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Minutes of an extraordinary meeting of the Puketāpapa Local Board held on Thursday, 12 May 2022 at 10.00am.


This meeting will proceed via MS Teams and either a recording or a written summary will be uploaded to the Auckland Council website.





Julie Fairey


Deputy Chairperson

Jon Turner



Harry Doig



Ella Kumar, JP



Fiona Lai



Bobby Shen







Cathy Casey

From 10.03am to 10.25am


Christine Fletcher

From 10.05am to 10.25am







Puketāpapa Local Board

12 May 2022




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Puketāpapa Local board consultation feedback and input into the Annual Budget 2022/2023


Sara Khan, Local Board Advisor, Local Board Services and Hao Chen, Lead Financial Advisor, Financial Strategy and Planning were in attendance to speak to this report.



Resolution number PKTPP/2022/58

MOVED by Chairperson J Fairey, seconded by Member B Shen:  

That the Puketāpapa Local Board:

a)      receive consultation feedback on the proposed Puketāpapa Local Board priorities and activities for 2022/2023.

b)      receive consultation feedback on regional topics in the Annual Budget 2022/2023 from people and organisations based in the Puketāpapa local board area.

c)         provide the following feedback on the regional issues:

i)       strongly support the Climate Action Targeted Rate (CATR), noting:

A.        Local submissions and polling clearly supported the CATR proposal, with 71% support from submitters from our area.

B.        Council should prioritise activities that reduce carbon emissions and make them part of “business as usual”.

C.        Activities that increase emissions or continue to create a high level of emissions should be identified, reviewed and potentially consulted on further for community input.

D.        Support part of the Urban Ngahere activities to be funded by the CATR being used to schedule notable trees and improve the process for the community to identify and protect mature urban trees in the future

E.        The Regional Land Transport Programme (RLTP) adopted recently will see an increase in carbon emissions and is currently subject to court action on these grounds

F.         Support education on climate action activities for our diverse communities.

ii)    support the proposed general rate increase of 3.5%, noting:

A.        Submitters in our local community supported this proposal.

B.        Auckland Council’s rates and associated costs such as water charging will continue to be under the 5% of average household income that is considered affordable internationally.

C.        This level of rate increase is consistent with that adopted in the 2021-2031 Long Term Plan (LTP), despite increased cost pressures and lower income since the LTP was adopted.

D.        A lower general rate increase would result in significant service cuts for our community.

iii)     support the use of the variety of budgeting tools identified in the budget pressures proposal, noting:

A.        Preference from submitters to not defer capital spending.

B.        Support to increase revenue through increasing the cost of parking in council-owned carparking buildings in metropolitan centres.

C.        Do not support the sale of parks and open spaces.

D.        Support investigation of the definition of strategic assets and consideration of whether some share holdings of Council remain strategic assets in the current context.

iv)   support the service prioritisation matrix in the proposal, noting:

A.        Local board, community and tangata whenua input on determining where specific services fall on the matrix will be essential

B.        Services that reduce carbon emissions should be prioritising while those that increase carbon emissions should be de-prioritised, as a general rule

C.        Note community feedback that this proposal was unclear


v)    support all the waste proposals, noting the following:

A.        Strong support for waste minimisation efforts in particular the food scraps collection service

B.        Given the strong local support for the food scraps collection service, seek the Puketāpapa Local Board area be prioritised in the regional rollout

C.        Council support for alternative greenwaste management, such as household composting and worm farms, should continue once the food scraps collection is operational

D.        The need for education to communities about waste streams and opportunities to divert from landfill, particularly at the point when people move into a property

vi)   support increased decision-making for local boards, noting local community support for this.

d)         provide the following feedback on advocacy initiatives:

i)       support the allocation in the 2022/2023 budget for two projects that address growth pressure in the Puketāpapa area, development of a new neighbourhood park in Roskill South and toilets at Turner Reserve, and look forward to further response to this issue as Kāinga Ora’s Roskill Development is the largest Auckland Housing Programme development area.

ii)      notes that the Puketāpapa and Albert-Eden Local Boards have been working with mana whenua to develop an Integrated Area Plan for the areas affected by the Auckland Housing Programme and other development undertaken by Kāinga Ora and others such as Fletcher Living. This will be adopted by the boards in June 2022 and should guide future investment in the area. The increase of our population due to the growth and development will be placing stress on our public amenities. To respond to this the board specifically seeks funding for the areas below:

A.    seek growth funding for additional toilet facilities beside the Three Kings sportsfields, which are currently being built by Fletcher Living in the Three Kings Quarry

B.    seek that the aquatic/swimming pool facility network review, which is part of the Community Facilities Network Review, includes provision for a needs assessment for Cameron Pool in time to allow a business case for this facility to be included in the 2024 Long Term Plan. This is necessary as Cameron Pool is being used to its limits, without considering growth and the sub-regional network for water sports provision.

iii)     request that the Governing Body includes local boards in its advocacy to central government about appropriately funding both social and physical infrastructure required.

iv)     support the proposal for increased funding for regulatory compliance and enforcement, noting repeated local issues that have been unable to address due to under-resourcing in recent years.

v)      support the continuation of the Local Board Transport Capital Fund (LBCTF) as a key mechanism for local boards to respond to community needs and support local efforts to create mode shift for climate action.

vi)     support retention of CAPEX funding for the Waikōwhai board walk project, noting that this is consented and ready to deliver.

vii)    support retention  of CAPEX funding for the Pah Homestead Functions Facility.

e)         thank Sara Khan and Hao Chen for their attendance via Microsoft Teams.






There was no consideration of extraordinary items.



10.24am                                             The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.