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This meeting proceeded via Microsoft Teams. Either a recording or written summary will be uploaded on the Auckland Council website.





Kay Thomas


Deputy Chairperson

Fasitua Amosa



Catherine Farmer



Ulalemamae Te'eva Matafai



Warren Piper



Jessica Rose






Susan Zhu



Whau Local Board

11 May 2022




1          Welcome

Chair K Thomas opened the meeting, welcomed those present and attending online, and acknowledged that a karakia was performed at the beginning of the workshop.


2          Apologies


Note: At the end of the extraordinary business meeting it was noted that Member S Zhu couldn’t attend due to technological issues.


3          Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.



Whau Local Board consultation feedback and input into the Annual Budget 2022/2023


Resolution number WH/2022/42

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Deputy Chairperson F Amosa:  

That the Whau Local Board:

a)      receive consultation feedback on the proposed Whau Local Board priorities and activities for 2022/2023.

b)      receive consultation feedback on regional topics in the Annual Budget 2022/2023 from people and organisations based in the Whau local board area.

c)      provide the following input on regional topics in the proposed Annual Budget 2022/2023 to the Governing Body:

i)          support the introduction of a Climate Action Targeted Rate and seek in particular the inclusion of initiatives to enable protection of existing canopy, speed up planting to increase future urban canopy and complete Te Whau Pathway

ii)         support, generally, the measures consulted on to manage budget pressures, including the proposal to use the Government’s ‘Better Off’ support package funding as a lever to manage the budget pressures

iii)        reiterate its general opposition to asset sales, noting that this is an issue of ongoing concern to the public

iv)        support operating spending prioritization to address the budget pressures and understand there may be a requirement for the Council to revisit the levels of service in view of the increased economic pressures

v)         support in principle the standardisation of waste collection while reiterating its previously resolved position that “Pay-as-you-throw” is the best driver to support minimisation, equity and affordability

vi)        request that should staff utilize the standardisation of waste collection through the rating mechanism, staff consider a review of the mechanism within an agreed period of time, to account for the development of new technologies that may enable a fairer method for rating different levels of users

vii)       support standardisation of the opt-out rules for residential multi-unit developments (10 or more units)

viii)      support standardisation of the opt-out rules for residential and lifestyle properties with between two and nine units

ix)        support standardisation of the opt-out rules for non-residential properties

x)         support in principle application of a minimum base charge to every separately

          used or inhabited part of a property and request Council to consider regular

          reviews to ensure that, if advancing technology enables better and fairer

          charging mechanisms, those are adopted to pass on underlying benefits to

          users in this category

xi)      urge the Governing Body to retain the Local Board Transport Capital Fund.

d)      provide its the Whau Local Board’s advocacy initiatives for the Annual Budget 2022/2023 to the Governing Body which are noted as follows:

i)       NGAHERE. Increase regional resourcing to support the Urban Ngahere (forest)

                  Strategy, other ways to increase urban tree cover and advocating to central

                  government to strengthen tree protection rules
ii)      UNLOCK AVONDALE. Support the Unlock Avondale Programme and deliver

                  the Avondale multipurpose community facility. Make this a climate positive town  


iii)        TE WHAU PATHWAY. Advocate for additional resourcing to implement the remaining parts of Te Whau Pathway, noting that the majority of funding from the government’s “shovel ready” initiative has been allocated to sections in the Henderson-Massey Local Board area.









11.04am                                             The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.