Rodney Local Board






Minutes of an extraordinary meeting of the Rodney Local Board held in the Rodney Local Board office, 3 Elizabeth Street Warkworth on Wednesday, 1 November 2023 at 10am.


Te Hunga kua Tae mai | present



Brent Bailey


Deputy Chairperson

Louise Johnston



Michelle Carmichael



Mark Dennis



Tim Holdgate



Colin Smith



Geoff Upson



Ivan Wagstaff



Guy Wishart




Rodney Local Board

01 November 2023




1          Nau mai | Welcome


The chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed those in attendance followed by Member M Carmichael leading the meeting with a karakia.



2          Ngā Tamōtanga | Apologies


There were no apologies.




3          Te Whakapuaki i te Whai Pānga | Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.



4          He Tamōtanga Motuhake | Leave of Absence


There were no leaves of absence.



5          Te Mihi | Acknowledgements


There were no acknowledgements.



6          Ngā Petihana | Petitions


There were no petitions.



7          Ngā Tono Whakaaturanga | Deputations


There were no deputations.



8          Te Matapaki Tūmatanui  | Public Forum


Public Forum: Steven Law


Steven Law was in attendance to discuss the business meeting and workshop timings for 1 November and that his emails were ignored.




9          Ngā Pakihi Autaia | Extraordinary Business


There was no extraordinary business.




Adoption of the Rodney Local Board Plan 2023


Zigi Yates – Senior Local Board Advisor was in attendance for this item.


Resolution number RD/2023/188

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson L Johnston, seconded by Member I Wagstaff:  

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)      whai / adopt the Rodney Local Board Plan 2023 as set out in Attachment A of the agenda report

b)      tautapa / delegate authority to the chairperson of the Rodney Local Board to approve any minor edits that may be necessary to the Rodney Local Board Plan 2023 prior to publication.





Katoa, Ka Ora - draft Auckland Speed Management Plan 2024-2027


Resolution number RD/2023/189

MOVED by Deputy Chairperson L Johnston, seconded by Member G Wishart:   

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)      tuhi ā-taipitopito / note the summary of public consultation feedback received on the proposed Katoa, Ka Ora speed limit changes (Attachment D to the agenda report) 

b)      tuhi ā-taipitopito / note Auckland Transport’s responses to previous local board queries about Katoa, Ka Ora (Attachment A to the agenda report) 

c)      tuhi ā-taipitopito / note Auckland Transport’s legal obligations under the Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2022 (Rule) and that the Rule requires best efforts to complete safe and appropriate speed limit setting near schools by 2027 

d)      tuhi ā-taipitopito / note that since June 2020, when the programme started, road deaths reduced by 30 per cent in the areas where speed limits have changed  

e)      tautoko / support the location and scope of the proposed speed limit changes that apply to schools and townships identified for the Rodney Local Board area as part of (Attachment C and Attachment E to the agenda report) and:

i)       request priority for implementation of lower speed limits around schools

ii)      request that Robinson Road in Coatesville be included in the 2024-2027 plan, due to the road:

A)      being a non-exit road with 100km/h speed limit

B)      having an entrance into the Riverhead Forest - popular for horse riding, walking and cycling

C)      being off Sunnyside Road, which is 60km/h

D)      the understanding that residents did not provide feedback on the speed limit review due to the assumption that it would be implemented following consultation on in the first tranche

iii)     tuhi ā-taipitopito / note that a petition was presented to the Rodney Local Board in 2023 requesting that the speed limit by Dairy Flat School be lowered to a permanent 60km/h speed limit with a variable speed limit of 30km/h during school pick and drop off

iv)     tono / request that variable / permanent speed limits at the intersection of Kahikatea Flat Road and Pine Valley Road be extended to include White Hills intersection

v)      tono / request that the 80 km/h section of Green Road in Dairy Flat is included for future review due to Green Road park development

f)       tautoko / support speed limit review near schools that do not have current or proposed safe speed limits including Hare Krishna School  

g)      tautoko / support speed limit review of additional locations requested in public consultation feedback and recommended for the next future consultation in Attachment C to the agenda report

h)      do not support proposed speed limit changes to the sections of rural road corridors within the Warkworth subdivision and Wellsford subdivision which do not include schools or townships identified for the Rodney Local Board area as part of (Attachment C and Attachment E to the agenda report)

i)       express concern that subdivision along Rodney Rural roading corridors is resulting in conflicts with increased accessways and road users and request that planning rules be revised to protect these critical rural corridors by other methods than reducing speeds e.g. slip roads to reduce the numbers of accessways.


The motion was put to a vote by show of hands and was declared CARRIED by a 6 votes to 3.





12        Te Whakaaro ki ngā Take Pūtea e Autaia ana | Consideration of Extraordinary Items


There was no consideration of extraordinary items.





10.18am                                             The chairperson thanked members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.