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18        Annual Budget 2023/2024 - feedback on regional topic for consultation                            5


Annual Budget 2023/2024 - feedback on regional topic for consultation

File No.: CP2022/16872




Te take mō te pūrongo

Purpose of the report

1.       To seek input on the proposed regional consultation content for the Annual Budget 2023/2024 from the local board.

Whakarāpopototanga matua

Executive summary

2.       Auckland Council will be consulting on both local and regional content as part of the Annual Budget 2023/2024 consultation. This is planned to take place from late February – late March 2023.

3.       This report seeks the views of the local board on priority regional topics that will be included in the Annual Budget 2023/2024 consultation. This includes the four levers that can be used to mitigate council’s operating budget challenge. These four levers are: debt, general rates, operating expenditure, and assets.

4.       The Governing Body will agree regional consultation items on 15 December 2022. Local boards will be asked to approve local consultation content (that is, content relating to the proposed local board agreements) between 7 and 9 February 2023.

5.       The local consultation content will then be incorporated into the Annual Budget 2023/2024 consultation document and supporting information, which is planned to be adopted by the Governing Body in February 2023.


Ngā tūtohunga


That the Franklin Local Board:

a)      whakarite / provide feedback on potential regional consultation topics and policies for the Annual Budget 2023/2024

b)      whakarite / provide feedback on proposed changes to fees and charges in Active Communities – bookable spaces including on the following:

i)    the establishment of standardised baseline fees for services in the Active Communities – Bookable Spaces portfolio across Auckland

ii)   the proposed discount framework across Auckland for:

A)      a consistent peak / off-peak discount

B)      a consistent discount for regular hirers vs. casual hirers

C)      a standardised community outcomes discount with criteria guided by relevant local boards.




6.       Auckland Council is required to adopt a 10-year budget every three years and an annual budget in the intervening years.

7.       Each year, every local board makes an agreement with the Governing Body for the delivery and funding of services in the local area. These local board agreements are included in both the 10-year budget and each annual budget.

8.       Auckland Council is required to consult the public on the annual budget (or 10-year budget every three years). The consultation content consists of regional content decided by the Governing Body and local content decided by each local board.

9.       Before the regional consultation content is decided by the Governing Body, local boards have the opportunity to provide their input.

10.     The local consultation content relating to each local board agreement must be included in the consultation document.

11.     Public consultation on the Annual Budget 2023/2024 is planned to take place from late February to late March 2023.

12.     Aucklanders will be able to provide feedback during the consultation period through a variety of channels, which include face-to-face (for spoken and New Zealand sign language interaction) and written.

Tātaritanga me ngā tohutohu

Analysis and advice

13.     The local board is asked to provide feedback on potential levers to mitigate the budget gap for the Annual Budget 2023/2024 consultation. The feedback from the local boards will be collated and provided to the Governing Body to consider when agreeing regional items for consultation on 15 December 2022.

Budget Challenge

14.     For the 2023/2024 financial year, Auckland Council is facing a $295 million operational expenditure challenge.

15.     The Governing Body is considering potential levers that can be used to balance the operating budget: debt, general rates, operating expenditure, and assets.

16.     The Mayoral Proposal will outline the proposed balance of these levers for consultation.

Financial policies for Annual Budget 2023/2024

17.     The local board is asked to provide feedback on potential annual budget-related policies for the Annual Budget 2023/2024 consultation. The feedback from local boards will be collated and provided to the Governing Body to consider when approving annual budget-related policies for consultation on 15 December 2022.

Fees and Charges

18.     A three-year cycle of fee reviews was introduced in the Annual Budget 2022/2023. The reviews will ensure that the cost recovery decisions previously made by the council continue to be met.

19.     In year two of the fee review cycle, a number of fees and charges were reviewed, and changes are proposed to the following:

·        animal management fees

·        some building and resource consenting fees

·        other regulatory fees such as food licensing registration, micro-mobility operator fees and swimming pool inspections

·        cemetery fees (stage two - to ensure an appropriate level of cost recovery is in place for cemetery services. Some further standardisation was also considered.)

·        bookable spaces in council managed pool and leisure facilities.

20.     The review of fees and charges for the Active Communities service has been split into two phases due to the number and complexity of the fees. The existing pricing and discount frameworks currently in place for Active Communities contain variations and inconsistencies for customers interacting with the service.

21.     In the first phase, fees for use of bookable spaces in council-managed pool and leisure facilities have been reviewed, with a focus on standardisation.  The second stage, planned for 2024/2025, will include a review of the remaining fees for Active Communities services, including the appropriate level of cost recovery for all fees.

22.     Active Communities – Bookable Spaces includes land and aquatic bookable spaces, such as basketball courts, squash courts, badminton courts, swimming pools, dive pools, stadiums, recreational halls, and rooms available at sites within the Active Communities business.

23.     The purpose of this review is to provide:

a)      A standardised baseline fee rate for like services

b)      A standardised discount framework with:

o   a consistent peak / off-peak discount

o   consolidation and standardisation of Casual/Regular and Standard/User Group hire rates

o   simplification of the discounts targeting specific community outcomes (e.g. youth focus, disability focus, community groups, etc).

24.     Some local boards may not have these facilities in their local board area but may still want to provide feedback on their nearest bookable spaces.

25.     As provided for in the Revenue and Financing Policy, other regulatory fees and charges will increase in line with the council’s cost inflation where necessary to maintain cost recovery.

Other rating matters

26.     The following rating issues and policies are also being presented to the Governing Body for consideration for consultation, not all these issues will be relevant to all local boards:

·        amendment to Community Occupancy Guidelines

·        targeted rate charges for non-standard refuse bins (in the former Auckland (ACC) and Manukau (MCC) city councils areas)

·        introduction of a fee for swapping bin sizes

·        rollout of food scraps service and further standardisation of waste services and targeted rates

·        changes to Waste management targeted rates

·        support for papakāinga development on general title land

·        changes to swimming/spa pool inspections targeted rate and fees

·        changes to the Rodney Drainage District Targeted Rate

·        changes to the Climate Action Targeted Rate.

Local Consultation Content

27.     Local boards will be asked to approve local consultation content between 7 and 9 February 2023. This will allow time for local boards to consider any impacts of the proposed regional consultation content on the local board area.

Tauākī whakaaweawe āhuarangi

Climate impact statement

28.     The decision to consult is procedural in nature, meaning any climate change impacts will be negligible. These decisions are unlikely to result in any identifiable changes to greenhouse gas emissions. The effects of climate change will not impact the decisions.

29.     Some of the proposed initiatives or projects included in the consultation content may have climate change impacts. The impacts of any initiatives or projects Auckland Council chooses to progress as a result of this consultation will be assessed as part of the relevant reporting requirements. 

Ngā whakaaweawe me ngā tirohanga a te rōpū Kaunihera

Council group impacts and views

30.     The Annual Budget 2023/2024 is an Auckland Council group document and will include budgets at a consolidated group level.

31.     Consultation items and updates to budgets to reflect decisions and new information may include items from across the group. This will be reflected in the report on regional consultation items going to the Governing Body on 15 December 2022.

Ngā whakaaweawe ā-rohe me ngā tirohanga a te poari ā-rohe

Local impacts and local board views

32.     Local board members were invited to attend two Annual Budget 2023/2024 briefings summarising topics discussed at Governing Body workshops. Local board chairs have been invited to the Governing Body Annual Budget workshop on 7 December 2022.

33.     Local boards will have further opportunities to provide information and views as the Annual Budget 2023/2024 process progresses.

34.     Aucklanders will have the opportunity to give feedback on regional and local proposals contained in the budget. All feedback received from submitters residing in the local board area will be analysed by staff and made available for consideration by the local board, prior to the local board finalising its local board agreement.

Tauākī whakaaweawe Māori

Māori impact statement

35.     Many local board decisions are of importance to and impact on Māori. The local board agreement and Annual Budget 2023/2024 are important tools that enable and can demonstrate council’s responsiveness to Māori. The local board plan adopted in November 2020 forms the basis for local priorities.

36.     The approach to Māori engagement for Annual Budget 2023/2024 will be finalised once consultation topics are confirmed, including development of bespoke materials.

37.     There is a need to continue to build local board relationships with iwi and the wider Māori community. Ongoing conversations will assist the local board and Māori to understand each other’s priorities and challenges.

Ngā ritenga ā-pūtea

Financial implications

38.     The local board provides input to regional plans and proposals. There will be information in the council’s consultation material for each plan or proposal with the financial implications of each option outlined for consideration.

Ngā raru tūpono me ngā whakamaurutanga

Risks and mitigations

39.     There is a statutory requirement for content relating to each local board agreement to be included in the Annual Budget 2023/2024 consultation document. The local board must approve its local consultation content by close of business on 9 February 2023 in order for it to be formatted and reviewed in time to be incorporated into the Annual Budget 2023/2024 consultation document and supporting information.

Ngā koringa ā-muri

Next steps

40.     The Governing Body will adopt the consultation document and supporting information material and approve the consultation approach for the Annual Budget 2023/2024 in February 2023.

41.     Following consultation, the Governing Body will agree the local board agreements with the local boards and adopt the final Annual Budget 2023/2024 in June 2023.

Ngā tāpirihanga


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