Waiheke Transport Forum






Minutes of a meeting of the Waiheke Transport Forum held in the Waiheke Local Board Office, 10 Belgium Street, Ostend, Waiheke on Wednesday, 3 August 2022 at 5.00pm.





Grant Crawford


Deputy Chairperson

Norm Robins



Tony King-Turner



Richard La Ville



Don McKenzie



Robin Tucker



Bob Upchurch






Chris Howard



Raymond Matthews






Waiheke Local Board Member

Chair Cath Handley





Waiheke Transport Forum

03 August 2022




1          Welcome


Member Tucker led the meeting with a karakia.


Kua uru mai a hau kaha, a hau maia, a hau ora, a hau nui,

Ki runga, ki raro, ki roto, ki waho

Rire, rire hau…pai marire


Translation (non-literal) - Rama Ormsby

Let the winds bring us inspiration from beyond,

Invigorate us with determination and courage to achieve our aspirations for abundance and sustainability

Bring calm, bring all things good, bring peace… good peace.


2          Apologies


Resolution number WAI/2022/29

MOVED by Member B Upchurch, seconded by Deputy Chairperson N Robins:  

That the Waiheke Transport Forum:

a)         accept the apologies for absence from members Chris Howard and Raymond Matthews.



3          Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


4          Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution number WAI/2022/30

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson N Robins, seconded by Member D McKenzie:  

That the Waiheke Transport Forum:

a)         confirm the minutes of its ordinary meeting, held on Wednesday, 1 June 2022, as  true and correct.



5          Leave of Absence


There were no leaves of absence.


6          Acknowledgements


There were no acknowledgements.


7          Petitions


There were no petitions.






8          Deputations



Deputation - Waiheke Volunteer Coastguard Inc. - Berthing arrangements at Matiatia


Resolution number WAI/2022/31

MOVED by Member B Upchurch, seconded by Member R Tucker:  

That the Waiheke Transport Forum:

a)       thank John Verstegen and Brendan Demchey presenting on behalf of Waiheke Volunteer Coastguard Inc. for their attendance and presentation regarding concerns about immediate and longer term Coastguard berthing arrangements at Matiatia.




9          Public Forum



Public Forum - Andrew and Millie Watkins – concern about proposed bus stop changes in Junction Road


Resolution number WAI/2022/32

MOVED by Member R Tucker, seconded by Member T King-Turner:  

That the Waiheke Transport Forum:

a)         thank Andrew and Millie Watkins on for their attendance to speak with regards concerns about Auckland Transport bus stop changes being consulted on in Junction Road.




10        Extraordinary Business




Auckland Transport Report - July 2022


Resolution number WAI/2022/33

MOVED by Member R Tucker, seconded by Member B Upchurch:   

That the Waiheke Transport Forum:

a)      receive the Auckland Transport July 2022 update and thank Richard La Ville for his support of the Transport Forum.




Suspension of Standing Orders

Resolution number WAI/2022/34

MOVED by Member B Upchurch, seconded by Deputy Chairperson N Robins:  

That the Waiheke Transport Forum:

a)         suspend standing orders 7.7.6 and 7.8.3 to enable open dialogue between members.





Resumption of Standing Orders

Resolution number WAI/2022/35

MOVED by Member B Upchurch, seconded by Deputy Chairperson N Robins:  

That the Waiheke Transport Forum:

a)         resume standing orders.





Informal discussion items


Resolution number WAI/2022/36

MOVED by Member B Upchurch, seconded by Deputy Chairperson N Robins:  

That the Waiheke Transport Forum:

a)         note the informal discussion items of:

i)          the Waiheke Volunteer Coastguard presentation and the identified a need for temporary immediate solution to the situation of potential ferry wash across anchorage lines, and also the need for longer term arrangement for safe crew access to the vessel. It was also noted there is also pressure and a range of interests in regards to ongoing access to the secondary wharf at Matiatia from a range of users.

ii)         Member Tony King-Turner expressed concern from Cycle Action Waiheke about wheel stops between cycle/shared paths and vehicle carriage on island and the spacing of them did not from his perspective enable cyclists to safely enter them if they were cycling on the road and wanted to enter the cycle lane while moving at pace. It was noted that a response has been requested to come through from Auckland Transport specialists.

b)        recommend to the Waiheke Local Board that they request Auckland Transport:

iii)       to work with Waiheke Volunteer Coastguard urgently to enable immediate temporary berthing at Matiatia whilst ferries are having to berth at the northern (old) pier

iv)       to investigate options for a long term safely accessible permanent berth for the Coastguard considering other users

v)         to provide advice to the local board on how a waterside wharf user berthing needs-assessment may be progressed for Matiatia Wharf.

c)        note that Waiheke Local Board Chair Cath Handley acknowledged and thanked the Waiheke Transport Forum members for their contribution and service over the past three years.




13        Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.


Member Tucker closed the meeting with a karakia.


Waiho i te toipoto kaua i te toiroa

Let us keep close together, not far apart




6.37 pm                                              The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.