Papakura Local Board






Minutes of a meeting of the Papakura Local Board held in the Local Board Chambers, 35 Coles Crescent, Papakura and by video conference in Microsoft Teams on Wednesday, 7 December 2022 at 4:00pm


Te Hunga kua Tae mai | present



Brent Catchpole


Deputy Chairperson

Jan Robinson



Felicity Auva'a



George Hawkins



Kelvin Hieatt



Andrew Webster



Te Hunga Āpiti kua Tae mai | ALSO PRESENT















He Hunga atu anō i Tae mai | IN ATTENDANCE














1          Nau mai | Welcome


The Chair opened the meeting and Member Andrew Webster led the meeting in prayer.


2          Ngā Tamōtanga | Apologies


Resolution number PPK/2022/211

MOVED by Chairperson B Catchpole, seconded by Member G Hawkins:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)          accept the apology from Councillor Dalton for absence.

b)         accept the apology from Councillor Newman for absence.




3          Te Whakapuaki i te Whai Pānga | Declaration of Interest


Member Kelvin Hieatt declared a conflict of interest regarding item 13 of the agenda, specifically application ID QR2314-120, Road Safety Education Limited.



4          Te Whakaū i ngā Āmiki | Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution number PPK/2022/212

MOVED by Chairperson B Catchpole, seconded by Deputy Chairperson J Robinson:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)          confirm the ordinary minutes of its meeting, held on Wednesday, 23 November 2022, as a true and correct record.




5          He Tamōtanga Motuhake | Leave of Absence


There were no leaves of absence.



6          Te Mihi | Acknowledgements


There were no acknowledgements.



7          Ngā Petihana | Petitions


There were no petitions.


8          Ngā Tono Whakaaturanga | Deputations



Deputation - Beautification Trust


Resolution number PPK/2022/213

MOVED by Member F Auva'a, seconded by Member G Hawkins:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)      thank Daniel Barthow, CEO of the Beautification Trust, and Dawn Crispe, Community Manager of the Beautification Trust, for their attendance and presentation, and express appreciation for the work of the trust.





Deputation - Tuia Rangatahi Mentoring Programme


Resolution number PPK/2022/214

MOVED by Member A Webster, seconded by Deputy Chairperson J Robinson:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)      thank Isabella Penrose, of Ngai Tai ki Tāmaki, and the Papakura Local Board’s 2022 Tuia mentoring programme rangatahi, for her attendance and presentation.





Deputation - Wattle Downs Residents Association's Pest Control Group


Resolution number PPK/2022/215

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson J Robinson, seconded by Member K Hieatt:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)          thank Row Robinson, Chair of the Wattle Downs Residents Association and head of their Pest Control Group, for his attendance and presentation.


b)         refer the request and presentation to Infrastructure & Environmental Services and Parks & Community Facilities staff for investigation, advice and report back




9          Te Matapaki Tūmatanui  | Public Forum



Public Forum - Leigh Auton


Resolution number PPK/2022/216

MOVED by Member F Auva'a, seconded by Member G Hawkins:  

That the Papakura Local Board:


a)          thank Leigh Auton, Abi Bond and Dr. Abdul Nishar for their attendance and presentation regarding the facility on Chichester Drive which Kootuitui ki Papakura has an interest in utilising.


b)         refer the request and summary of the presentation to Property leasing staff for investigation, advice and report back.




10        Ngā Pakihi Autaia | Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.



Note:   The Chair accorded precedence to item 12 Governing Body Member’s Update, at this time.



Governing Body Member's Update


Resolution number PPK/2022/217

MOVED by Chairperson B Catchpole, seconded by Deputy Chairperson J Robinson:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)      receive Councillor Angela Dalton and Councillor Daniel Newman’s written reports.




a     Councillor Dalton's December 2022 Update for Papakura Local Board

b     Councillor Newman's December 2022 Update for Papakura Local Board




Chairperson's Update


Resolution number PPK/2022/218

MOVED by Chairperson B Catchpole, seconded by Member K Hieatt:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)      receive the verbal report from the Papakura Local Board Chairperson.






Note:   Member Kelvin Hieatt declared a conflict of interest regarding application ID QR2314-120, Road Safety Education Limited, and did not speak or vote on this item.



Papakura Small Grants, Round One and Multi-board Grant Round One 2022/2023.


Resolution number PPK/2022/219

MOVED by Chairperson B Catchpole, seconded by Member A Webster:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)          agree to fund, part-fund or decline the following applications received for 2022/2023 Papakura Small Grants, Round One and Multi-board Grant Round One.

Application ID


Requesting funding for

Amount requested



Papakura Business Association Incorporated

Contribution towards the cost of installing and de-installing the Matariki flags at Papakura Town Centre from 12th June 2023 to 31st July 2023.




Blue Light Ventures Incorporated

Towards the printing and production costs of the 440 Street Smart Handbooks at Papakura High School and Rosehill college between 2nd Jan 2023 to 31st March 2023.




Asthma New Zealand Incorporation

Towards purchasing 2,000 Asthma-Emergency-Banner Pen at Papakura from 2nd January 2023 to 30th March 2023.



Tagged to Papakura schools only


Counties Manukau Gymnastics Incorporation

Towards printing cost of 4000 club certificates at Takanini from 1st January 2023 to 1st January 2023.





Papakura & Districts Historical Society Incorporation

Towards freight costs of the Anne Frank "Let me be myself" exhibition at Papakura Museum from 16 March 2023 to 13 June 2023.




Papakura Croquet Club

Towards the cost of lawn mowing at Papakura Croquet Club from 1st January 2023 to 30th June 2023.



Low priority


Fur Paws Sake

Towards paying for the cost of cat spays, neuter and FIV test at Papakura public areas from 1st January 2023 to 1st April 2023.



Low priority


Drury United Football Club

Towards coaches’ fees to deliver the Small Whites 2023 term 1 & 2 programme at Drury sports complex from 29th March 2023 to 29th June 2023.




Drury United Football Club

Towards buying futsal balls and bibs for summer futsal league at Drury Sports Complex from 11th January 2023 to 20th December 2023.




Youthline Auckland Charitable Trust

Towards a contribution of the annual cost for Youthline support service including programme resources used in programmes facilitated by the Youthline worker and counselling team at the Youthline House in Papatoetoe from 1st January 2023 to 30th June 2023.



Allocated funds in previous grants round


Road Safety Education Limited

Towards facilitator fees and venue hire to provide the road safety and youth development at Bruce Pulman Park from 1st January 2023 to 30th June 2023.




Te Whakaora Tangata

Towards printing resources and phone/internet costs for Family restoration programme at 10 Roys Road from 10th January 2023 to 31st March 2023.




Auckland Events Company T/A Food Truck Collective

Towards live music, face painting, and waste collection for the Food Truck Collective - Street Food Summer Series all over Auckland (October 2022 - May 2023)



Does not meet grants criteria


African Film Festival New Zealand Trust

Towards film rights, website, and marketing of the African Film Festival online and in Rialto Cinemas Newmarket (September 2022 - December 2022)



Does not meet grants criteria


Manurewa Central School

Towards turf cover at Manurewa Central School (December 2022 - December 2023)



Not in Papakura Local Board area



Towards costs to present 30 performances of The Worm - 2023 Auckland Regional Tour in Bruce Mason Centre, Hawkins Theatre, Vodafone Events Centre, Māngere Arts Centre, Glen Eden Playhouse Theatre, and Herald Theatre (October 2022 - June 2023)



Does not meet grants criteria


Habitat for Humanity Northern Region Limited

Towards costs to deliver the Healthy Home Intervention Programme in ReStore Otara (November 2022 - June 2023)



Tagged to delivery in the Papakura community


Rainbow Youth Incorporated

Towards costs to run Rainbow Youth Peer Support Groups in multiple locations across Auckland (October 2022 - September 2023)



Low priority











Auckland Council’s Performance Report: Papakura Local Board for Quarter One 2022/2023


Resolution number PPK/2022/220

MOVED by Chairperson B Catchpole, seconded by Member F Auva'a:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)      receive the performance report for Quarter One ending 30 September 2022.

b)      reallocate the $139.13 film income (ID N. 009057.14) collected in the 2021/2022 financial year to the 2022/2023 Community Grants work programme line (ID365).

c)      reallocate the $19,800 underspend, created by the New Zealand Rugby League Secondary Schools competition not proceeding at Pulman Park, in the 2022/2023 events partnerships work programme line (ID363) to the 2022/2023 Community Grants work programme line (ID365), noting $5,200 was allocated (via urgent decision) as an additional grant to allow the 2022 Papakura Santa Parade to be delivered.

d)      request the Lease Advisor to investigate options for optimising the use of the recently refurbished Old Courthouse.





Papakura Local Board variations to 2023 - 2025 Customer and Community Services work programme - changes to various projects


Resolution number PPK/2022/221

MOVED by Member K Hieatt, seconded by Member G Hawkins:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)      approve the following variation including budget changes to its adopted 2023 – 2045 Customer and Community Services work programme as per attachment A, specifically:

i)          cancel project ID 31471 Carisbrook Reserve Playground - investigate options for the development of a new walkway, saving $50,000 of Locally Driven Initiative (LDI): Opex budget over the financial year 2023/2024.

ii)         cancel project ID 26188 Papakura Town Centre - investigate digital signage, achieving a ed cost saving of $20,982,05 of the Locally Driven Initiative (LDI): Capex budget over the financial year 2022/2023.

iii)        increase the budget for project ID 28555 Carisbrook Reserve - renew park assets, reallocating $20,982.05 of the Locally Driven Initiative (LDI): Capex budget over the financial year 2022/2023.

b)         request Parks and Community Facilities department staff provide advice on the future plans regarding the Carisbrook Dairy and report back.





Social Impact Fund Allocation Committee - re-establish a local board joint committee to make appointments


Resolution number PPK/2022/222

MOVED by Chairperson B Catchpole, seconded by Member A Webster:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)      agree to re-establish the Social Impact Fund Allocation Committee Appointments Committee as a joint committee.

b)      agree the Social Impact Fund Allocation Committee Appointments Committee terms of reference (Attachment A to the agenda report).

c)      appoint the chairperson and deputy chairperson as alternate to the Social Impact Fund Allocation Committee Appointments Committee.

d)      nominate member Felicity Auva’a for consideration by the Social Impact Fund Allocation Committee Appointments Committee.






Local Board feedback on Auckland Unitary Plan changes 78-83


Resolution number PPK/2022/223

MOVED by Chairperson B Catchpole, seconded by Deputy Chairperson J Robinson:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)          note the change in date of the report in Paragraph 7 should read “Submissions have now been coded and summarised, and further submissions may be lodged from 5 December to 13 January instead of “24 November to 8 December 2022”.

b)         provide the following feedback on PC 78, PC 79, PC 80, PC 81, PC 82, and PC 83:

Plan Change 78 - Intensification

i)           the board notes that the independent hearing panel will be unable to recommend changes to matters that are mandatory under the National Policy Statement on Urban Development 2020 (NPSUD) and the Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2021 (RMA Amendment Act), including the introduction of walkable catchments, the enablement of six storey buildings in all zones in walkable catchments, and the incorporation of Medium Density Residential Standards (MDRS) in all “relevant residential zones” outside walkable catchments.

We do not agree with requiring intensive development across the city without due consideration of the views of local communities. These changes will have significant impacts on the social and physical infrastructure of Papakura for many years to come. The feedback below is given in this context, and should not be considered an endorsement of the required intensification rules by the board.

ii)         the board supports the proposed walkable catchment extents of a15-minute walk (1200m) from the edge of the city centre and a 10-minute walk (800m) from the edge of metropolitan centres and around rapid transit network stops. It is appropriate that higher density housing development takes place near to existing transport infrastructure.

iii)        the board supports all of council’s proposed additional qualifying matters, namely: 

A)         local public viewshafts

B)         ridgeline protection

C)         significant infrastructure constraints

D)         special character areas

E)         Māori cultural heritage - Pukekiwiriki Pā and Pararēkau Island

We believe that these qualifying matters represent reasonable and justified limitations on the degree of intensification in the areas where they have been applied.

iv)        increasing the prevalence of higher density housing with less yard space in urban areas will place increased pressure on our existing public open spaces. The board requests that consideration be given to including ‘lack of public open space provision’ as a qualifying matter – either by including this as part of the ‘significant infrastructure constraints’ qualifying matter, or as a standalone qualifying matter.

v)         it is important that zone rules recognise the cumulative effect on social cohesion of multiple intensive dwellings being placed together in a neighbourhood, as well as looking at the effect of each individual dwelling

vi)        the board believes that the measures currently proposed in Plan Change 78 give sufficient effect to the increased intensification rules imposed by the NPSUD and the RMA Amendment Act. We do not support either:

A)         extending intensification rules to any areas that are not currently proposed for intensification

B)         applying higher levels of intensification to any areas that are currently proposed to increase in intensification.

vii)      the board does not support any proposals to remove or alter the existing air noise contours designated in the Auckland Unitary Plan for Ardmore Airport. These noise contours are necessary to manage reverse sensitivity effects and allow the airport to continue to operate effectively.

Plan Change 79 – Amendments to transport provisions

viii)     the board supports the proposed parking standard changes, including:

A)         updated accessible parking standards

B)         increasing private pedestrian access widths and lighting requirements

C)         requiring provision of loading spaces for medium and high-density residential developments, noting that there also need to be parking provisions to allow for tradespeople and other contractors who may need to stay for longer periods while undertaking work in dwellings.

D)         introducing standards to determine when on-site waste collecting and heavy vehicle access is required

E)         introducing cycle parking and access requirements to all residential developments that do not have a dedicated garage or basement carpark

F)         updating trip generation standards to enable greater consideration of the effects of activities on the transport network, noting that the cumulative effects of activities also need to be taken into account where there are multiple intensive dwellings in the same neighbourhood

G)         require carparks on residential units to have appropriate provisions to allow for future EV charge equipment installation, noting that consideration should also be given to establishing standards for fireproofing in case of fires from EV charge equipment

ix)        accessible parking standards should, as far as is possible, be written to avoid providing any disincentives for developers to provide or maintain non-accessible off-street parking spaces

x)         as available off-street parking reduces, it will be necessary to revisit parking rules for larger vehicles such as trucks on narrow residential streets in order to avoid parking of these vehicles creating a nuisance.

xi)        carriageway widths should be appropriately wide to allow for public transport, service vehicles such as rubbish collection trucks, and other large vehicles to be able to safely travel, as well as to provide capacity for safe, off-road active transport infrastructure to be installed if needed.

xii)      design rules should not incentivise developers to favour large areas of landscaping over provision of off-street parking. Use of permeable materials for driveways and other parking spaces should be encouraged as much as possible.

Plan Change 80 – Updates to the Regional Policy Statement

xiii)     the board supports amending the Regional Policy Statement to incorporate well-functioning urban environment, resilience to the effects of climate change and qualifying matters.

Plan Changes 81 and 82 – Addition as and amendments to the Historic Heritage schedule

xiv)     the board notes there are no changes proposed for the Papakura local board area in this plan change and declines to provide feedback

xv)      the board notes there are no changes proposed for the Papakura local board area in this plan change and declines to provide feedback.

Plan Change 83 – Additions and amendments to the Notable Trees schedule

xvi)     the board notes there are no proposed additions to the notable tree schedule in the Papakura local board area. We believe that council should make the identification and protection of notable trees as easy as possible under current legislation. We request that work be undertaken on how the current process can be made easier for residents to use, and that there be an information campaign to inform the public as to how they can nominate trees for protection as notable trees.

c)      the board declines to provide feedback on variations 4 and 5, as they do not propose any changes for the Papakura Local Board area.

d)      appoint Chair Brent Catchpole and Deputy Chair Jan Robinson to speak to the local board views at a hearing in 2023

e)      delegate authority to the chairperson of the local board to make a replacement appointment in the event the local board member appointed in resolution c) is unable to attend the hearing.




Papakura Town Centre Design


Resolution number PPK/2022/224

MOVED by Member F Auva'a, seconded by Member G Hawkins:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)      receive the Papakura Town Square design (Attachment A). 

b)      request Auckland Transport provide feedback on the design.

c)      advocate to Auckland Transport and Eke Panuku Development Auckland to prioritise investment in Papakura Town Square to implement the design.

d)      request advice from the Parks and Community Facilities department to conduct further consultation and commence implementation for the Papakura Town Square design, i.e. realigning the location of the seating, making the area outside Farmers building and the paving, into a single level space allowing for activation, for consideration for the 2023/2024 work programme.





Amendment to Papakura Local Board business meeting schedule February 2023


Resolution number PPK/2022/225

MOVED by Chairperson B Catchpole, seconded by Deputy Chairperson J Robinson:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)         pursuant to Standing Order 1.10.4, amend the Papakura Local Board business resolution PPK/2022/207 (Item 21 of the 23 November business meeting agenda) to reflect a change in a business meeting date from Wednesday 15 February 2023 to Wednesday 8 February 2023, 4pm.





Annual Budget 2023/2024 consultation – feedback on regional topics for consultation


Resolution number PPK/2022/226

MOVED by Chairperson B Catchpole, seconded by Member A Webster:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)           concur with the general principles of minimising financial impact on households during a cost-of-living crisis, consider and prepare for 10-year budget prioritisation, and focus on activities that mean the most to our communities

b)           note that matters that mean the most to our communities are not the same across Auckland, and it is important that Local Boards are supported to make decisions at a localised level on these activities and provide localised insights in planning for regional activities

c)           request that in achieving organisational efficiencies, that the Expenditure Control and Procurement Committee make it clear to the organisational arm of Auckland Council, that efficiency should not come at the expense of efficacy i.e., ‘one size fits all’ economies of scale approaches are not the answer to achieving savings, and ‘best fit’ approaches that reflect local preferences and perspectives must be embraced

d)           note that the Papakura Local Board’s primary concern and commitment is to the community, further noting that large parts of the Papakura Local Board area are deprived and have less ability to access services currently provided by Auckland Council privately

e)           note its concern that the Mayor’s proposal regarding minimising financial impacts on households primarily through service cuts fails to consider that the proposed mechanisms for cost savings will likely have a disproportionate impact on the ability of our most deprived residents to access key services

f)            note the proposed 5% reduction to local board budgets but also note that this will almost certainly equate to a very significant cut to discretionary (LDI) budgets as the complexity of cutting operational (ABS) budgets related to facilities is unlikely to be feasible for the 2023/2024 financial year. The board is concerned that if the 5% reduction to local board budgets is applied as a straight reduction from each local board budget, then it will exaggerate the inequalities currently acknowledged in earlier budgets. The reduction should be apportioned so that these inequalities are reduced and smoothed.

g)           requests that the proposal for a 5% cut to local board budgets is accompanied by scenarios and feasibility of what that entails when consulted on. It is important that the figure that needs to be consulted on is the 50-60% reduction in discretionary budgets including services such as local events, grants and environmental programmes

h)           support retaining the Connected Communities overhead to fund the work associated with the Strategic Broker at the same level as these services are critical to local boards

Debt levels

i)             the board concurs with the Mayor’s proposal that debt remain within the limits set by the LTP

General Rates

j)           note a potential increase up to 7% in general rates offset by a temporary reduction in the Water Quality Targeted Rate and the Natural Environment Targeted Rate may be needed but reserve the right to provide further feedback once community consultation has been received


Auckland International Airport Limited (AIAL)

k)         expresses concern that the proposed sale of Auckland International Airport Limited shares proceeds may not be used in a sustained way to reduce debt in the longer term.  The sale of the Airport shares will also reduce future income for Auckland Council

Ports of Auckland

l)           support, subject to trading and solvency requirements, the intention to improve Ports of Auckland Limited’s financial contribution through an increase to dividends paid to Auckland Council


Golf Courses

m)       suggests Auckland Council investigate the partial sale of council owned golf courses ensuring a balance between the retention of green space but also releasing some of the equity.

Operating expenditure

Auckland Council

n)         support the proposal to find additional $60 million in operational savings in Auckland Council

o)         support the proposal that Local Boards contribute to this savings target, however stress that mechanisms for local savings must be at the direction of local boards. The board considers that this may take some time given staff will need to prepare advice for what options will mean at the local level. The board suggests that there is a high risk of unintended negative consequences on the community should this be rushed

p)         agree that there are efficiencies of process to be found in the planning for open space. The board believes that plans and policies should be rationalised and devolved so that they are purposeful and accommodate both regional and local aspirations

q)         question the long-term savings that will be created by the proposed changes to the Open Space maintenance programme. Local boards should be consulted as part of the decision making relating to which parks should be involved in a change in the level of maintenance provided

r)          agree with the continuation of service asset optimisation, reminding the governing body that in-service asset sales, and reinvestment of proceeds are at the discretion of Local Boards. This is an opportunity for immediate savings but the board notes that this opportunity remains poorly supported by the organisation in terms of advice and process. This is a lost opportunity for savings

s)         support Council discontinuing the provision of Early Childhood Education

t)          agree that regional grants programmes could potentially be an area for savings, and suggest that local boards are in the best place to identify and assess funding opportunities at the local level that deliver to regional strategies e.g. sports and recreation strategies and waterway protection funding. Noting that where there is a multi-year funding agreement in place this funding should continue.

u)         support leveraging central government investment into social services and national activities being delivered by council that should be delivered and facilitated by central government, including the funding for COMET, citizenship ceremonies and ANZAC ceremonies

v)         note that, under Section 77 of the Local Government Act, local board decisions must be informed by technical advice from staff and that it is essential that local boards have adequate staff support to ensure compliance with this provision and that decisions impacting communities are robust and evidence based

w)        note its concern around the proposal to leverage central government investment in social services in the absence of a firm commitment from central government to deliver these social services to the same (or any) level

x)         note that an increase in the debt ceiling is likely to be required to accommodate budget increases to the City Rail Link which would potentially negate the benefits of the proposed sale of the Auckland International Airport Limited shares

y)         request Auckland Council advocate to Central Government to significantly increase its contribution to the City Rail Link to support the impact of increasing inflationary costs

z)          reiterate its opposition to the sale of non-service assets and note its particular concern around the lack of clarity with respect to definitions of service and non-service assets and the potential for service assets to be re-classified as non-service and sold without any ability for local boards to intervene

aa)      request advice from staff on how the classification of service and non-service assets will be managed in the context of increased local board decision-making

Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs)


bb)      requests further information, be made clear prior to consultation, on what areas of operations and projects that Council Controlled Organisations cost reductions will be applied to

Auckland Transport

cc)      note the proposal for Auckland Transport to reduce costs by continuing with the current bus cancelations and request that these reductions in services be regularly reviewed and evenly distributed with particular consideration of areas that are relatively isolated, so that people are not left stranded with lengthy gaps between bus services in less well-connected parts of the region

dd)      request Auckland Transport (AT) to investigate expansion of the AT local (on-demand) bus service to bus routes through the Papakura Local Board Area that are less frequently used as a means of savings and increasing patronage.

ee)       express concern at the proposal to increase public transport fares and the impact that will have on communities of greatest need.

ff)         note that the scheduled rail closures will severely impact train users on the Southern and Eastern lines and express concern that Auckland Transport may not have sufficient replacement bus services or drivers to respond to the increased demand due to the rail closures

gg)      note the proposal for $25 million in savings from Auckland Transport.

hh)      request that the Local Board Capital Transport funding is not further sacrificed as part of this effort. Note that this funding is a very minor portion of Auckland Transport’s budget and is effectively the only avenue for local communities to progress transport projects of specific local importance outside of the regional context.

Tātaki Auckland Unlimited

ii)          support the proposed $27.5 million in savings from Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, noting that this organisation continues to resist requests to deliver or facilitate direct value to Papakura communities and businesses

jj)          request that Tātaki Auckland Unlimited focuses budget savings on a reduction in elite international events and that there be no significant cost increase to ticket prices or reduction in opening hours to facilities such as the Auckland Zoo and the Auckland Art Gallery to ensure that these remain accessible to families and relatively deprived communities

Eke Panuku

kk)       support the proposed $5 million in savings from Eke Panuku. The board suggests a focus on new (i.e., further developing Papakura as a Metropolitan Centre) and evolving programmes across the region

ll)          note its concerns about any proposal to increase local governance in Eke Panuku projects due to the lack of local governance expertise

Shared services

mm)  agree in principle with the Mayor’s proposal for the Council-controlled organisations to minimise costs by sharing more of their back-office services

nn)      support the proposal to achieve operational efficiencies through shared organisational services, however, note that sufficient flexibility must remain to enable Council controlled organisations to deliver the ‘arm’s length’ service approaches envisaged by the Auckland governance model. Auckland Council based services can sometimes be overly prescriptive, risk averse and time consuming

Active Recreation – bookable spaces fees and charges 

oo)      note, in respect of the proposal around Active Communities bookable spaces, that the Papakura Local Board area does not have any of these services, but its neighbouring board does, and given the relative deprivation and the distance required for people to travel to access these facilities, support keeping fees relatively low

Other fees and charges

pp)      support the introduction of an 80-litre rubbish bin to former Manukau City and Auckland City Council areas

qq)      oppose the $40 fee to swap rubbish bin sizes as the board’s preference is to encourage people to reduce their rubbish

rr)        supports the proposal to amend the community occupancy guidelines that provides greater discretion to local boards regarding leasing fees. The board requires the appropriate timely advice to make informed decisions

Rating policies

ss)      The local board has no comment on the proposed changes to the rating policies.





Papakura Local Board Governance Forward Work Calendar - December 2022


Resolution number PPK/2022/227

MOVED by Member F Auva'a, seconded by Member K Hieatt:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)      note the Governance Forward Work Calendar for December 2022.





Papakura Local Board Workshop Records


Resolution number PPK/2022/228

MOVED by Chairperson B Catchpole, seconded by Deputy Chairperson J Robinson:  

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)      note the Papakura Local Board workshop records from:

i)       16 November 2022





Annual Budget 2023/2024 - feedback on regional topic for consultation


Refer to item 20




24        Te Whakaaro ki ngā Take Pūtea e Autaia ana | Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.





5.50 pm                                              The Chairperson thanked Members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.