Puketāpapa Local Board






Minutes of a meeting of the Puketāpapa Local Board held on Thursday, 23 June 2022 at 10.02am.


This meeting will proceed via MS Teams and either a recording or a written summary will be uploaded to the Auckland Council website.





Julie Fairey


Deputy Chairperson

Jon Turner

Presiding Chair


Harry Doig



Ella Kumar, JP



Fiona Lai



Bobby Shen






Cathy Casey (apology)




Christine Fletcher (apology)








Puketāpapa Local Board

23 June 2022




1          Welcome


            Chair J Fairey opened the meeting.



Resolution number PKTPP/2022/107

MOVED by Chairperson J Fairey, seconded by Member F Lai:  

That the Puketāpapa Local Board:

a)         note that Chair J Fairey will step aside as the chair for the duration of the Puketāpapa Local Board business meeting on Thursday, 23 June 2022 and note that Deputy Chair J Turner will assume the chair for the duration of the meeting.





Note: Deputy Chair J Turner delivered the welcome message.


2          Apologies


There were no apologies.



3          Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


4          Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution number PKTPP/2022/108

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson J Turner, seconded by Member H Doig:  

That the Puketāpapa Local Board:

a)         confirm the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Thursday, 16 June 2022 as true and correct.




5          Leave of Absence


There were no leaves of absence.


6          Acknowledgements


There were no acknowledgements.


7          Petitions


There were no petitions.




8          Deputations


There were no deputations.


9          Public Forum


There was no public forum.


10        Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.


11        Notices of Motion


Under Standing Order 2.5.1 (LBS 3.11.1) or Standing Order 1.9.1 (LBS 3.10.17) (revoke or alter a previous resolution) a Notice of Motion has been received from Chairperson J Fairey, Seconded by Member H Doig  for consideration under item 12.



Notice of Motion from Chairperson J Fairey - Removal of high voltage power lines and pylons


Resolution number PKTPP/2022/109

MOVED by Chairperson J Fairey, seconded by Member H Doig:  

That the Puketāpapa Local Board:

a)      restates its advocacy of many years to support removing the three high voltage power lines, and associated pylons, which run through our community.

b)      supports the Transpower plan, in their Auckland Strategy, to remove two of the three high voltage power lines through our community.

c)      requests the removal of these two lines be brought forward to work in with the Kāinga Ora development of the Waikōwhai area, to enable good quality intensification and minimise community disruption.

d)      requests Transpower look at options for the undergrounding of the third high voltage power line, which runs in part through the Manukau Harbour.

e)      notes mana whenua concerns regarding the disturbing of land through undergrounding, and ask that Transpower take particular care to listen to mana whenua views and find ways to address them.






Adoption of the Puketāpapa Local Board Agreement 2022/2023


Sara Khan – Local Board Advisor and Hao Chen, Lead Financial Advisor, Financial Strategy and Plan  will be in attendance to speak to the report via Microsoft Teams



Resolution number PKTPP/2022/110

MOVED by Member B Shen, seconded by Member H Doig:  

That the Puketāpapa Local Board:

a)      adopt the local content for the Annual Budget, which includes the Puketāpapa Local Board Agreement 2022/2023, the message from the chair, and local board advocacy (Attachment A).

b)      adopt a local fees and charges schedule for 2022/2023 (Attachment B).

c)      delegate authority to the Chair to make any final changes to the local content for the Annual Budget 2022/2023 (the Puketāpapa Local Board Agreement 2022/2023, message from the chair, and local board advocacy).

d)      note that the resolutions of this meeting will be reported back to the Governing Body when it meets to adopt the Annual Budget 2022/2023, including each Local Board Agreement, on 29 June 2022.

e)      thank Sara Khan and Hao Chen for their attendance via Microsoft Teams.




The Chair adjourned the meeting at 10.13am.

The Chair reconvened the meeting at 10.18am.



Adoption of concept plan for Waikōwhai Park


Jody Morley, Manager Area Operations, Community Facilities and Thomas Dixon, Parks and Places Specialist, Parks Sport and Recreation will be in attendance via Microsoft Teams.



Resolution number PKTPP/2022/111

MOVED by Member F Lai, seconded by Deputy Chairperson J Turner:  

That the Puketāpapa Local Board:

a)         adopt the concept plan for Waikōwhai Park at 8 Waikōwhai Road, Hillsborough as per Attachment A of the agenda report.

b)        note that cycling parking is not included on this plan, however this will now be installed.  A refresh of the plan could be considered at a later date.

c)         thank Jody Morley and Thomas Dixon for their attendance via Microsoft Teams.






Local board feedback on Auckland Transport's Draft Parking Strategy (2022)


Resolution number PKTPP/2022/112

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson J Turner, seconded by Chairperson J Fairey:  

That the Puketāpapa Local Board:

a)        provide the following feedback which takes into consideration the communities feedback:

i)               Tiered approach to parking management - Support the tiered approach, noting the inability to provide on street parking for all residents as areas intensify. Requests local board involvement in the development of this process.

ii)         Strategic Transport Network - Support the Strategic Transport Network proposal, noting that feedback from constituents was split evenly on this. Ensuring that road space can be used to transport people effectively is of high importance to the board.

iii)       Parking Policies

·                Group 1 – Provision and approach - Request further consideration be given to the enforcement of illegal parking, with a priority given to parking on the  berms and footpath.

·                Group 2 – On-street and off-street - Note that the proposed policy retains the ability provided for in the existing policy to manage this parking when it causes safety issues and requests assurance this will take place.

·                Group 3 – Specific vehicle classes –

o    Support provision of more types of parking, including investigation of Electric Vehicle parking.

o    Support provision of cycle and scooter parking at PT stations and in every town centre or set of shops.

o    Support more provision for rideshare parking.

o    request that consideration be given to where shared scooters and bikes for hire should be parked in well used areas and pathways, drawing upon the interventions in the city centre and other areas (eg outside the town hall) to prevent shared scooters and bikes from being left in places that cause an obstruction.

·                Group 4 – Specific situations –

o    Support working with schools to manage their parking to improve safety for students and parents.

o    Support management of parking for events.







Local board feedback on proposed supporting plan changes to accompany the Medium Density Residential Standards and National Policy Statement on Urban Development plan change


Celia Davison (Manager Planning, Plans and Places was in attendance via Microsoft Teams to speak to the report.



Resolution number PKTPP/2022/113

MOVED by Chairperson J Fairey, seconded by Member E Kumar:  

That the Puketāpapa Local Board:

a)        note the content outlined in the agenda report relating to the development of draft plan changes and variations to the Auckland Unitary Plan to be considered for notification at the August 2022 Planning Committee meeting together with the Intensification Planning Instrument on Medium Density Residential Standards and implementing Policies 3 and 4 of the National Policy Statement on Urban Development 2020.

b)        provide the following feedback as the local board’s response to the matters discussed in this report:


i)       Transport:

·                support the proposed changes, including addressing access to residentially zoned parking spaces and rear sites to prioritise pedestrian and disability access and safety and to improve access efficiency and convenience for all user groups

·                not support creating parking minimums for accessible parking/loading vehicles except in large developments with high usage needs

·                support all developments having available servicing by Auckland Council waste trucks, furniture removal trucks, deliveries, and taxi drop offs and pick ups, acknowledging that this can be allowed through rationing time as well as space

·                support council consent officers working with Auckland Transport officers to understand how the kerbside can be best used for multiple purposes

·                support the reallocation of space to ensure kerbside can support a well-functioning city

·                support some kerbside space in intensifying areas to be allocated for bookable car shares like City Hop.

·                request consideration for the power capacity for the EV charging with any new provisions.


ii)     Notable trees - Schedule 10

·                support the proposed changes, particularly those that will add more notable trees which merit inclusion to the schedule

·                strongly support protecting existing trees, green corridors, mature trees, and the ecoservice value of trees

·                support using setback rules so that space is created in new developments for shade trees that benefit footpath users

·                support budgets and planning which ensure decent public social infrastructure including green spaces and trees

·                request that Puketāpapa be prioritised in the next iteration of the notable tree scheduling noting the lack of scheduled trees in the local board area.


iii)    Historic heritage - Schedule 14

·                support the proposed changes, noting that none of the areas identified are in the Puketāpapa Local Board area.


c)        thank Celia Davison for her attendance via Microsoft Teams.





17        Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.





10.40am                                             The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.