Waitākere Ranges Local Board






Minutes of an extraordinary meeting of the Waitākere Ranges Local Board held via Microsoft Teams on Thursday, 12 May 2022 at 10.11am.


As required under the COVID-19 Response (Urgent Management Measures) Legislation Act 2020, either a recording or a written summary will be published on the Auckland Council website.





Saffron Toms


Deputy Chairperson

Greg Presland



Mark Allen



Michelle Clayton



Sandra Coney, QSO



Ken Turner



Note:   Waitākere Ranges Local Board members, support staff and those presenting to the meeting attended via electronic link.

Waitākere Ranges Local Board

12 May 2022




1          Welcome


Chairperson Saffron Toms opened the meeting and welcomed those present online.


2          Apologies


There were no apologies.


3          Declaration of Interest


Members were reminded of the need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision making when a conflict arises between their role as a member and any private or other external interest they might have.

            Specifically, members are asked to identify any new interests they have not previously disclosed, an interest that might be considered as a conflict of interest with a matter on the agenda.

The following are declared interests of the Waitākere Ranges Local Board:

Board Member


Mark Allen

-   Community Waitākere – Executive Officer

-   Bethells Valley Fire – Senior Fire Fighter

-   Waitākere Licensing Trust – Trustee

Michelle Clayton

-   Glen Eden Community House – Treasurer

-   Glen Eden Residents’ Association – Member

-   Waitākere Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) – Committee Member

-   The Personal Advocacy and Safeguarding Adults Trust – Trustee

-   Glen Eden Returned Services Association (RSA) – Member

-   Glen Eden Railway Trust – Member

-   Te Wahi Ora Charitable Trust - Trustee

Sandra Coney

-   Cartwright Collective – Member

-   Women’s Health Action Trust – Patron

-   New Zealand Society of Genealogists – Member

-   New Zealand Military Defence Society – Member

-   Pest Free Piha – Partner is the Coordinator

-   Piha Tennis Club – Patron and Partner is the President

-   Piha Wetland Trust – Partner is a Trustee

-   Waitākere Ranges Pest Free Alliance – Partner is the Co-Chair of this group

-   Waitematā District Health Board – Elected Member & Chair of Hospital Advisory Committee


Board Member


Greg Presland

-   Whau Coastal Walkway Environmental Trust – Trustee

-   Combined Youth Services Trust – Trustee

-   Glen Eden Bid – Member

-   Titirangi Ratepayers and Residents Association – Member

-   Waitākere Ranges Protection Society - Member

-   Titirangi RSA - Member

Saffron Toms

-   Titirangi Community House – Secretary

-   Huia-Cornwallis Residents and Ratepayers Association – Committee Member

Ken Turner

-   Huia-Cornwallis Residents and Ratepayers Association – Committee Member




Local Board Consultation Feedback and Input into the Annual Budget 2022/2023


Resolution number WTK/2022/42

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson G Presland, seconded by Member S Coney:   

That the Waitākere Ranges Local Board:

a)      receive consultation feedback on the proposed Waitākere Ranges Local Board priorities and activities for 2022/2023.

b)      receive consultation feedback on regional topics in the Annual Budget 2022/2023 from people and organisations based in the Waitākere Ranges local board area.

c)      express concerns with the methodology and results of the consultation process and seek an opportunity to have input into the process before the next annual budget. Question 2 in the consultation material was particularly ambiguous and difficult to glean direction from.

d)      support the previously agreed general rates increase for 3.5 per cent for 2022/2023.

e)      provide the following input on the climate action regional topic in the proposed Annual Budget 2022/2023 to the Governing Body:

               i.           support a whole-of-system approach to reducing carbon emissions in Auckland, and broadly supports the climate action package, but does not believe that it goes far enough to meet the Council’s climate commitments.

             ii.           note this function is core to the practical operation of Auckland Council and is concerned about its separation out as a regional targeted rate, although it supports the principle upon which it is being collected. There are mixed views.

            iii.           believe that the rating system should reward actions that contribute to carbon sequestration, such as enhancement of Special Ecological Areas or indigenous restoration of areas.

            iv.           believe that an important response to climate change is the development of more and existing footpaths and greenways, improved additional and hard to achieve connections, and more active mode links (scooter, pedestrian and cycle).

             v.           note that significant planning has already been done across the region and it is essential that the targeted rate should support local boards and Auckland Transport in the delivery of these projects.

f)           provide the following input on the budget pressures regional topic in the proposed Annual Budget 2022/2023 to the Governing Body:

i.           support the approach, excluding asset sales, which the local board opposes and does not believe is a sustainable approach.

g)         provide the following input on the operating spending prioritisation regional topic in the proposed Annual Budget 2022/2023 to the Governing Body:

i.               support the operating spending prioritisation on how council will choose which services to reduce, stop or change.

h)         provide the following input on the waste services standardisation regional topic in the proposed Annual Budget 2022/2023 to the Governing Body:

                    i.              while the local board broadly supports waste service standardisation across Auckland, it does have some concerns about what ‘equity of service’ looks like in the Waitākere Ranges Heritage Area, where many communities are rural rather than urban. As such, ‘easy access to services’ may in practice look different to more accessible locations.

                  ii.              in addition, what works in an urban area may have unintended consequences locally, where household occupancy over the course of a week is often not consistent – for example, the un-stored bins of bach owners put out one day and collected another will advertise that there is no one home.

f)       provide its advocacy initiatives for the Annual Budget 2022/2023 to the Governing Body:

                     i.            Council to realise deeds of acknowledgement between Council and Te Kawerau a Maki and Ngati Whatua as stipulated in the Waitākere Ranges Heritage Area Act 2008 and requested by mana whenua. This includes dedicated staff resource:

As in 29(1) ‘A deed of acknowledgement will acknowledge the particular historical, traditional, cultural, or spiritual relationship of tangata whenua of the heritage area, namely Ngati Whatua and Te Kawerau A Maki, with any land in the heritage area.’ Delivery to be in 2022/2023.

                   ii.            Funding to implement the Waitakere Ranges Greenways Plan. The local board is committed to deliver selected projects using the Capital Transport Fund budget, but this is limited:

Active commitment from the governing body is needed to enhance connections into the regional network, for example the western line shared path to extend beyond New Lynn to connect through to Glen Eden and Sunnyvale. Implementation of the Greenways Plan could augment the Council’s draft cycling and micro-mobility programme business case.

                 iii.            Dedicated (and increased) funding for the West Coast Rock Fishing Safety Project and increased funding to enable a longer period of service for the Paid Lifeguard service:


The rock fishing project focuses on interventions to reduce rock-fishing fatalities and promotes a safety culture among high-risk groups of fishers (particularly those from Asian backgrounds). The most recent death was April 2022. This includes extending the project into the Manukau Harbour to enable interventions to reduce the high number of deaths of those fishing or gathering kai in the Manukau. The Paid Lifeguard service currently ends at the first week in March but with climate warming, people are swimming later in the season and over longer daylight hours. The Board seeks increases in the RAFA funding to enable an expansion of the service.


                 iv.            A flexible regional budget which can be dedicated to local board work on community resilience:

Our communities need enhanced financial and practical support to prepare and respond to climate change and extreme weather events, i.e. flooding, sea-level rise, and warning systems. Its allocation should reflect the isolation, physical and environmental risks to communities in the Waitākere Ranges and the risks in Auckland in general.

                   v.            Commitment from Auckland Transport and Auckland Council to developing a PT network service offering in the Waitakere Ranges.




Note:   Pursuant to Standing Orders 1.9.7 Member Turner requested that his dissenting vote against clause f) ii. be recorded.




11.16 am                                            The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.