Rodney Local Board






Minutes of an extraordinary meeting of the Rodney Local Board held in the Kumeū Meeting Room, 296 Main Road, Kumeū on Wednesday, 1 May 2024 at 10:00AM.


Te Hunga kua Tae mai | present



Brent Bailey


Deputy Chairperson

Louise Johnston



Michelle Carmichael



Mark Dennis



Tim Holdgate



Colin Smith



Geoff Upson



Ivan Wagstaff



Guy Wishart








Rodney Local Board

01 May 2024




1          Nau mai | Welcome


The chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed those in attendance.


Member C Smith left the meeting at 10.01am


Member G Wishart led the karakia timitanga.


2          Ngā Tamōtanga | Apologies


There were no apologies.


Member C Smith returned to the meeting at 10.03am.


3          Te Whakapuaki i te Whai Pānga | Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.



4          He Tamōtanga Motuhake | Leave of Absence


There were no leaves of absence.



5          Te Mihi | Acknowledgements


There were no acknowledgements.



6          Ngā Petihana | Petitions


There were no petitions.



7          Ngā Tono Whakaaturanga | Deputations


There were no deputations.



8          Te Matapaki Tūmatanui  | Public Forum




Dog registration


Paul Treneary was in attendance to discuss his ideas on improving dog registration with the local board members.




9          Ngā Pakihi Autaia | Extraordinary Business




Representation review


Resolution number RD/2024/55

MOVED by Member M Carmichael, seconded by Member T Holdgate:  

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)          kohuki / consider an extraordinary item regarding “Representation review” at Item 11 – Consideration of Extraordinary Items of this agenda noting:

i)           the reason/s the matter was not on the agenda is the Rodney Local Board decision on 20 March 2024 was in-principle pending further information to enable the Rodney Local Board to make a final recommendation

ii)         the reason/s why this matter cannot be delayed until a subsequent meeting is the Governing Body makes it decision on a preliminary agreement of representation for public consultation on 30 May 2024






Long-term Plan 2024-2034: local board consultation feedback and input


Helgard Wagener – Senior Local Board Advisor was in attendance for this item.


Resolution number RD/2024/56

MOVED by Member I Wagstaff, seconded by Deputy Chairperson L Johnston:  

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)      whiwhi / receive consultation feedback on the proposed Rodney Local Board priorities and activities for 2024/2025 and key advocacy initiatives for 2024-2034

b)      whiwhi / receive consultation feedback on regional topics in the Long-term Plan 2024-2034 from people and organisations based in the Rodney Local Board area

c)      whakarite / provide input on regional topics in the proposed Long-term Plan 2024-2034, and advocacy initiatives to the Governing Body as follows:

Overall direction for Long-term plan

i)           support the central proposal

ii)          support within the central proposal the following feedback on the seven areas of council-funded services and activities:

A)         Transport – support pay more get more proposal

B)         Water – support the central proposal

C)         City and local development – support pay less and get less proposal

D)         Environment and regulation - support central proposal

E)         Parks and Community – support pay more get more proposal

F)          Economic and cultural development – support pay less and get less proposal

G)        Council support – support central proposal

Transport Plan

iii)        support investing in rapid transit network actions, such as making it easier to pay, including introducing capped weekly public transport passes

iv)        support network optimisation, reducing temporary traffic management requirements and introducing dynamic lanes

v)          support stopping some initiatives previously planned such as some pedestrian crossings and cycleways

North Harbour Stadium

vi)        support keeping the stadium precinct as it is now and maintaining it at a cost of $33 million over 10 years

vii)       support changing the operational management of the stadium to ensure greater use by the community

viii)     do not support redeveloping the stadium precinct funded through the reallocation of $33 million and the sale of some stadium precinct land while retaining the excising community playing fields and any other external funding available

Auckland Future Fund and Auckland Airport Shares

ix)        support the creation of a diversified investment fund for Auckland, referred to as the Auckland Future Fund

x)          support transferring council’s shareholding of just over 11 per cent in Auckland International Airport Limited (AIAL) to the Auckland Future Fund

Ports of Auckland

xi)        support keeping underlying ownership of the port land and wharves but entering into a lease for the port operations for a period of 35 years

xii)       do not support continuing to operate under the current arrangements and delivering more profits and dividends

xiii)     do not support if the council group continues to operate the Port of Auckland continuing to use the profits and dividends to fund council services

Port Land

xiv)     support the proposal to transfer Captain Cook and Marsden wharves to council within two to five years

xv)       support the proposal to transfer the Bledisloe Terminal to council to use in another way within 15 years

Changes to other rates, fees and charges

xvi)     support the following proposed changes to rates: 

A)            resuming the Natural Environment Targeted Rate and extending to 2034/2035

B)            resuming the Water Quality Targeted Rate and extending to 2034/2035

C)            broadening the description of bus services funded by the Climate Action Transport Targeted Rate to reduce the need to consult each year for minor changes to the bus programme

D)            support discontinuing the Long-term Differential Strategy and raising the share of the Natural Environment Targeted Rate, Water Quality Targeted Rate and the Climate Action Transport Targeted Rate paid by business to align with their share of the general rate

E)             support the changing of the Rodney Drainage Districts Targeted Rate

F)             support increasing the Waitākere Rural Sewerage Targeted Rate from $296.75 to $336.80 (per year)

xvii)    do not support applying the Recycling Targeted Rate to all schools

xviii)  do not support continuing the planned roll out of rates funded refuse collections to the North Shore, Waitakere and Papakura in 2024/2025, and Franklin and Rodney in 2025/2026

Fairer Funding – Local Board Funding Policy

xix)     support moving to the fairer funding model (includes ‘pay more get more’ and ‘pay less and get less’ options)

xx)       support the overall principle of allocating funding on a more equitable basis

xxi)     support total amount of funding allocated to all local boards

xxii)    do not support the amount of funding the local board will receive based on the 80:15:5 allocation model agreed by the Governing Body in 2021 as this does not sufficiently provide for the regional and local assets servicing a large area such as the Rodney Local Board area that is used by many visitors and residents of other areas of Auckland

xxiii)  support the Long-Term Plan direction to ‘ Partner with community groups and other organisations to deliver investment required to transform the community portfolio.’ However, we need to ensure that processes and resources are in place to ensure efficient delivery and ongoing maintenance

Local board advocacy

xxiv)  advocate to Auckland Transport for increased funding in the 10-year budget (long-term plan) for rural roads that are resilient including:

A)         $124 million for Auckland Transport’s Unsealed Road Improvements Programme to improve unsealed roads through strengthening and other methods

B)         an increase of funding ring-fenced for maintenance and renewals exclusively, that allows Auckland Transport to renew and maintain at least eight to nine per cent of Auckland’s roads in any given year as per Auckland Transport’s Asset Management Plan

xxv)    advocate to the Governing Body for sensitive planning to avoid any impact on our natural landscapes with high biodiversity values, working with the environment to protect and preserve it

xxvi)  advocate to the Governing Body for adequately resourced and effectively enforced environmental compliance to both public and private entities to protect our environment

d)       note further feedback to the long-term plan direction:

i)       support the budget allocation of $124 million for the unsealed roads improvement programme and request that the funding be allocated evenly over the 10 year period

ii)      express concern regarding the possible removal or reduction of lower performing bus services and the possible charging for Park ‘n Rides in Silverdale and Albany, as bus services are a lifeline for many residents in Rodney.





11        Te Whakaaro ki ngā Take Pūtea e Autaia ana | Consideration of Extraordinary Items




Representation review


Resolution number RD/2024/57

MOVED by Member M Carmichael, seconded by Member T Holdgate:  

That the Rodney Local Board:

a)          tono / request staff to provide advice on the Rodney Local Board subdivision boundary options 1-6

b)         reconsider the Rodney Local Board subdivision boundary options 1-6






10.48am                                             The chairperson thanked members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.