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Tuesday 22 August 2023


Room 1, Level 26,
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Ethnic Communities Advisory Panel






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5          Election of Ethnic Communities Advisory Panel co-chairs for the 2022 - 2025 term

A.      22 August 2023, Ethnic Communities Advisory Panel: Item 5 - Election of Ethnic Communities Advisory Panel co-chairs for the 2022 - 2025 term, Expression of Interests                                                                                                                  3

Ethnic Communities Advisory Panel

22 August 2023



Nominations for Ethnic Communities Advisory Panel co-chairs


Abdul Mohamud

I am excited to nominate myself for the role of Co-Chair with Ethnic Communities Advisory Panel. With a proven track record of leadership, collaboration, and a strong passion for our panel’s mission, I believe I can contribute significantly to the panel's success.

My experience in leadership has equipped me with the skills to effectively lead, facilitate discussions, and drive initiatives to fruition. I am committed to fostering a positive and inclusive environment, where every member's voice is heard and valued.

If given the opportunity, I am dedicated to working tirelessly with fellow members to achieve our goals and elevate our panel to new heights. Thank you for considering my nomination.

Abdul Mohamud, JP.

Ireen Rahiman-Manuel

Tena koutou, as salaam alaikum, namaskaram and greetings.

I would like to submit my expression of interest to continue in the co-chair role for the esteemed Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel.

This is my second term on the panel and my first term as a co-chair (interim).

Tamaki Makaurau continues to be the most diverse city with over 200 ethnic communities and to be of service on the Panel as an advisory member is humbling. We are the fasted growing ethnic community in New Zealand.

I am invested in carrying out the functions and responsibilities of this role fully and to the best of my abilities. As a policy, planning, and international development specialist, I bring with me years of vast experience in working with private, public, and community organisations. I have been in numerous lead and advisory roles and facilitated discussions and activities of work that benefit all people. This includes consultation and engagement work at local, national, and international levels. I am an enthusiastic and engaged community member and I work with many ethnic communities in New Zealand every day.

It is important that the work that has been done through previous panels is carried forward. I am aware of this work over the last two terms. I intend to build on the strengths by embracing the challenges and the relationships that we have nurtured at Auckland Council and the CCOs. Over the last two years, I co-chaired the lighthouse community working group for climate change. In my pro bono space, I also immensely contributed to the Auckland Council C40 Action Plan and to many other meaningful planning discussions.

I have returned to the panel this year with the intention to continue the work and with a focus on positive economic development (increased housing, crime reduction, prevention and understanding of family violence harm, decrease immigration-related issues, enhancement in employment opportunities), climate change and disaster risk reduction and community readiness, and uplifting the engagement strategies and practices of Auckland Council and its CCO’s across all areas.


I look forward to having the confidence and trust of my panel members to allow me to serve.

Ngā mihi nui


Eva Chan, nominated by Jasmine Yang

I would like to nominate Eva Chan for the position of co-chair. Eva has demonstrated a strong commitment to fostering inclusivity and understanding within our diverse community. Her leadership skills and dedication to promoting positive change make her an ideal candidate.


Aadil Basha

I am delighted for the opportunity. It is with great enthusiasm that I put forward my nomination for Co-Chair of the Ethnic Peoples community Panel.

I believe in the strength and potential of diversity , recognizing the possibilities and firmly appreciating what our beautiful Tamaki Makarau stands for as an example to the world.

As a member of several boards and organisations I work with , I have had practical experience working in areas that not only show the tremendous possibilities , but the strength of our Ethnic communities and the power of collaborative proposals and initiatives.

As a member of Waitakere Ethnic Board, working in the space of Ethnic matters with people from diverse areas of expertise and various backgrounds from around the world , I have the experience to lead and Co-chair  Ethnic Peoples community Panel , working together in combination with all the members.

I look forward to being in that space and thank you for the opportunity.

Ngā mihi


Krishal Naidu

Kia ora team.

I’m interested in putting my hand up for the Co-Chair role, here is an outline of why I believe I will make a suitable Co-Chair.

I have great respect for the high calibre of our current panel members and their diverse range of skills and backgrounds. I am confident in my ability to collaborate effectively with both the other Co-Chair and all members of the panel to enhance the functions of our panel. I strongly believe in a consultative and collaborative approach, valuing our collective goals above mine or any personal preferences.

My enthusiasm for this role stems from my previous experiences as a chairperson and leader within various organizations since my youth. As an elected youth representative, I chaired the Manukau City Youth Panel and served as the former chair of the University of Auckland Fiji Club. These experiences allowed me to work collaboratively with teams to achieve a range of objectives, and I found the process incredibly satisfying.

Currently, I am honoured to serve as the Deputy Chair for Ormiston Primary and Junior College School. The dynamic needs of Ormiston Primary, New Zealand's largest primary school, in an ever-evolving environment, have sharpened my ability to work collaboratively with fellow board members to provide effective governance and address emerging challenges. This role includes chairing sub-committees and active participation in the Senior College Board. My experience here has nurtured my skill in engaging with diverse stakeholders, from internal senior management teams and teachers to parents, community representatives, and external agencies, always employing an inclusive and diplomatic approach.

Further, my current role as the President of the Fiji Girmit Foundation NZ has allowed me to Chair and lead the organization while forging strong connections with leaders from various ethnic communities across Auckland. With over two decades of engagement, I possess a deep understanding of the rich communities that make up Tāmaki Makaurau.

My professional experiences spanning both the private and public education sectors, coupled with my active involvement in diverse board roles within the NGO sector, have given me a sound understanding of frameworks, policies, systems, and strategic advisory practices. My interpersonal skills are aligned to work effectively with individuals regardless of their political affiliations, perspectives, or ideologies.

My approach to chairing meetings is rooted in nurturing engagement within the board. I ensure a fair allocation of airtime, offer personal attention to each member, and skilfully manage discussions. Given the busy nature of our panel members' lives, I am dedicated to motivating and enhancing the productivity of all panel members.

I am always accessible and available for korero whenever needed. If elected, I promise to represent the panel with integrity, good faith, and mana.

Thank you for considering my candidacy for the Co-Chair role. I am eager to contribute to the continued success of our panel and council.

Nga Mihi Nui,