few rural properties should have speed limits that are the same as the feeder roads

iii)   that roads which are “self-explaining” such as metal roads be the same

iv)   that outside all schools and functioning marae the speed limit should be such to enable a drop to 40kph outside those facilities by either school zones with variable speed limits or permanent 40kph.

v)    that in small coastal developments and villages where there are no or limited footpaths or pedestrian facilities, a consistent approach of 40kph be adopted.

vi)   that all main, through-roads and roads that are not an exception above be 80kph including those where “engineering up” would be pragmatic, i.e. that the default speed for all open roads unless metal, past schools or functioning marae or within residential development areas be set at 80kph to retain a consistent, understandable, and more likely to be adhered to, response from road users.

vii)  that the Franklin Local Board does not support the random approach to the implementation of 30kph streets within Pukekohe; on the basis that it is inconsistent across the township, will create confusion, and is a waste of money when most of these selected streets are short cul-de-sacs and that such change will not achieve anything.





Submission on Te mahere urutaunga ā-motu (tuhinga hukihuki): Draft National Adaptation Plan


Resolution number FR/2022/78

MOVED by Member M Bell, seconded by Member A Kinzett:  

That the Franklin Local Board:

a)         support the draft National Adaptation Plan in principle, with the following feedback:

i)           decision-making should reflect the values and needs of today’s residents while also anticipating the needs of future members of our communities

ii)         the local board has 15% of coastline along the Manukau Harbour in the west and Hauraki Gulf in the east and so adaption is a critical issue for our community, particularly those on the coast such as Beachlands, Maraetai, Kawakawa Bay, Ōrere, Clarks Beach, Big Bay and others on the Āwhitu Peninsula

iii)        note that there are existing and urgent issues relating to coastal inundation within the Franklin Local Board area, such as the degradation of Maraetai Coast Road, that would benefit from some strong national leadership on mitigation

iv)        strongly suggest that central government ensure that in its planning that it does not expose local government to issues of liability by private landowners due to unavoidable impacts of climate change

v)         suggest clarity for funding mechanisms to allow local government to improve and replace existing infrastructure e.g. Maraetai Coast Road and East Coast Road, where coastal inundation and erosion is likely to require a new road further from the coast and/or an upgrade to maintain critical connections.

b)        request that the feedback be considered by the governing body as part of, and that feedback be appended to, Auckland Council’s submission.






Draft Auckland golf investment plan


Carole Canler and Aubrey Bloomfield, Community Investment Advisors, were in attendance for this item


Resolution number FR/2022/79

MOVED by Member A Cole, seconded by Member L Soole:  

That the Franklin Local Board:

a)            note that consultation is not complete until 27 May and so defer consideration of the Draft Auckland golf investment plan to a June 2022 business meeting so that the local board can receive and consider feedback from local individuals, golf clubs and leaseholders prior to providing any endorsement or feedback.





Urgent Decision - Franklin Local Board input into Transforming Recycling


Resolution number FR/2022/80

MOVED by Chairperson A Baker, seconded by Member A Cole:  

That the Franklin Local Board:

a)       notes the Urgent Decision finalised on 21 April 2022, which provided the following feedback on Te kapanoni i te hangarua: Transforming recycling Kaupapa whakahoki ipu - Container return scheme, as follows:

i)     whilst not proposed for implementation for a few years, note the current inflationary situation and optics of imposing a 20c + GST (23c) per container plus a 3 to 5c per container “core cost” element to items already rocketing in price. Acknowledging this may be a positive driver for claiming a refund of the 23c deposit. Obviously the core   cost component will not be refundable

ii)      need more information on retail drop offs and reverse vending machines, in particular around issues experienced currently around similar recycling / re-use charity shops and bins with non-accepted items being dumped etc.

iii)     agree that scheme should be a deposit scheme and not a redemption scheme

iv)     greater emphasis should be on enabling and supporting refilling alongside recycling, which will have the added bonus of contributing to carbon emissions associated with delivering single use containers to retail / distributors

v)      support a broad scope approach for the container return scheme of beverage containers to be used to make it easy and convenient for community to understand and use the scheme

vi)     advocate for education programmes to run alongside the scheme to enable our communities to respond to the larger issue of climate change and circular economic principles.

vii)    support a focus on circular economic principles which are aimed at reducing litter and decrease the amount of beverage containers that are stockpiled, littered or going to landfills and the ability for community groups and schools to run litter clean ups and other initiatives that deliver greater benefits to their organisation and to the wider community. Thought will be required to put in place mechanisms for this type of bulk refund to those groups / organisations.

viii)   note that refillable containers could play an important part in transitioning to a low-carbon circular economy and support refillables to be included in the container return scheme in the future.

ix)     Do not agree with the approach that fresh milk in all packaging types should be exempt in the container return scheme, suggesting instead that a simpler way of identifying what types of milk containers can be included in the scheme as per XV below be used noting that some milk products are sold in containers that are able to be included and to ban all milk packaging across the board is contrary to the aspiration of reducing recyclable containers going to land fill.

x)      support a ‘mixed-return model’ with a high degree of mandated retail participation to ensure consumers have easy access to container return/refund points, as well as the opportunity for voluntary participation in the network by interested parties

xi)     support the recovery targets for a NZ CRS of 85 per cent by year 3, and 90 per cent by year 5

xii)    agree that the scheme design (including the deposit level) should be reviewed regularly alongside of other initiatives being run by local authorities

xiii)   support the implementation of a container return scheme for New Zealand and advocate for local authorities to be included when rolling this scheme out to the communities

Improvements to household kerbside recycling

xiv)    support creating nationwide consistency and easier to understand recycling by simpler classification and move away from the poorly understood numbering system with a simple    or      or similar.

xv)    support the proposal to standardise materials for recycling via household kerbside collection nationally on the basis that this measure will reduce confusion and inconsistency

xvi)   agree that the following should be considered when determining whether a class of materials should be accepted at kerbside in the future

A)  sustainable end markets

B)  end markets solutions are circular and minimise environmental harm

C)  viable processing technologies

D)  processing by both automated and manual Material recovery facilities

E)  no adverse effects on local authorities, including financial

F)   supply chains contribute appropriately to recovery and end-of-life solutions for their products

xvii)  support a network of convenient and easy places where people can recycle items that cannot easily be recycled at kerbside for those items too large or too small to be collected

xviii) support enabling households to have access to food scrap collections to divert from landfills where this is appropriate, noting that in rural areas this may not be required and therefore provision to opt out should be considered in some circumstances

xix)   advocate for local authorities to play a vital role in supporting this scheme of increasing the diversion of household garden waste from landfill and note that the wealth of experience and resources that they bring from delivering kerbside collections

xx)    agree that non-food products or packaging should accepted in a food scraps bin or a food and garden waste bin under the following conditions:

A)     products must meet New Zealand standards for compost-ability.

B)     products are certified in their final form to ensure they do not pose a risk to soil or human health.

C)     products are clearly labelled so that they can be distinguished from non-compostable products.

D)     a technology or process is available to easily identify and sort compostable from non-compostable products.

E)     producers and users of the products and packaging contribute to the cost of collecting and processing.

xxi)   support the proposal to regularly review the scheme to understand how well kerbside collections are working and provide insights on where improvements in the system can be made and creates a baseline to measure performance

xxii)  agree that the private sector should also report on their household kerbside collections so that the overall performance of kerbside services in the region can be understood and creates a baseline to measure performance

xxiii) endorse the proposed timeframe that would require local authorities to achieve the minimum diversion rate by 2030, and for a review of minimum diversion rates at that time.

xxiv) advocate for more research, technical support, resources and behaviour change initiatives are needed to support the implementation of this programme of work

Separation of business food waste

xxv)  support intent but a rule compelling companies must come with simple and accessible opportunities to incentivise companies to comply. This could be through enabling a targeted rate for businesses registered under the Food Act.

xxvi) note that in order for this scheme to be effective of reducing the amount of waste going into landfills and to meet our national emissions target that business must also be required to facilitate the diversion of food waste

xxvii) agree that appropriate strategies be included to help businesses reduce and reuse their food waste including offering incentives to encourage innovation and creativity and partnering with business to upskill staff or develop food products or packaging that delivers to overall diversion outcomes.






Governance Forward Work Calendar May 2022


Resolution number FR/2022/81

MOVED by Member M Murphy, seconded by Member A Cole:  

That the Franklin Local Board:

a)         note the governance forward work calendar dated May 2022 (Attachment A of the agenda).

b)        note the spelling correction to the governance forward work calendar, being a correction on 28 June 2022 business meeting from (all baords with applications) to (all boards with applications).





Franklin Local Board workshop records


Resolution number FR/2022/82

MOVED by Member A Cole, seconded by Chairperson A Baker:  

That the Franklin Local Board:

a)         receive the Franklin Local Board workshop records for 5, 12, 19 and 26 April 2022.

b)        note the spelling correction to the workshop record on 19 April 2022 under the Eke Panuku item summary, being a correction from ‘skate part’ to ‘skate park’.




22        Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.




11.18am                                             The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.