Whau Local Board






Minutes of an extraordinary meeting of the Whau Local Board held in the Whau Local Board Office, 31 Totara Avenue, New Lynn on Wednesday, 1 May 2024 at 1:00 pm.


Te Hunga kua Tae mai | present



Kay Thomas


Deputy Chairperson

Fasitua Amosa

via electronic link


Ross Clow



Catherine Farmer



Sarah Paterson-Hamlin



Warren Piper



Te Hunga Kāore i Tae Mai | ABSENT



Susan Zhu





Whau Local Board

01 May 2024




1          Nau mai | Welcome



2          Ngā Tamōtanga | Apologies


Resolution number WH/2024/27

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Member R Clow:  

That the Whau Local Board:

a)         whakaae / accept the apology from Member S Zhu for absence.




3          Te Whakapuaki i te Whai Pānga | Declaration of Interest


Members are reminded of the need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision making when a conflict arises between their role as a member and any private or other external interest they might have.


The following are declared interests of elected members of the Whau Local Board:





Kay Thomas

New Lynn Citizens Advice Bureau


Citizens Advice Bureau
Waitākere Board


Literacy Waitākere

Board Member

West Auckland Heritage Conference

Committee Member

Whau Wildlink Network


Fasitua Amosa

Equity NZ

Vice President

Massive Theatre Company

Board Member

Avondale Business Association

Family Member is Chair

Silo Theatre Trust

Board Member

Ross Clow

Portage Licensing Trust


Te Whau Coastal Walkway Environmental Trust


Bay Olympic Sports Club

Life Member

Forest and Bird Society


Waitākere Ranges Protection Society


New Lynn Heritage Protection Society


Trust Community foundation Limited


Karekare Surf Lifesaving Club



Family Member is Librarian

Catherine Farmer

Avondale-Waterview Historical Society


Blockhouse Bay Historical Society


Blockhouse Bay Bowls


Forest and Bird organisation


Grey Power


Sarah Paterson-Hamlin

New Zealand Down Syndrome Association



Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre


Warren Piper

New Lynn RSA

Associate Member

New Lynn Business Association


Susan Zhu

Chinese Women Association of New Zealand

Member / Legal Advisor

Chinese Medicine Council of New Zealand

Member / Deputy Chair



External Organisations



The Avondale Business Association

Kay Thomas

Ross Clow

The Blockhouse Bay Business Association

Warren Piper

Sarah Paterson-Hamlin

The New Lynn Business Association

Warren Piper

Kay Thomas

The Rosebank Business Association

Warren Piper

Fasitua Amosa

The Whau Coastal Walkway Environmental Trust

Ross Clow

Sarah Paterson-Hamlin





Long-Term Plan 2024-2034: local board consultation feedback and input

The motion was put in parts.

Resolution number WH/2024/28

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Member W Piper:   

That the Whau Local Board:

a)      whiwhi / receive consultation feedback on the proposed Whau Local Board priorities and activities for 2024/2025 and key advocacy initiatives for 2024-2034.

b)      whiwhi / receive consultation feedback on regional topics in the Long-term Plan 2024-2034 from people and organisations based in the Whau local board area.


Resolution number WH/2024/29

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Member S Paterson-Hamlin:   

Overall Direction

That the Whau Local Board:

c)         whakarite / provide the following input on the overall direction for the proposed Long-term Plan 2024-2034:

i)          support the Central Option and Do More for some specific options for the overall direction for the proposed Long-term Plan 2024-2034.

ii)         note the potential implications of refreshing various fiscal rules for the proposed Long-term Plan 2024-2034 and cannot provide overall support without further information and advice on the implications of these changes.

iii)       support the principle of reducing council’s debt to revenue ratio limit to 270 per cent but note its concerns that the timeline may not be feasible given storm damage and recovery challenges.

iv)       support working with central government wherever possible, notably with balance sheet separation and how required debt to revenue ratios impact Watercare and water infrastructure.

v)         support fully funded depreciation by 2028.

vi)       support the principle of increasing rates to 1.5 per cent over inflation, but would also support investigation of a higher increase in rates for year 2 of the proposed Long-term Plan 2024-2034.

vii)      support in principle the development of budget responsibility and transparency rules as long as this does not negatively impact or reduce service levels to residents and note its concerns on applying qualitative Benefit-cost Ratios (BCR) to council activities that are social in nature, particularly smaller projects.

viii)     note its concerns that efforts to reduce operating costs may result in reduced service levels and lead to another round of restructuring that is neither strategic nor evaluated for its success and has minimal positive outcomes apart from budget savings.

ix)       note its concerns with closer control of year-on-year spending increases - moving to fixed nominal baselines. This means that as a starting point, operating expenditure budgets are not automatically increased each year by the rate of inflation and council-controlled organisations and council departments are therefore further encouraged to seek out savings to offset the inflationary cost pressures they are facing.


Resolution number WH/2024/30

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Member W Piper:  


That the Whau Local Board:

x)         support Do More in the Transport Area for the proposed Long-term Plan 2024-2034.

xi)       acknowledge the proposed changes, and the Whau feedback on the proposed draft Government Policy Statement (GPS) on Land Transport 2024-2034 (WH/2024/22), particularly:

A)        the need for an Integrated Transport Plan and request that the draft GPS includes a commitment to joint transport planning with Auckland Council.

B)        note that the draft GPS on Land Transport 2024-2034 does not include many of the priorities identified by the Whau Local Board, particularly the move to mode shift and measures to reduce carbon emissions.

xii)      support some of the capital efficiency and further cost savings measures proposed, namely:

A)        review design standards – and note the importance of ensuring council constructed assets do not cost more than equivalent private sector construction projects.

B)        road renewals and dig once.

C)        temporary Traffic Management transformation.

xiii)     support the Pay More Proposal of $24 billion to achieve the priorities proposed in the integrated transport plan, and note that the desired outcomes will not be achieved with the central or do less proposal.

xiv)     support fully funding the Renewals Programme with an intent to lobby central government to achieve this as the lack of road and footpath renewals in the roading corridor creates considerable community concern.

xv)      note its concerns around the potential cost to council to complete the Unsealed Roads Improvements Programme and note that this funding may have greater benefit regionwide if used to fund cycleways.

xvi)     agree that the costs of raised pedestrian crossings and cycleways are too high, but assert that they play a significant role in road safety and request that more cost-effective ways of constructing and delivering these projects are investigated.

xvii)   oppose funding cuts to cycleways as increased cycling infrastructure addresses key priorities such as reducing congestion, emissions and vehicle infrastructure upgrades and maintenance and if done effectively/efficiently, are a cost-effective way to reduce pressure on road and public transport infrastructure requirements as well as support climate mitigation measures.

xviii)  support the reinstatement of the Regional Fuel Tax and support lobbying of central government for its reinstatement.

xix)     request investigation into the impact of time of use charging on our deprived communities.

xx)      support most of the Proposed Operating Cost Savings, but note its concerns around how low value programmes will be identified.

xxi)     request smaller shuttle buses be considered for optimisation of the bus network.

xxii)   support the retention of the full Local Board Transport Capital Fund and request that it be restored to pre-COVID levels ($20 million per annum).

xxiii)  support reducing transport emissions in line with target to reach net zero by 2050 and note that this will be difficult to achieve if cycleways are not funded.

xxiv)  support the proposal for Auckland Transport to progress work on a permanent Northwest busway and improvements but note its concerns that a Rosebank station has not been included in the current plan.

xxv)   support additional cycling and walking connections, noting a key advocacy for the board is the completion of the Te Whau Pathway and the implementation of cycleways between New Lynn and Glen Eden, and New Lynn and Kelston.


Resolution number WH/2024/31

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Deputy Chairperson F Amosa:  


That the Whau Local Board:

xxvi)  support to Do More in Water in the proposed Long-term Plan 2024-2034.

xxvii) support increased investment in the Making Space for Water Programme to strengthen Auckland’s resilience to flooding to accelerate delivery of the programme within six years instead of across 10 years, noting known high-risk areas in the Whau local board area.

xxviii)   support increased investment in asset renewals to improve the resilience and efficiency of Auckland’s water assets.

xxix)  acknowledge the importance of green space to act as a sponge for water and note the role of the Avondale Racecourse land had during the 2023 extreme weather events.

xxx)   acknowledge that blue-green networks provide additional benefits such as providing green space and amenity.

xxxi)  note that Three Waters not going ahead will have impacts on Watercare budgets and Auckland Council’s ability to deliver much needed water infrastructure.

xxxii) support the proposed approach for Watercare, to work with central government to find a solution which enables borrowing to bring forward investment in water assets.


Resolution number WH/2024/32

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Member R Clow:  

City and local development

That the Whau Local Board:

xxxiii)  support the Central Proposal for City and local development in the proposed Long-term Plan 2024-2034.

xxxiv)  support the Housing and Growth Infrastructure Proposals, especially re-aligning spending to communities with growth and working with central government for more support to meet community need.

xxxv)    oppose the Principle of Asset Sales and the decision-making process behind Service versus Non-services Asset Classification, but accept that fiscal constraints may require some asset sales and request that this be done on a case-by-case basis with formal local board consultation.

xxxvi)  support implementing the recommendation from the 2020 CCO Review that "the Council assumes responsibility from Panuku for identifying and deciding which non-service properties to sell (excluding those in the CCOs own unlock and transform areas)."

xxxvii) note its concerns with setting and meeting an asset sales target, currently proposed at $300 million over ten years, which could lead to decisions that are not in the long term best interests of Auckland and its people.

xxxviii)   support the completion of Eke Panuku’s Unlock Avondale project.

xxxix)  support in principle the proposal to restore Eke Panuku’s Urban Regeneration Programme, but request that some funding be made available for neglected urban centres in non-priority locations (i.e. not included in the current Unlock Programme).

xl)          do not support the continued prioritisation of the city centre at the expense of other areas.

xli)         request Eke Panuku include New Lynn in its Urban Regeneration Plans for further investment, noting New Lynn has had some investment in the past but hasn't yet realised its potential as a Metropolitan Centre and Transit Oriented Development (TOD), as the vision set out in the New Lynn Urban Plan 2010 – 2030.

xlii)        request further information regarding proposals for the future of Haumaru Housing.


Resolution number WH/2024/33

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Member C Farmer:  

Environment and regulation

That the Whau Local Board:

xliii)      support Do More in Environment and Regulation in the proposed Long-term Plan 2024-2034.

xliv)      do not support delaying the introduction of new or enhanced Environmental Services, and stress the need for flexibility to respond to future needs.

xlv)        note the proposal to continue the protection and renewal of critical closed landfill assets, and request action on the contaminated site at Tahurangi / Crum Park, and Archibald Park that has risk of leaching into the Whau River.


Resolution number WH/2024/34

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Deputy Chairperson F Amosa:  

Parks and community

That the Whau Local Board:

xlvi)      support to Do More in Parks and community in the proposed Long-term Plan 2024-2034.

xlvii)     strongly support fairness of funding of local boards, acknowledging that the Whau local board area doesn’t currently have many assets which has impacted on the local board funding levels.

xlviii)    support implementing recommendations of the Regional Parks Political Working Group, including investigating options for adding to Regional Parks network in South Auckland.

xlix)      support funding a Sport and Recreation Facilities Plan to address the deficit in indoor sports facilities, including additional $35 million over three years.

l)             note the central proposal of $4.2 billion investment in capital expenditure and $6.7 billion operating expenditure in community assets, services and open space may mean reductions in local board renewals funding and service level reductions.

li)            note finding partnerships will be more difficult in areas of deprivation.

lii)          support improving digital services, but note that Whau local board area includes diverse communities that will be greatly impacted by a move to providing only digital services, due to issues with language, literacy and access to devices.

liii)         express concerns that the do more option would increase capital expenditure funding by $600 million, resulting in $4.8 billion which is still not adequate to fund renewals at an appropriate level.

liv)         note its concerns that the ‘fix, finish, optimise’ approach may not address needs in some areas undergoing intensive development and note that these areas may require both additional and existing facilities to support growth and note the following examples:

A)        Te Hono, the Avondale Library and Community Centre project

B)        Whau Aquatic and Recreation Centre

C)        Avondale Racecourse land.

lv)          note that community groups and organisations may not be adequately resourced to participate in a different community investment model, which could result in the consolidation of facilities being in “better off” communities with our more deprived communities missing out.

lvi)         note its concerns with disposal of assets and request that local boards are involved in decisions around priority locations.

lvii)        support community-led action but acknowledge that volunteers still need an adequate level of resourcing.

lviii)      support increased investment in open space acquisition, and development of land and new assets, and note community concerns at the potential loss of green space at Avondale Racecourse.

lix)         note that reductions in regional services such as grants, programming, events and open space and facility maintenance will impact on local services.


Resolution number WH/2024/35

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Member W Piper:  

Economic and cultural development

That the Whau Local Board:

lx)          support the Central Proposal for Economic and Cultural Development in the proposed Long-term Plan 2024-2034.

lxi)         note concerns of loss of focus on local economic development in New Lynn and Avondale, and request the reinstatement of support for local board economic development projects.

lxii)        note its concerns that council is shifting the burden of crime prevention and town centre public safety onto businesses versus being tackled collectively and funding for initiatives jointly shared and note that not all business areas fit the criteria to become a BID and may need other crime prevention funding and strategies.

lxiii)      note the proposed approach to economic development and events and request more resourcing be provided for local economic activity outside the CBD, including for community capacity building to deliver events differently.

lxiv)      support proposals around the approach to our regional facilities and amenities and request that council lobbies central government for funding, including through an amendment to legislation to support continued funding as national versus regional facilities and working with other councils on this lobby area.

lxv)        note that if council is looking for additional revenue streams from regional facilities and amenities, introducing entry charges for New Zealanders to Auckland War Memorial Museum or Art Gallery could have legal implications.


Resolution number WH/2024/36

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Member R Clow:  

Council support

That the Whau Local Board:

lxvi)      support the Central Proposal for Council support in the proposed Long-term Plan 2024-2034.

lxvii)     oppose the Principle of Asset Sales and the decision-making process behind service versus non-services asset classification, but accept that fiscal constraints may require some asset sales and request that this be done on a case-by-case basis with formal local board consultation.

lxviii)    support the proposal to be ready and able to effectively respond in times of crisis and urge that Auckland Emergency Management accelerates this work.

lxix)      support the change approach to fit for purpose technology but note its concerns that residents unable to access digital services will be disadvantaged by reduced service levels.

lxx)        support reducing duplication through group shared services and consolidation.

lxxi)      note the proposed investigations into the council group’s property management approach and request that local boards be consulted throughout this process.

lxxii)     note that overhead costs have been reduced heavily over the past few years and note concerns that further reductions could have negative impacts on service levels, delivery of projects and work programmes, the quality and timeliness of advice provided and staff wellbeing.

lxxiii)    oppose some of the capital efficiency and further cost savings measures proposed namely:

A)   fewer rubbish bins - note its concerns that this represents a false economy with savings being spent on additional costs from litter clearing by contractors and note that this is a local board decision.

B)   property and office space – note that not all local facilities are fit for purpose for local boards and good engagement and governance require that local boards remain local, hence the need to lease private office space in some cases

C)   seismic strengthening – request more investigation of the potential for volcanic-related earth tremors before seismic funding is reduced

D)   enabling local boards to waive accountability reports for community grants – note that this is a local board decision and note that both applications and accountability forms should be simplified to align with other funders.

lxxiv)    support increased Māori Outcomes funding of $171 million over ten years but request support for local boards to access this fund to deliver transformational projects for mana whenua and mataawaka.

lxxv)     support Te Kawerau ā Maki’s feedback requesting a Relationship Agreement with Auckland Council along with capacity funding.

lxxvi)    support working with Business Improvement Districts and Business Associations to improve our local business environment and boost the regional economy.

lxxvii)  do not support reductions in governance and financial support to local boards.

lxxviii) support making it easier for the public, including our diverse communities, to engage with the council.

lxxix)    note the success of the provision by the Whau Local Board of an Easy Read version of our Local Board Plan consultation material.

lxxx)     acknowledge that Easy Read format enables Aucklanders with learning disabilities, English as a second language, who are elderly, who have lower levels of educational qualifications, or who are time-poor to engage more meaningfully with consultation material.

lxxxi)    note that 7 per cent of New Zealanders experience a learning impairment, 51 per cent of Auckland’s population are multi-lingual with 39 per cent having been born overseas, and 12 per cent of Aucklanders are over the age of 65, with all of these groups having been shown to benefit from Easy Read format.

lxxxii)  urge the Council to provide an Easy Read format version of future consultation materials in both soft and hard copy in order to meaningfully include most Aucklanders in the consultation process.


Resolution number WH/2024/37

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Member S Paterson-Hamlin:  

Transport Plan

That the Whau Local Board:

d)        whakarite / provide the following feedback on the proposed Transport Plan:

               i)    note its concerns that there is no funding for level crossing removal on the Western Line which will not address the issues that will arise with the go live of the City Rail Link (CRL), including but not limited to the impact on town centres and traffic flow.

              ii)    support improvements to level crossings, noting the need for separation of road from rail on four roads in the Whau Local Board area on the grounds of safety.

             iii)    support all the proposals to ‘make public transport faster, more reliable and easier to use’, especially public transit weekly fare caps and further investigation of an annual pass.

             iv)    support measures such as dynamic lanes to get the most out of existing assets.

              v)    support wholeheartedly the proposals around Temporary Traffic Management.

             vi)    support reducing the cost of temporary traffic management for annual community events such as ANZAC day.

           vii)    request that encouraging increased use of cycling be included as a climate positive project.




Resolution number WH/2024/38

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Member C Farmer:  

North Harbour Stadium

That the Whau Local Board:

e)         tautoko / support Stadium Investment Plan options that consider how to improve or redevelop the North Harbour Stadium and its operations versus its disposal.


Member Ross Clow declared a conflict of interest in item f) and took no part in the discussion or voting on this matter.

Resolution number WH/2024/39

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Member S Paterson-Hamlin:  

Auckland Future Fund and Auckland Airport Limited Shares

That the Whau Local Board:

f)          whakarite / provide the following feedback on the Auckland Future Fund and Auckland Airport Limited Shares:

             i)    do not support the establishment of the Auckland Future Fund.

            ii)    note with concern that the consultation proposal ties the establishment of the Future Fund to the sale of Auckland Airport shares.

           iii)    acknowledge the number of submitters that felt they did not have enough specific information to be able to make an informed decision.


Note:  Pursuant to Standing Order 1.9.7, Member W Piper requested that his dissenting vote be


Resolution number WH/2024/40

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Member C Farmer:  

Ports of Auckland

That the Whau Local Board:

g)        whakarite / provide the following feedback on the Ports of Auckland:

            i)    oppose the proposed Ports Long-term Lease.

           ii)    note that a ports lease may see costs transferred to the consumer.

          iii)    support Council group operation of the ports.

          iv)    support keeping profits to fund council services.

           v)    do not support investing the profits and dividends in the proposed Auckland Future Fund.

          vi)    support the transfer of Captain Cook and Marsden wharves to council use as some of Auckland’s prime waterfront land.

        vii)    do not support the transfer of Bledisloe Terminal site to council use and retain under port operations as it provides an essential service.


Note:  Pursuant to Standing Order 1.9.7, Member W Piper requested that his dissenting vote be

Recorded against clause g), v).


Resolution number WH/2024/41

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Member S Paterson-Hamlin:  

Changes to other rates, fees and charges

That the Whau Local Board:

h)        whakarite / provide the following feedback on changes to other rates, fees and charges:

            i)    strongly support the proposals to resume and extend the Natural Environment Targeted Rate (NETR), and Water Quality Targeted Rate (WQTR).

           ii)    note the feedback from Te Kawerau ā Maki to resume and increase NETR funding for inflation at 3.5 per cent and to create a new programme under NTER for Kauri Protection which includes Te Kawerau kaimahi to work alongside specialists.

          iii)    strongly support broadening the proposal for the Climate Action Transport Targeted Rate (CATTR).

          iv)    support retaining the business differential at 31 per cent.

           v)    do not support applying the Recycling Targeted Rate to all schools, noting the overwhelming lack of support from Whau submitters.


Note:  Pursuant to Standing Order 1.9.7, Member W Piper requested that his dissenting vote be

Recorded against clause h), iv) and v).

Resolution number WH/2024/42

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Member W Piper:  

Other matters

That the Whau Local Board:

i)          tuhi ā-taipitopito / note there are no maunga in the Whau local board area.


Resolution number WH/2024/43

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Deputy Chairperson F Amosa:  

Fairer Funding

That the Whau Local Board:

j)          whakarite / provide the following feedback on fairer funding:

i)          support accelerating fairer funding for local boards to address legacy imbalances, with a combination of new funding and reallocation, but note that in the 2023/2024 Annual Budget there was a $4 million reduction in funding for local boards which has not been reinstated, an additional $5 million reduction in funding through the removal of rubbish bins and the proposal in the LTP to reduce renewals funding for 2024/2025 will mean most local boards will end up with less funding than they had in 2022/2023.

ii)        support the work to empower local boards with more decisions about assets and budget but notes that if local board budgets continue to be reduced before ‘fairer’ funding is implemented the local boards will not be able to realise the benefits of being empowered.

iii)       support better support for local board decision-making, including a new task force on faster, more efficient asset optimisation, but notes that there needs to be more empowerment of local boards to make optimisation decisions without staff putting barriers and rules in place that delay or stop optimisation projects.

iv)       note its concerns that insufficient funding is allocated to bring all 21 boards to equity and supports the option in the proposed Long-term Plan 2024-2034 to do more to get all local boards to their equitable funding levels.

v)        support in principle the proposal for local boards to make decisions about assets but note its concerns about the process for identifying underperforming, unfit for purpose and non-service assets.


Resolution number WH/2024/44

MOVED by Chairperson K Thomas, seconded by Member S Paterson-Hamlin:  

That the Whau Local Board:

k)         tuhi ā-taipitopito / note the Whau Local Board advocacy initiatives:

i)          delivery of Te Hono, the Avondale Community Centre and Library project.

ii)         retention of funding and existing timeline for the planned Whau Aquatic and Recreation Centre.

iii)       park acquisition and development as well as regionwide prioritisation and funding of open space acquisition to support future development of Crown Lynn Park and Avondale Racecourse park land acquisition.

iv)       completion of the Whau sections of Te Whau Pathway through funding partnerships.

v)         public transport service improvements with a focus on accessible services in areas of higher deprivation and employment hubs, including wayfinding infrastructure and other improvements to support and encourage mode shift.




Chairperson K Thomas closed the meeting with a karakia.




1.19 pm                                              The chairperson thanked members for their attendance and attention to business and declared the meeting closed.