I hereby give notice that an ordinary meeting of the Rural Advisory Panel will be held on:



Meeting Room:



Friday, 8 September 2023


Room 1, Level 26
135 Albert Street


Rural Advisory Panel






Cr Andy Baker

Auckland Council

Deputy Chairperson

Alan Cole

Franklin Local Board, Auckland Council


Mike Bramley

Dairy New Zealand


Jesse Brennan

Federated Farmers of NZ


Trish Fordyce

National Forest Growers Levy Trust


Tim Holdgate

Rodney Local Board, Auckland Council


Steve Levet

Rural Contractors New Zealand


Greg McCracken

Fonterra Shareholders Council


Andrew McKenzie

Beef and Lamb New Zealand


Brian Mason

Land Owners and Contractors Association (Wellsford)


Annaliese Morgan

Young Farmers


Linda Potauaine

Waitākere Ranges Local Board, Auckland Council


Leanne Roberts

Horticulture NZ


Cr Greg Sayers

Auckland Council


Wayne Scott

Aggregate and Quarry Association


Geoff Smith

Equine Industry


Peter Spencer

NZ Forest Owners Association


Keith Vallabh

Pukekohe Vegetable Growers Association


Glenn Wilcox

Māori representative

(Quorum 10 members)



Sandra Gordon

Kaitohutohu Mana Whakahaere Matua / Senior Governance Advisor

1 September 2023

Contact Telephone: (09) 8908150

Email: sandra.gordon@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Website: www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz




Rural Advisory Panel

08 September 2023

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13        Auckland Transport - 2023/24 Rural Roading Maintenance Programme                                     5


Rural Advisory Panel

08 September 2023

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Auckland Transport - 2023/24 Rural Roading Maintenance Programme

File No.: CP2023/12796




Te take mō te pūrongo

Purpose of the report

1.       To provide information on the focus for road maintenance activities in the 2023/24 year.

Whakarāpopototanga matua

Executive summary

2.       There is a significant lift in the available funding for road maintenance and renewals in the 2023/24 year following a number of years of very constrained budgets. The approved renewal budget is $238M with a further approved overspend of up to $35M. This is a 30% increase in approved budget over last year.

3.       This will assist in addressing the decline in road pavement condition which we have been experiencing over the last few years which has been further worsened by the record rainfall over the last 12 months.

4.       This will enable us to resurface 400km of sealed roads in 2023/24 which is approximately 6% of the sealed road network. However, this is still short of a sustainable level which is 7.5-8% of the network.

5.       There is currently a backlog of 1,400 km (20%) of sealed roads which have exceeded their design life and are vulnerable to water ingress into the underlying road pavement. The cost of repairing and resurfacing these roads is steadily rising and some will require more expensive interventions because they were not resurfaced when required. The extent and cost of pre-seal repairs is significantly higher now than previously due to deterioration in the condition of the network.

6.       Funding is being sought in the LTP and NLTP to lift funding levels for road maintenance and renewals to a more sustainable level and to address the large renewal backlog over the next 5-10 years.

7.       The opex budget for unsealed road maintenance in Rodney has been substantially increased in 2023/24 (from $2.4M in 2022/23 to $5.1M in 2023/24) to fund a higher grading frequency and additional re-metalling on the unsealed road network. This will fund 4 grading crews carrying out programmed maintenance grading and a further reactive grading crew to address hotspots.

8.       In addition, we have allocated $3.0M of renewal funding for the rehabilitation of unsealed roads in Rodney which will be used for pavement strengthening, restoring the road shape, drainage improvements and minor geometric improvements. In the 2023/24 year we will rehabilitate approximately 40 km of unsealed roads. This will continue an ongoing programme of pavement strengthening which we have had in place for the last 5 years.

9.       Flood recovery works are well underway with $125M of capital funding budgeted for the 2023/24 year.

10.     In the 2022/23 year we spent $38M on the immediate response and reinstatement works (non-capex activities) following the Auckland Anniversary storm and Cyclone Gabrielle and a further $10M on recovery works (capex).

11.     Major works are underway on Glenvar Road, Tahekeroa Road and Ahuroa Road which will enable these roads to be fully reopened in the coming months. Other major works are underway on Paremoremo Road, Krippner Road, Otitiori Road, Moir Hill Road and Whangaparapara Road.


Ngā tūtohunga


That the Rural Advisory Panel:

a)      whiwhi / receive the report.


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Alan Wallace Portfolio Director – Asset Maintenance and Renewals.


Lead Officer